Is Sleep Coaching for Adults Worth it – 2024 Guide

Having a baby who doesn’t sleep at night can be very overwhelming, and every parent who has had such an experience is aware of it. If a baby doesn’t have a proper sleeping pattern, it can affect the baby as much as the parents. The baby will not have established day and night rituals, so the chances are higher that it will be nervous more often.

Parents will have a lack of sleep and will not be able to function optimally during the day and give the baby their maximum. After a few months of continuous sleep deprivation, many parents come to a dead-end and start thinking about the options they have. Your baby doesn’t need to have a bad sleeping pattern, and there are many techniques you can apply and check whether they work for your baby.

Nowadays, baby sleep coaching is available. Although some parents are very excited to try these new methods, others are pretty skeptical. There are many misconceptions that are just not true. One of the common ones is that sleep training is a synonym for letting a baby cry for too long, which is unacceptable to some parents, no matter what kind of results they can achieve that way. And this is not completely true because good sleep training will allow you to entirely adapt recommended methods to yourself and your baby. There are some more myths about sleeping training that should be dispelled.

Misconceptions about sleep training


Some of them are that you will need to stop carrying your child at night and that you won’t be able to have your moments of cuddling and enjoyment. Sleep coaching will not forbid you to have those special moments with your baby. They will just guide you about when can you do certain things, and when you need to avoid them to make sure you provide all the conditions for your baby to fall asleep in the best possible time and optimal way.

Another misconception is that you won’t be able to sleep in the same room as your child during the coaching process. You can sleep in the same or separate room, whatever you prefer. Babies shouldn’t sleep in their parents’ bed because it is not safe for them. However, you can choose if you want them to sleep in the same room, which can be a more practical option for you, due to breastfeeding, and other rituals.

And if you think it is better for all of you to sleep in separate rooms, that is also fine.

Many people share the opinion that sleep coaching is great for the parents, while it is not the best option for the babies.

And this is the furthest possible from the truth. If your baby is waking up several times during the night, cries, and needs help to fall asleep, imagine how frustrating that is for them. Knowing how to fall asleep on their own and having the right sleeping pattern can be very soothing for them, and it can ensure they are feeling much better during the night and the next day.

How much does sleep coaching cost?


There are a few types of sleep training. Depending on what you expect from your sleeping coach, the price will vary. If you want him or her to stay overnight and help you get your baby to sleep, it can be around a thousand dollars per night. But you can also choose some cheaper options, such as having one-hour consultation with a coach that comes to your home. The cost of consultations is half that of an overnight stay. You can also communicate with them and get some help via e-mail or phone call and that is much cheaper compared to previous options.

At you can schedule a free 15-minute baby sleep consultant call. That way, you can get an overview of their services, check what are your options, and choose the best one for you.

Is sleep coaching for adults worth it?


If you’re one of those parents who think you know your baby the best, you are probably right. But although you know your baby the best, it doesn’t mean you know it all. Experts in this field can guide you and provide help to make sure you’re following the right steps and doing everything you can to establish the right sleeping pattern for your baby.

Different coaches will surely recommend different techniques, and you should choose whatever feels right for you. Many parents have shared their experiences of how sleeping coaches helped them to finally establish the bedtime routine with their baby.

If you have a baby who wakes up crying several times at night, so you have to carry her in your arms for hours, it can be very tiring. And in case you tried everything, and nothing seemed to work, you should consider hiring a sleep consultant. Imagine if this turned out to be an incredible idea that finally allowed your baby to sleep through the night, and you to get some good night’s sleep, and give your baby the maximum throughout the day. You can’t lose anything, and if the approach doesn’t suit you completely, you can always adapt it to yourself, or give up entirely on that idea.

Yes, the first year is always the hardest, especially when it is your first child. But there are some things you can influence and is something you should start with. If you think you can improve your child’s sleep with the help of a professional in that field, why not give it a chance. And if you succeed, and your baby starts sleeping throughout the night, then it is definitely worth it!

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Having a baby that doesn’t have a regular sleeping pattern can be very exhausting, both for the child and for the parents. The baby gets frustrated and nervous when it is waking up crying a few times during the night, and parents get tired, so they aren’t able to function the next day. And this keeps happening for months and months!

If it seems like you tried everything, and nothing works, we recommend you consider hiring a sleep coach that can navigate you, so you can help your baby fall asleep by itself and doesn’t wake up that often during the night. You should do your research, think about the pros and cons, and finally discuss with your partner whether you should hire a sleep consultant. Be sure you test all the options and do what is best for your baby and you!