9 Best Types of Eyelash Extensions – 2024 Guide

The very first thing that comes to mind when we talk about beauty products usually is basically any type of makeup. We consider refreshing our look with something just as attractive, but a bit less striking, that makes us look fabulous without the need to pay attention to many details.

Eyebrows and eyelashes shape our faces, giving a special sparkle to our look. Contours of our faces and the physiognomy of each of them lie in such details that we remember and admire – especially ladies. There are plenty of women who do work in the media, entertainment industry, own their vlogs, channels, or do similar jobs, in which looking pretty is implied by the nature of the work, yet putting fake lashes on your face on a daily basis can be true torture. Oh, and – remember the curler? Another tool that makes us roll the eyes when we think of it!

To make tiresome beauty procedures a past tense to some extent, it’s a great solution to consider extensions as your appearances’ best friend. People get used to great things easily and this is one of them. This is a technique where separated fake eyelash fibers can be individually attached to your eyelids, no matter how thick and long your natural lashes are. There are small clusters of fibers that can be applied too, or it can all be done by attaching one by one for a better effect.

If you prefer to simply avoid headaches over making the right choice, it doesn’t hurt to consider some of the best types of eyelash extensions on the market. Having in mind what to pay attention to –  apart from the available options – is precisely what will make you pick the right ones without regrets.

1. Mink


This type originates from the Siberian and Chinese minks and their rich tail fur. The casual look without extravagant touch is definitely the biggest perk of this type of technique. The effect you achieve by using these can be described as rather natural since the texture is extremely light and soft. Yet, if you belong to a group of people who are allergic to animal fur, or you are against using fur in the beauty industry, you should definitely search for a more appropriate solution. And, as you can guess based on its origin, the price isn’t quite low either.

2. Faux mink

If you wish to let your wink imitate mink extensions without using actual mink fur and at the lower price, there’s the type that’s made to resemble them, yet without any animal origin included – and it’s just as perfect. These pieces come in different styles and their length and volume vary.

3. Sable


Sable is softer than mink and it’s the best choice for people with the most delicate eyelid skin. It isn’t something that you can easily find in the supply overall, yet the allergy-related issues come with them just the same. They are also not an animal-friendly choice.

4. Fox hair

Similar to mink or sable, fox fur has become a big trend. The fox fur offers red tones to the lashes it can be used for and it’s also extremely soft. It isn’t that widely used though, so it can be harder to find it available. The natural fur-based extensions have that curly appearance that can be a bit demanding to maintain daily, so choosing the artificial ones instead may perhaps be just as good a solution.

5. Silk


Even though their name might be misleading, the silk ones are not made of actual silk, yet those are considered heavier than faux-mink or mink – much more than sable ones. The comfortability is also a bit lower, yet these are a fantastic choice for special occasions, rather than for everyday looks.

6. Synthetic lashes

Synthetic ones are heavier than the rest and also don’t give such a natural look. They have a specific kind of glow and it isn’t unusual that some people consider them a bit too heavy to wear.

7. Russian (AKA Volume eyelash) extensions


If we talk about fresh trends, you may consider a technique developed by Russian technicians as these are providing you with a dramatic false-lash look every day – at least according to angelicbeautybristol. This latest trend includes 2D, 3D,4D, 5D, and 6D options and it includes applying rather light pieces to each of your natural lashes individually, which makes this process several hours long.

8. Classic extensions

These are applied in the same way as the Russian ones, on a so-called 1:1 ratio, meaning that one extension applies to one of your natural lashes. “Classic” style means that they tend to show your unaccented, natural appearance. They also vary in materials, a thickness that goes from 1 to 1.5 mm and styles too, and the application time which can be quite long as well – up to 2 hours. The result is usually natural, long, soft lashes that usually look as if you have just applied a little bit of a good mascara.

9. Hybrid eyelash extensions


Like for any other hybrid, the same goes for this area – it mixes two different types of extensions. In this case, it’s a 70:30 mix of both classic ones and Russian (volume) ones. It boasts a few advantages of both mentioned types and it was popularized by the Kardashian sisters mostly. After that, it has spread all around the celebrity world, but it’s nothing weird, considering the fact that its features provide great grounds for that. These offer a fine look with a touch of drama by mixing the classic and volume pieces, as well as rich texture and fantastic softness.

When considering all the available types, always have in mind what you want to achieve. Whichever ones you select, thinking of factors like your eye shape, size, or color is crucial for making the best possible choice. Also, the eyelids and their position, along with your known or unknown allergies or the quality of your natural lashes might play a great role here. The bottom line is – the more you observe the wide picture, the bigger peace of mind you will have when the choice time comes.