Amenities to Consider Being Close to for Your Next Move


Moving somewhere new is always exciting, although it can be difficult to ignore the myriad of anxieties that often come with it. However, amidst all these feelings, it can seem as though you’re forgetting one thing after another, and there’s a lot of things you’ve failed to consider. Making a list and being thorough before you begin the process can help to alleviate this, but even then, it might not help you think of things that you wouldn’t consider anyway.

For example, thinking about the amenities that you need to be close to adds a whole new dimension to house-hunting, and can hugely affect whether one place seems to the perfect candidate, or simply an unrealistic option.



Nearby schools maybe the most obvious candidate that you might think of when trying to decide where to live. While this may be seen as something that will only affect people who have a family, or who are planning to start one in the near future, it can also be something that affects your movements outside of these conditions. It could affect you being able to find parking spaces nearby, or driving around the times that these places open and close could be troublesome.

Additionally, if you’re trying to find the right school for your children, it can be difficult to know which ones are best without extensive research, meaning that your findings and the destinations that you have in mind are likely going to play a large role in deciding which property you end up moving to. This can restrict your options considerably, especially if you need to make certain considerations. There’s always the option of driving or getting the bus though, which is important to bear in mind if you’re feeling as though your options are too restrictive.

Assisted Living Homes


Thinking about your family members getting older is never a comfortable topic, but if you find that you have elderly relatives in assisted living, you might want to be near these places so that you can visit as much as you like. Alternatively, it could be that they’re not there yet, but you want to have suitable options near you if you feel as though this is something that you’re going to need to make use of in the future. You can visit this page to peruse some options, and it could also give you an idea of the kind of location or area that you want to end up moving to.

When you’re trying to think about what amenities you’ll want your new home to be close to, everyone is going to have their own list of what’s important to them and what is relevant to their own tastes and circumstances. Trying to tick every one of these boxes can be difficult, so you might not choose to be as close to assisted living homes as possible, but having some nearby can help you to be prepared for this time if it looks like it’s one that will arrive eventually.



On a similar though perhaps more universal note, being close to hospitals can be useful for obvious reasons. It might be that medical emergencies aren’t things that crop up very regularly in the course of your life, but you never know when that might start to be the case, and suddenly needing to go to the hospital only to find out that it’s hours away can be distressing and potentially detrimental to your health. The thing to keep in mind when it comes to planning your proximity to hospitals is that you only need to be close enough for it to not be enormously inconvenient when you need to occasionally visit – which does give you a surprising amount of leeway.

That said, not everyone will fall into this category, and some people will find that they have health conditions that require more frequent trips to the hospital. In this case, you’ll want to be close enough for it not to be too long a journey, though this might dictate whether you end up living in an urban or rural environment and could affect your other plans.

Restaurants, Pubs, Theatres, Etc.


On a lighter note though, you might simply want to be within walking distance to certain entertainment venues that can allow you to go out and have a good time whenever you want to. The exact nature of the venue that you want to be closest to is going to change depending on factors like your own subjective tastes, but those who prefer urban environments and are hoping to make a move to a city are likely be in luck here.

However, that does put people who have an affinity for the country at somewhat of a disadvantage, and while it might not be enough for you to want to change your plans completely, it can be disheartening. In this case, making yourself aware of the closest cities, and how to get there by car or public transport can help to expand the options that you have here.

Gyms and Swimming Pools

To some people, the importance of ensuring that you’re close enough to entertainment venues won’t be all that high, especially if it’s something that you’re only interested in doing occasionally. Instead, you might be more concerned with being close to places where you can exercise, such as gyms and swimming pools — especially if these activities are integral to the structure of your schedule.

You might find that these kinds of places, gyms especially are somewhat abundant due to the high demand placed on them, but if not, there are other ways for you to get creative with your exercise.

Running is always an option, and if you do find yourself in a more rural area, this can help you to explore some of the nearby scenic locales, and the same is true of cycling, if you prefer. However, there are also home exercises that you could consider getting into, such as yoga or other workout regimes that can help you to stay as healthy as you can.