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Long-Distance Relationships and Cheating

No one can argue that being far apart from a loved one is a tough undertaking – but on the other hand, couples today have all the means to reduce the pangs of suffering in the absence of immediate closeness and somehow get through this difficult period. And yet, cheating in a long-distance relationship is rather common. Can you tell if your union is immune to this far-flung separation?

What Is a Long-Distance Relationship?


Simply put, separating people by kilometers is another challenge that life presents to people. The reasons can be very different – from studying and working abroad to meeting that right person online and maintaining communications until you decide to move in together.

Yes, this scenario may not be easy to imagine for some modern people who are used to the culture of one-night stands and mindless left and right swipes on dating sites. Agree, no one voluntarily wants to spend days, months, and even years without a loved one, content with rare meetings.

And yet, there’s that undeniable force keeping two souls together till better times arrive, in love, sorrow, and, of course, cheating in a long-distance relationship.

Two Questions That Interest Everyone in a Long-Distance Relationship Explained

The inability to hug and look into the eyes of your beloved is not the worst of all the trials that lovers have to endure. Falling asleep alone in bed, you can’t help but ask yourself – is my partner faithful to me, or do they live a separate life while I see everything in a pink light? This way of thinking becomes a habit quickly, and an obsession and can destroy a once solid union.

Not to waste time, let’s look at long-distance relationship cheating signs that almost certainly indicate that their words need to be checked for veracity.

How to Know If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You?


It may be difficult for him to tell you this directly. But at least you can initiate a frank conversation if you see such behavior on his part:

  • your partner hasn’t taken the initiative for a long time
  • he does not make plans for the distant future with you or even for the nearest holiday
  • you feel that it is a burden for him to talk to you and your conversations are very superficial
  • he has become less likely to respond to your messages, and you get the feeling that you are being squeezed out of his life

Females just need to know if men’s plans for life have changed – because the longer you lie, the more time you steal from her to be with someone who can make her happy.

How to Tell If Your Long-Distance Girlfriend Is Cheating?


In truth, the behavior of girls who cheat while being far away from their BF is not much different from guys – you notice that she behaves strangely and becomes more and more detached. You can’t catch a cheater immediately but can be more alert for red flags like:

  • she ignores your questions several times and changes the subject
  • she is looking for clues to start a quarrel, takes offense at any little things to ignite a conflict
  • she doesn’t sound happy to see you anytime soon

Sure, you can say something is brewing, but that doesn’t always mean she’s got someone. Take time on the weekend when you are more relaxed and ask the girl to explain what is bothering her.

So How Do You Tell If Someone Is Cheating in a Long-Distance Relationship?


It’s not all that simple. When in a relationship, you have to act like adults, which means less drama, more facts, and honest conversations.

The best scenario is if they themselves confess everything to you, and it is better to approach your partner with this conversation in person. Also, you can arm yourself with open-source information like materials presented on the relationship portal and feel more confident.

However, if a chasm has formed between you, and your partner is in no hurry to admit to cheating in a long-distance relationship, it may be time to take matters into your own hands.

The Best Ways to Catch a Cheater Online

If you decide to take a more proactive approach, then you need to seize the moment when you are around your loved one. But you must understand that this is not a standard response in any situation and act accordingly – thoughtfully and carefully. So here we go.

Use Spy Apps on Their Phone


This option is one of the most effective to catch a cheater without them suspecting anything. You will need to purchase a subscription to the appropriate service and install the software on your Android device following the instructions; yes, you understand correctly, you need a password from their smartphone and a few minutes of time to install everything. In the case of iPhones, a remote connection option is possible through their iCloud – but then you need to know their password and login and also act with two-factor verification turned off.

It doesn’t sound very simple, but it’s still child’s play compared to other options. Among the advantages of this method is complete information about contacts, the availability of SMS text and chats in social networks, geolocation, and much more.

Make Surprise Visits to Them

Guess who doesn’t like unexpected surprises – boyfriends and girlfriends cheating in a long-distance relationship. It should not look stupid in their eyes or cause anger; if they show these signs, then they have something to worry about.

Install a GPS Tracker in Their Bag


Sounds like a good idea. Of course, there are several “buts”, for example, a girl or a guy may often change bags/backpacks or the risk that they will grope for a small but strange object similar to a USB in their belongings. Also, the GPS tracker is only the key to their location, which can provide answers to some questions but not all of them.

Install a Video Camera or Wiretap in Their Home

Now, this activity may raise even more questions about legality, especially given that other family members, including children, may live in the dwelling. Miniature versions of spyware cost a lot of money and also provide a limited amount of information to draw proper conclusions.

What to Do If You Happen to Be Paranoid?


It’s understandable that longing for a soulmate can make you imagine something that doesn’t really exist. Add here failures at work or problems at school, and long-distance relationship cheating signs seem so obvious and overwhelming to you because of stress. Don’t keep it all to yourself and ask for a deep conversation with your partner to find relief.

What to Do If Your Worst Nightmares Are Confirmed?

Heartbreak can strike you like lightning – once they openly admit to cheating, try to find out the reason and what the person is planning next. Take time to recover and reach out to friends, loved ones, or therapists for support if needed.

Last Word

Enjoy your relationship no matter what, whether you’re near your loved one or at a distance. You can look at this as a test of your feelings for strength and maturation as a couple. If you suffer from cheating in a long-distance relationship, take this as a lesson for the future and keep looking for your soul mate.