Best Ways To Find Concerts Near Me 

There are multiple ways to find concerts near you, but some certainly work better than others. From keeping a lookout on social media to using unique apps and visiting concert websites, here is a brief compilation of the best concert hunting tips we’ve gathered. Do give them a go and see what works for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an artist you’ve been hooked on for a while or want to go out and catch a break at whatever concert you think you’ll enjoy. There is never a scarcity of good music concerts out there. And we’re going to show you how to find them. Here’s answering “how can I find concerts near me?”

Finding a lovely music event requires some knowledge of the music scene

And your best and first resource is getting on social media. Any artist with a fan base has an account where they update things like dates for upcoming concerts, album releases, tours, and standalone shows. It could be on Twitter, or Instagram, or some other platform. 

If you have an artist you like, keeping tabs on their social media profile is a sure way not to miss any of their events. That is if they ever happen near you. Artists are known to make their information public first on such platforms. They even share special codes for presale events to verified fans and keep them posted on their recent activities and ventures.

Another way to know if an artist you like is coming to your city is by visiting their official webpage online. You can get all the details for their upcoming shows, including ticket information on there. And what’s fantastic is that these pages are often linked with a verified online ticket selling company. So, when you press on the available tickets displayed on the page, you will be directed to the concerned concert ticket website. Use this website for some good deals.

You can also subscribe to the artist’s email service on the page to receive updates on any future events and special treats for loyal fans. This way, you’re less likely to miss a concert if it ever comes to your town. The trend when it comes to finding

concerts nearby is getting what’s called ‘concert tracker apps’ to do the work for you. That’s right. You can find shows near you by simply downloading apps designed to locate music events around you. 

Getting the app


You will be given a bunch of suggested events nearby. You could check them out or search for a particular artist if you have one in mind. You can make a list of your favorite artists and get notified of any of their upcoming events when they come up. 

Some apps even sort events by genre


Especially if they focus solely on music. If not, you’ll have to filter options manually. What’s great about such apps is that it registers the kind of events you like and provides similar suggestions after a few searches. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the music scene in a specific genre, this can be a real game-changer.

Find apps that provide information on not just big events but small, local ones as well to maximize results. Sometimes it’s not about the size and extent of the concert or the towering reputation of the artists. A smaller event can be even more intimate, charming, and an overall lovely experience. You can also stick to apps that are linked directly to ticket selling platforms.

It makes things more convenient


You can easily access concert tickets while you’re on them without having to leave. And do look up reviews or ask around before settling on one. Not all apps provide the quality of services you desire. Now the last and relatively simple way to find concerts near you is to visit a ticket website. If your device’s location is on the website, it will register your location and present you with a list of suggestions under the ‘concerts near me’ section.

You can explore the list at random or filter suggestions by artists, dates, or genres. And as they’re ticket websites, you can directly access tickets on there, complete with a handy seating chart and ticket filters. Any of these tips will surely fetch you concert opportunities nearby. It’s simply a matter of preference. All you need is a little discernment when choosing a reliable resource and a few tries to get the hang of how they work. Such services are optimized to make it effortless for customers to navigate anyways.

So, you don’t need to worry about then being too much of a hassle to get used to. And if you’re not much of a tech person, there are still ways to find out if there are concerts coming nearby. Keeping an eye out for billboards and posters is a traditional way to find out about such events. That’s the one extra tip we’ve got for you. It’s perhaps an unconventional way to go about it, but if it works, that’s all that matters.

Yes, despite all the online presence, billboards and posters are still an effective way to advertise events. And with the investment required to produce them, you bet it’s likely to be legitimate information displayed on there. You can always crosscheck if something is amiss. As they say, music is a language that speaks to all. So, no matter whatever nook or cranny, if a concert is what you want, it’s what you’ll get. And even if the events near you aren’t what you’d typically go for, don’t be shy to give them a try. You might stumble upon a pleasant surprise. 

Closing comments

Nowadays, getting almost anything done is convenient with technology. With a smartphone and good internet reception, the information you need is at your beck and call. And as shown, it’s precisely the same case for finding events like concerts. Here’s hoping this brief write-up has given you some sense of direction for the next time you’re looking for concerts near you.