Why Are People Obsessed With Funny Cat Videos

The Internet is full of interesting content that only multiplies indefinitely over the years. Trends on the Internet are constantly changing from month to month, from year to year. However, there is also that evergreen content that never seems to change and people enjoy watching it regardless of the fact that there is something more popular at the moment available. Funny cat videos are such types of content. There is almost no person in the world who does not laugh so hard and has no fun while watching videos like this. And you can reasonably ask yourself why this is so and why all the funny cat videos have so many views. In the rest of the article, we discuss this in a little more detail.

Cats are the most popular


Thousands of videos are uploaded online every second. Everyone has their favorites that they enjoy the most, but there is also content that is liked by almost every person in this world, regardless of interests and age. And funny cat videos definitely belong to this group.

Although videos with babies or puppies are also at the very top in terms of views, they still cannot be compared to cats that make us laugh from the heart every time. Why is this the case?

Several studies have been done on this and scientists have come to certain conclusions that need to be further confirmed, but they seem to have a strong basis. Cats just don’t care. Yes, that is one of the main reasons why these videos are so much fun and everyone loves them. Unlike babies and dogs, who are often very aware of the camera and behave accordingly, cats generally have no idea what is going on. This allows them to be completely spontaneous and to behave typically for cats.

If we take into account that nowadays everyone is filming and that we can no longer distinguish between real and fake lives, cats come as a real refreshment. People can relax and enjoy watching cats being phlegmatic and while they just behave naturally, which is often the funniest behavior anyone can display.

You can be a cat lover or a dog lover, but in both cases, the unusual behavior of cats will make you laugh and also motivate you to feel good. The fact is that we all like to peek into other people’s lives and find out what’s going on in their home. Well, this can be applied to watching cats that are quite uninterested and unbothered, but certainly know how to interest us with their crazy behavior.

The secret life of pets

A few years ago, a cartoon called Secret Life by Pets appeared, which humorously showed what pets do when they are alone at home. They showed how they live their individual lives, as well as how they socialize and face various challenges. We can say that one of the main reasons why this cartoon has become so popular is that almost all pet owners are wondering what their beloved animals are doing while they are away from home. And this gave them a chance to get an answer.

Some people go a step further and record their pets when they are alone at home and this can be a lot of fun to watch. And when they decide to post funny cat videos online then the real fun begins. Then everyone who has the internet gets the opportunity to enjoy humorous cat moments and peek into their world for a while. It is very fun to watch what cats do when they think that no one is watching them, and also how relaxed and spontaneous they can be even when they are in the presence of the owner.

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Put the world on a short break


We live in a very stressful time where it becomes increasingly difficult to disconnect and find your peace, even for a short time. The modern age is very fast and every day brings us various challenges that we have to deal with, which is not always the easiest thing in the world.

Who doesn’t like to escape from reality for a short time and relax with fun content after a long, tiring day filled with work and other obligations? In moments like this, most people like to find a comfy spot and take a few minutes to watch fun videos that will not burden their brains and cause stress. With a cup of coffee, watching funny videos can be a real hedonism because you get the chance to have small moments of enjoyment that are reserved for you only. And this is another reason why funny cat videos are a real hit. Cats can make us smile, relax and also make us feel better even if we have had a hard day behind us.

Health benefits


Another good thing is that it has been shown that watching funny cat videos can prevent various diseases of the modern age, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and others. Yes, you read that right: enjoying funny cat videos for a few minutes a day can be very beneficial for our health and lead to a happier, more fulfilled life.


The Internet is full of interesting content that either entertains us or teaches us new things. Everyone has the type of content they prefer, but there are also videos that almost everyone in the world enjoys, regardless of the country they live in, age and interests. One of these types of videos are funny cat ones, because this kind of humor is close to everyone. Numerous researches have been conducted on why these videos are so popular, and it is considered that this is the case because cats are spontaneous and completely unconscious cameras, which makes their behavior a thousand times more ridiculous. In addition to this, enjoying this type of video can make us feel better, more energetic, as well as prevent various diseases that occur as a result of stress. Watching funny cat videos has a lot of benefits, but having fun is definitely the main one!