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5 Planning Tips for a Romantic Weekend in New York City

While you can add a sense of romance to your life no matter where you are, there’s something special about a weekend away with your significant other. It gives you a chance to experience a different atmosphere together, explore new sights and experiences and make some fabulous memories that are steeped in romance and love.

If you’ve decided that New York City is the perfect place for a romantic weekend, we’ve got some planning tips for you. These range from exciting activities to low key plans that can help make your weekend all the more enjoyable.

1. Spend as Little Time in Transit as Possible


The first tip has to do with your transit time. Because you’re only going away for a weekend, you want as much of that time to be spent in the destination as possible. So, whether the fastest option is the car, bus, train or plane, you want to spend as little time in transit as possible. Remember, your weekend getaway starts the moment you leave the house, not the moment you arrive in the city.

2. Plan for a Quiet Night in Your Hotel Room


You may also want to think about planning to spend that first night in your hotel room rather than out in the city. You’ll have plenty of time to explore during the day, so why not make the evening a chance to unwind, relax and enjoy the comforts of your hotel room? The city has some fabulous hotels in some of the most sought-after locations that boast beautiful views and luxurious room amenities.

A couple of great ways to spend the evening could include ordering some room service so you don’t even have to go out, watching a romantic movie together while snuggled up in bed, or maybe something a bit more exciting like some online gaming.

This step by step guide to playing live dealer monopoly from Bonusfinder could be the exact level of excitement the two of you want for a romantic night in. The great thing about a night in is that you’ll be rested for a full day of adventure when you wake up the next morning.

3. Don’t Over-Stack the Itinerary


In a place like New York City, it can be very easy to over-stack the itinerary, since there is just so much to see and do. It’s natural to want to pack as much into your weekend as possible, but when you’re rushing from one place to the next, the romance can get lost. It’s no longer a low-key, relaxing and laid-back weekend – suddenly it’s about sticking to a schedule and worrying about what you’re doing next.

A good approach is to have a list of activities and attractions that you’re interested in, prioritise them, and then be honest with yourself that you’re not going to get to it all. Focus on the priority activities and then you can go with the flow and decide what else you feel like doing right then at the moment.

A few places you may want to check out that ooze romance include the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, the Empire State Building observatory deck, a stroll through Central Park, the Bronx Zoo or even a walk through Grand Central Station, admiring the architectural details.

4. Make Reservations and Purchase Tickets Well in Advance

Here’s a tip that is specific to New York City and that is to make as many reservations as possible in advance, and if anything requires tickets, purchase those in advance too. You can’t expect to show up at a top-billed Broadway show the night of the performance and get tickets – that’s just not how it works.

Even restaurants are notoriously packed in the city, so if there are any in particular that you want to eat at, you’re better off making reservations well in advance. In some cases, that can mean making reservations weeks, even months in advance – it is that busy.

The same goes for attraction and tour tickets, since purchasing them in advance will ensure that your weekend getaway isn’t filled with disappointment.

5. Pack for Comfort


If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing and traveling by foot, then you want to be sure you pack for comfort. This means you want comfortable and supportive shoes that will allow you to keep going for hours on end. You can save your cute and dressy outfits for the evenings if you plan to go out on the town.

If you have your sights set on New York City as a destination for a romantic weekend, all of these tips will prove essential, from giving yourself a little downtime that first night to settle in, to not over-stacking the itinerary and making sure you’ve got all-important reservations. It will be such a success that you’ll already be thinking ahead to your next weekend getaway in the city.

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