6 Sexiest Movies Currently Streaming on Netflix & Hulu

When binge-watching is not what boosts your engines, emotionally intense material might be just what the doctor ordered for either solo night at home or even a couple’s night for two fresh lovebirds learning more and more about each other every day. Thus, if you are looking for some steamy action reserved for a more intimate atmosphere, there are certain erotically interwoven film works you would like to check out and enjoy carefully directed plots designed to occupy your full mind and body attention.

Consequently, read what we have prepared for you in the following lines and learn about the sexiest movies currently streaming on Netflix and Hulu and pick your favorites among the hot movie pieces listed below.

1. Yes, God, Yes


Although mentioning religion in any context might act as a downer for a vast majority of people, this movie could make your reconsider your presumptions. Actually, Natalia Dyer, starring Alice, goes through the same ambiguity while attending Catholic school where body pleasures are considered strictly reserved after one becomes a part of a union blessed by holy matrimony. On her journey, she will learn about interesting ways how her body works and how hypocritical society can be sometimes.

One way or another, if you enjoy the tense situations any teenager goes through on their road to becoming an adult, then this sexy comedy could be just a thing for you. Thus, find out how Alice deals with her insane hormone surges while being constantly tutored by both her peers and teachers, anytime you want on Netflix.

2. Cashback


Sometimes all you want to look at is the glory of a beautiful naked body wrapped up in an everyday environment you can easily relate to. We are not quite sure how many of you have fantasized about doing it with someone in a local supermarket, but we are positive that the exact number is larger than most of you would like to admit. Fortunately, you have Ben, actually, Sean Biggerstaff as Ben, to show you what you want to see while stopping the time to undress the girls he fancies.

The Cashback provides you a healthy portion of well-known British humor combined with a romantic environment and explicit scenes you came here for in the first place. Therefore, all you have to do is either choose an adequate company for the marathon or enjoy this work of cinematic art on your own.

3. Fifty Shades Freed


If you enjoy kinky stuff and are a fan of one of the most popular sexy movie concepts from the past decade, then Fifty Shades Freed will be the perfect choice for a late afternoon with your special someone, or if you prefer, for any time of the day that you want to spice up on your own. Since this is the final part of the trilogy, we would not want to spoil it for you by revealing the plot. All you have to know is that this erotic drama is more than rich in explicit material showing the new adventures of an already familiar couple.

Thus, if the story of Christian and Anastasia still intrigues you, make sure you lower the volume and enjoy what they have prepared for you. Also, if you want to check out and find out more quality headlines related to sexy stories accompanied by more than interesting plots, visit TheVore and see which additional content you might find on your favorite streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu.

4. Four Lovers


When erotic scenarios are in question, the thing that makes the real difference is the number, therefore, three makes it better than two, but the four makes it even spicier. Also, there is something about the French and their reasoning for erotic relationships. Thus, you cannot make a mistake if you opt for the Four Lovers, since besides the scenery and explicit scenes you will encounter different challenges this type of having fun can impose.

Although sexy movies are mostly watched in person or with your better half, this one can serve as a good choice for introducing something extra into a relationship, but we leave it on you to make your conclusion. Either way, the Four Lovers have their means of heating the atmosphere in no time, whether you watch it alone or with some company.

5. 28 Hotel Rooms


The couple’s story described in this movie is based on the thing that made you click on this article, and since it has been titled in a way it has, you can solely imagine how many sexy moments await you when you click on it on your favorite streaming platform.

Namely, both Chris Messina and Marlin Ireland act as individuals who lead separate lives and both of them have their partners. In the beginning, their connection seems to be nothing more than a classic one-night stand, but the story becomes a bit more complicated as the movie unravels. 28 Hotel Rooms sounds like a ground prepared for even the most demanding viewers, so we reckon you will find what you are looking for with this movie piece.

6. Vita and Virginia


If you are a fan of modernism and the work and deed of Virginia Woolf, then the depiction of Vita and Virginia should be on your watching list. It is a movie piece that will satisfy even the most demanding audience since besides erotic moments backed up with appropriate visuals, you will also witness the atmosphere typical of times long gone and the challenges two married women need to overcome in order to get what they truly desire.

Thus, if you enjoy watching how temperature slowly rises with each line of text the actors of Vita and Virginia carefully use to lure you to become a part of their love story, then this is a movie you should watch. Hopefully, we have provided you with enough pieces of information about popular sexy movies you can watch as soon as you find them on your favorite streaming platform.

You can always start from the beginning, but if some of the aforementioned titles intrigue you more than the others, feel free to check them out. One thing is certain, and that is that you will not remain immune to particular charms radiating from each scene from the pieces listed above.