Everything You Need to Know about Parade Banners

Everyone loves a parade! And a parade is a great way to show the world who you are and what you do in the community. However, to get the message across you need a parade banner. This is a large banner that can either be carried by several people at waist height or carried by two people aloft via pole supports. A good parade banner can bring huge attention to your moto at parades or events.

All of these size options provide plenty of space for the design and are big enough for people to read your design.

The great thing about a parade banner is that it can say anything you like! You might want to represent your football team, group, business, school or stand behind a political slogan. Whatever the message, the overall impression is highly noticeable and eye catching.

A custom parade banner can do wonders for your reputation by making an impression on anyone who sees it. So if you are in a parade, a parade banner can raise awareness and show the community just what you are about!

The good news is that custom parade banners do not have to be expensive. Neither are they heavy or difficult to carry. Even better, they come in a wide range of sizes and are easy to fold and store.

Best of all you can create your own design, so your banner is unique. Check for more information.


History of Banners

The history of parade banners is ancient. The banner system was first invented by the Manchu leader Nurhachi ( 1559-1626) in 1601, who organised his warriors into four groups of 300 men each.

He distinguished these groups by banners of yellow, red, white and blue colour.

Different Types of Parade Banner

Union banners, Advocacy banners, Campaign banners and Sports banners are prominent kinds of parade banners that carriers of march frequently use.

Designing parade banners requires creativity, attention to detail, and a dash of artistic flair. These vibrant banners add color and excitement to any parade, captivating the audience and reflecting the spirit of the event. When creating parade banners, it is important to consider the theme, message and desired visual impact. You can use a collage maker to create designs for different banners for your parade.

A collage maker allows you to seamlessly combine various images, texts, and graphics, enabling you to create unique and eye-catching designs for different banners. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, promoting a cause, or showcasing a local organization, a collage maker offers a plethora of options to experiment with. You can mix and match different elements, and resize and arrange them to form a visually appealing composition.

The key to designing impactful parade banners is to strike a balance between creativity and clarity. The design should be visually engaging, capturing the attention of onlookers, while also conveying the intended message clearly. Consider incorporating bold and vibrant colors, captivating imagery, and concise text to effectively communicate your message to the audience.

Furthermore, parade banners should be durable and weather-resistant to withstand outdoor conditions. Opting for high-quality materials and ensuring proper printing techniques will ensure that the banners remain vibrant and intact throughout the parade.

Marching Banner Size Options


While ordering a banner for an event, few things should be kept in mind. The most important question that should be considered is how tall are carriers of banners in relation to the height of banners. For instance, if the banner is four feet tall in the children’s parade, then kids in march will have to hold the banner above their heads for the whole parade.

What size of parade banner do one need? Online retailers offer a wide range of sizes. For parade use the most popular size is 30 inches in height with a width of 6 feet. Larger width sizes are also popular at 8 ft or 10ft length with 36 inches height. All of these size options provide plenty of space for the design and are big enough for people to read your design.

Which Material Is Best for A Parade Banner?

Vinyl Banner


A vinyl banner can be a great option for parades and is ideal for occasional use. The design and colours are bright and clear. Additionally, the material is lightweight and is easy to clean with a simple wipe down. Storage is easy, simply roll it up until the next parade. Vinyl is the least expensive type of banner.

Fabric Banner

If you believe that parade banners should be used again in future events, then a fabric banner is ideal. A fabric parade banner is harder wearing than a vinyl banner. So, if you participate regularly in parades, a fabric banner is your best option because it can be folded up and washed again when required.

The design and colours print bright and clear and the fabric is lightweight. This makes them easier to carry and store. Another advantage of fabric parade banners is they are machine washable. With a fabric banner the printed colours are bright and vibrant and with an unlimited colour range. This is a fantastic option for any business or group that needs a parade banner on a regular basis.

Sewn Appliqué Parade Banner


Sewn appliqué banners are attractive works of art, and they look great. However, they do have limitations when it comes to design. This means you will have a limited choice of colours. This is because everything needs to be hand sewn.

This means the colour choices will depend upon the materials available to your dealer. In addition, sewn appliqué banners are very expensive compared to printed vinyl or fabric parade banners. You will also find the turnaround time for this type of parade banner can be weeks instead of days.

Carrying the Parade Banner

When purchasing a parade banner, you will need to have a way to carry it. There are a wide variety of options available. A parade banner usually has pole pockets running across the top and bottom.

The top pole pocket is usually 3″ and used with a pole to hold the banner. There is also a pocket along the bottom so that you use a counter-weight for holding the banner down. This helps keep the parade banner from moving and affecting proper display of the marching banner.

Parade Banner Hardware


When choosing a pole for your parade banner you will find a wide variety of options. These options run from a $20 PVC pipe option, all the way up to $400 deluxe parade banner frame option. So you will want to choose an option depending on how much you participate in parades.

In Conclusion

So, what’s the best parade banner for your organisation? It depends on your needs and budget.

Vinyl banners are a good option if you need something that is durable and can be reused multiple times. Fabric banners may be a better choice if you’re looking for a more high-end look, or if you regularly participate in parades.

Sewn applique banners definitely make the nicest looking parade banner. But, also the most expensive option, and can take weeks to produce. No matter which type of parade banner you choose, make sure it represents your organisation in a positive light and helps people identify who you are as soon as they see it.