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How to Avoid Plagiarism in a Research Paper

Every homework assignment should be unique to win the hearts of professors. Plagiarized work can be rejected and cause you a failure. Writing a research paper is crucial for your academic success. It has to be as per standards and guidelines provided by the University or College. Gone are the days when students used to copy content from other sources and completed their assignments without even thinking about duplication.

The advancement in technology has enabled teachers to detect plagiarism. That’s why you have to be careful while creating a research paper. High authority writing websites such as provide a Turnitin report to show that your paper is 100% plagiarism-free. You can submit such an assignment without getting worried about duplication concerns.

Those who use their thoughts don’t have to worry about plagiarism because they never copy anything from any source. However, if you are not sure about writing unique text, then you have to be vigilant in this regard. Following are some of the best ways to help you write a unique research paper to score better marks.



Paraphrasing is a useful way to avoid plagiarism. The technique works by describing the same concept in different words through rich vocabulary. Sometimes you have to add important information from a reliable source. Never copy and paste as this will create duplication issues. Explaining the same thing in your thoughts can work. You have to preserve the meaning by choosing the right words.

Don’t let the professor identify that you have used info from another source and replaced the text using synonyms. Try to be smart to paraphrase cleverly. Make sure that no one can spot the source that you used. You can rely on paraphrasing tools as well, but that’s not advisable. It’s better to use your intellect to make your text plagiarism-free.

Use Plagiarism Tools

Plagiarism tool is online software that lets you check the real percentage of plagiarism in your text. You just have to find a trustworthy platform that can help you detect duplication in your research paper. Copy and paste the text into the plagiarism tool and hit check. You should get results within a minute. It will scan all your document to see if there’s any duplication.

Powerful checkers audit your papers against text material available on the internet. If they find exact relevance, they will let you know about the source from where the content has been copied. You will be able to know the accurate percentage of plagiarized content. If the ratio is beyond what’s specified by the professor, then you have to remove the copied content or replace it with unique text.

Track Information Sources


When you sit to research to write your paper, you use several sources as references. Never forget to note down the source of information. In this way, you will be able to tell where the idea came from. Sometimes, students unintentionally write source information as their thoughts. They completely forget about where did it come from.

This can cause their research paper or thesis to be recognized as plagiarized. Keep track of all the information sources such as newspapers, books, websites, and magazines. This information can be very useful during the process of creating citations. As a result, you will be able to avoid plagiarism.

Start Well Before the Deadline

Starting your research paper well before the deadline allows you to have plenty of time for writing. You don’t have to copy content from other sources at the last minute. Stop procrastinating and schedule your time for study regularly.

A couple of hours either in the evening or morning can help you focus on your assignments. Keep working daily until you finish your research paper. It’s not a matter of a few hours. Writing a research paper can take longer than expected. That’s why you have to set a routine and then stick to it.

Never think that you have enough time left. Plan your day and start working on your papers righter after you get the assignment. You can save yourself from the last-minute hassle only by completing the task days before the final deadline.

Cite Sources


You often need to use content from other sources while writing a research paper. It is indispensable to use in-text or footnote citation so that the reader can know about the source of the information.
You need to add publication year, page number, and a few other basic information while using the in-text citations.

Your paper could be considered suspicious for the teacher if no appropriate citation has been used. Therefore, never compromise on citing useful sources that you referred to while creating a research paper.

Take Expert Assistance

Sometimes students get confused when they can’t figure out a way to avoid plagiarism while using certain facts and figures in a research paper. You can book an appointment to discuss the issue with your mentor. Meet and discuss the problem in the scheduled hours. They should be able to assist in the right way.

You can get proper guidelines about how to avoid plagiarism from a research paper when you get stuck somewhere. College or university teachers have several years of experience in guiding students about making their write-ups free from duplication.

Alternatively, you can also rely on professional writing services to get your research paper done. They have years of experience and a team of highly qualified writers who are well-versed in different subjects. They know how to create impeccable papers under the university’s requirements.


Making your research paper free from plagiarism is immensely important if you want to get good grades without losing integrity. Having copied content in your document can be detrimental to your reputation. Your entire academic career can be at risk just because of plagiarism found in your research paper. Other than that, you might have to face financial penalties or legal consequences just because of copied research work. Therefore, you should ensure making your research paper 100% unique.