5 Tips to Practice Yoga at Home – 2024 Guide

People need to relax after a hard day at work. Some play games at sites such as PlayAmo Australia to forget about daily duties, others choose sports to calm down. For the second option, yoga is the best. And these tips will help start practicing at home. 

Read About Contraindications


There are not many contraindications. They are either injuries or illnesses (in this case, it is better to consult a doctor) or special body conditions, such as pregnancy. If so, choose yourself an appropriate asana complex.

It is also recommended to stop practicing yoga if after each class you feel deterioration of your health. In this case, you should definitely consult a doctor and a competent instructor, who will make a training program for you taking into account your individual characteristics.

Yet, yoga can make you feel worse due to other reasons:

  • Classes are held in a stuffy room without ventilation.
  • Asanas are performed incorrectly.
  • A person does not breathe right.
  • Training is done in a hurry, without warming up the muscles.
  • You don’t train regularly.

Find Yourself a Suitable Asana Set


For home yoga, understand your capabilities in the first class. Find out how much free time you have, or how long you can spend on the mat. Whether it’s 15-20 minutes or an hour and a half choose a video complex of a suitable length. 

Many asanas are performed symmetrically on the right and left sides. You shouldn’t drop a class halfway through and work through just one. Also assess your training. If it is difficult, you will be disappointed in yourself and probably think of an excuse to quit your yoga classes at home. Yet, if you know that you have a fairly flexible body, do not take very simple complexes. You’ll get bored and your body won’t feel the exertion.

Yet, most asana sets include the following poses. 

The first one is a child’s pose. This relaxing pose is perfect for taking a break between asanas. You should assume a child’s pose to rest and prepare yourself for the next asana. It gently stretches the muscles in the lower back, hips, knees and ankles and relaxes the spine, shoulders and neck.

A bridge pose is a gentle way to begin stretching the spine. This pose will help improve the mobility of the spine and help compensate for the effects that sitting for long periods of time has on the spine. If you find this pose too difficult at first, put a block under your back.

You will also meet a mountain pose known as Tadasana. Even though it doesn’t look difficult, it’s hard to explain the work you have to do to keep your balance and how important it is for other standing postures and for your sense of body balance. Taking this pose and staying still is the best way to start a yoga class.

You can also find many yoga sets for different purposes. For example, these can be sets to get rid of anxiety or get energy in the morning. 

Set Your Mindset


What’s important in yoga is the mindset before the practice. Yoga is not just a physical exercise. And when you do yoga it’s important to go beyond yourself, to devote the practice to your loved ones and even to the world. Imagine that when you become healthier and happier you can teach that to other people. This way, you will gradually learn to do yoga not only for your interest, but for the sake of all humanity. Before doing yoga, it is customary to fold your palms in front of your chest and wish happiness to all living beings. This is the surest way to feel happiness yourself.

Practice Regularly

After a certain amount of practicing yoga at home on your own, there usually comes that nice moment when you want to make the practice regular. If you have a certain stable schedule in your life, it will be a little easier to choose those days when the workload is minimal and there is free time. People with a flexible schedule will be a little more difficult. Yet, try to get to 2-3 classes a week for 1.5 hours. With time, you will choose for yourself the number and duration of your practices. If your plans change, and you do not have time, try to do at least a couple of simple but effective asanas for 10-15 minutes a day. That way you and your body will get used to yoga, and you’ll feel like practicing it more often.

When yoga is entrenched in your life, you can practice twice a day, keeping an eye on your condition and inner feelings. You can’t make yourself tired or exhausted because yoga implies lightness, pleasure from doing exercises and breathing practices. 

Practice Yoga in the Morning


Remember how the evening passions and thoughts seemed silly and ridiculous in the morning. The mind is calmer in the morning. The energy in the morning is upward, it’s the energy of youth and prosperity. In the evening, on the other hand, the energy goes down, it is the energy of old age and fading. Yogis get up early to meet the sun, watch it rise, and absorb the energy of rising, newness, youth and growth.

How Yoga Will Change Your Life

Even after several weeks of regular training, you will get lots of benefits. The main of them are:

  • The body will become more flexible, graceful, and you will start loving your appearance. 
  • Back problems will be solved, and pain will go away. 
  • Nutrition will normalize, bad habits, including food habits, will begin to disappear. 
  • The process of accepting oneself, self-knowledge, awareness of one’s own feelings and their root causes will be established. 
  • There will be strength to solve difficult physical, life and moral problems. 
  • The balance between work and rest will normalize. 
  • Production of hormones responsible for stress, bad moods, anxiety, aggression, negative emotions, anger and spite will decrease. 

Yet, yoga is not the solution for everything. If you start practicing, you should also change your life habits. After it, you will change your life completely.