Pros and Cons of Online Dating – Guide 2024

Online dating is approximately as old as the internet. As soon as we had the technological capacity to communicate with people from across the world, we also had the opportunity of dating then.

It’s been around for a while, and people have had a moment to catch up and understand what it is and how it works. Even so, there are still some who do not understand it in its entirety or do not accept it as a valid form of dating.

Is online dating superior to traditional dating? Is it a valid option? Let’s find out what the benefits and downfalls of using online dating websites are and whether or not you should give them a try.

Pros of Online Dating

There are countless benefits to using an online dating website, but here are the 5 most important ones you should consider:

1. Simple


It’s insanely easy to use. You just open your laptop, computer, phone, or tablet, connect to the internet, go to your browser, and type in any kind of niche that would specify your search aims.

There are tons of different services, and some are home to several niches of online dating. There are specified niches for singles looking for a particular type of person, for those who are aimed at local dating, and so on. For instance, Tendermeets welcomes all those in search of love no matter what their particular target is. It has a wide variety of different niches to choose from, which makes its search system as flexible as possible, giving more and more opportunities to the most demanding types of people.

If you decide to create an account there, you will already be browsing through hundreds of singles in a few minutes. Everything is intuitive, and even if you are not tech-savvy at all, you will be able to use it.

2. Fast

It won’t be long until your profile is up and running. It will take you a couple of minutes to set your preferences and to use the filters available to sort through the available singles. From there on, after you’ve narrowed your search, you will be able to see only the men or women who fit the description you have in your head of the ideal partner.

From there, you can strike a conversation, and depending on how talented you are at small talk and flirting; you could set up a date in no time.

3. Accurate


Unlike traditional dating, where you either get set up by someone who doesn’t truly know what you prefer, or you meet someone by mistake and hit it off, but you don’t know much about them, online, everything is different.

Online you can choose people after you already have a lot of information about them. When you set up a date, you already know them. You’ve chosen them from a series of people that fit all your basic needs and desires and have spoken to them and made a connection.

This means that they have more chances of being your actual match than any people you meet in real life, where everything is a gamble.

4. Safe

On online dating services, you are protected by several measures (such as SSL encryption, admins, fraud prevention, etc.) from third parties, scammers, fake accounts, and so on.

If anything seems wrong, you can block any user right away. No one knows your true, complete identity unless you willingly give this information. The only moment when you stop being perfectly safe is when you take your newfound relationship out into the real world.

But if you’ve chosen correctly and have gotten to know them very well before going on a date, you are still safer than you are meeting strangers at a bar.

5. Tailor-made experience


Since you pull all the strings, set every filter, pick all preferences, the results are exactly what you desire. You can find someone that’s the gender, sexual orientation, physical built (down to hair and eye color), school level, age, location, etc., you need.

There is no judgment here, and if you’re interested in a tall, curvy Latina from Wisconsin that has a bachelor’s degree and desires a serious relationship with a fellow Christian, you can find just that.

6. Casual vs serious

While the people you meet offline might not be in the same place as you and you can end up not working out because someone wanted something serious, while the other was looking for a casual affair online, you know what everyone needs.

Websites are divided in such a way that most people on a particular website will be there for one or the other. Even if it’s the sort of online dating service that has both serious and casual relationships, you will find out from the start what everyone is interested in. You won’t find out this information after you’re already emotionally invested.

Cons of Online Dating

Are there any cons to trying online dating websites? Surely there are. Everything in the world has both ups and downs.

1. Unknown


For some, it’s a fear of the unknown that stops them from trying online dating websites. Older people or those who live in small cities are most commonly against dating websites.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t find older men and women online or that small-town folk all shy away from it. It just means it’s harder with these target demographics.

2. Impersonal

For some, it seems impersonal to meet someone this way. By relying on technology to find a match, some feel like the entire human factor is pulled out of the situation.

Romance, spontaneity, and meet-cutes seem out the window, and when sending similar messages to several people, it doesn’t seem too personal for some individuals.

3. Frowned Upon


While online dating websites have been used for quite a while now, it is still frowned upon in some circles or not take seriously as a valid option. Many people are still ashamed to admit that they have met on dating websites and will invent a different story.

Still, statistics show that more and more people meet online every single year. It’s expected that in 50 years most couples will have met this way.


Yes, finding love online is possible. There are more pros than cons for online dating websites, especially for niche categories such as members of the LGBTQIA+ community or interracial couples because online, they face no judgment and are perfectly safe.

The benefits outweigh any cons, and it’s definitely worth a shot, no matter if you are searching for something casual and fun or for a serious long-term commitment.