Horse Racing VS Greyhound Racing: Which is Better?

If you enjoy racing and you want to bet on them, surely you have asked yourself at least one time which one is better and which one has better chances to win. The truth is that if it was that easy to predict the outcome, all the bookies will close after they spend the money, and there will be no point in placing bets and hoping for the best.

They are both similar and different, and you need to know what’s happening, so you can decide if you’ll bet on one of them, or you will play on the two choices. So, let’s talk about them a little more:

Horse races


According to, it’s one of the most popular sports to bet on, because you can do it immediately, or even change or adjust the bets as the race is happening. The interest in betting on horse races is growing every day, even though it’s much smaller compared to sports like football and basketball. But, knowing that the interest is getting bigger, we can cover some important things related to them.

In general, the bettors can bet on flat races and jump racing, but there are smaller categories and types too. Flat racing is most common around the world, and people are following the activities, track the progress, and place their bets on them.

Even though it’s very different than the sports we know and prefer, it’s challenging and entertaining, because it’s dynamic, and people enjoy betting on it. That’s why you can find it on websites to bet. Different breeds of horses can be included, and they can race with their jockeys or without them – depending on the type of the competition.

Greyhound races


These are the popular dog races you can see streaming in the betting places. They are similar to the horse races, but also there are a few differences, especially in the types. Greyhound races come in two types, track racing and coursing, without any additional subtypes.

There are popular annual championships or even everyday races, so the people who enjoy betting can do that every day. But, is there a way to tell which one of these is better? Should people get more involved in horse or dog races, when they bet?

Let’s try to see things clearly


Horse racing events are more luxurious, and celebrities may attend. Dog races are usually streamed online, and not usually the audience is present there. Both are entertaining events, but horse races are more expensive, because of nature and attendees. Also, there are open greyhound races too, and everyone can attend, and bet during the race.

So, if you want to be closer to the race, dog ones are better for you. If you choose horse races, you can hope that you will get a better place to see the field and recognize your favorites. Many enthusiasts will say that these two can’t be compared, and they are mostly right since it’s not that simple to put the rules and results in one place and get a conclusion.

The dog races aren’t only about winning or losing. It all depends on many factors like distance, the potential of every dog who takes a part in it, the traps, leads, and troubles. Also, some dogs may not follow the predicted trace if there is some distraction. On the other hand, horse races are a little easier to predict, but unfortunate outcomes may occur too.

But, in general, they are clearer than the dog races, and it’s easier to predict the outcome. You can use the same approach when betting, but keep in mind that there are more additional smaller events to greyhound races, and horse ones are smoother and clear, without unplanned actions. In both cases accidents can happen, so the odds can be changed during the race.
But, does this mean that the horse races are better for the bettors?

Not at all!


As we said, they are luxurious events, and you can meet a lot of celebrities there. Some people claim that these races are very corrupted, and the outcome is known in advance. In the movies, we often can see how a horse is manipulated to give up on the race, to give more chances to someone else, and yes, that’s fiction, but you know, in many cases, fiction is based on true events.

Also, all those people who attend the event can be a huge distraction for the real fans of horse races. They will get better places to sit, and the real enthusiasts won’t be able to see what’s happening on the field. So, knowing all of this, we can conclude that in most cases, greyhound racing is better for those who really want to earn easy money, while they feel the excitement of the risks.

Why do people love these races?

They are dynamic, unpredictable, and entertaining. The animals can’t follow strict rules, as the people do, so it adds more excitement to the whole concept. For example, when you watch football, you know exactly what every player is doing. Both of these activities give a great chance for betting, for everyone who enjoys this type of gambling. They take an important part in the bookmakers, and they are more than a win or lose game.

So, we can’t give a strict answer to the question of which one is better for the individual bettors since there are many things to consider. But, in general, if you want glamour and costly bets, you can go for horse races. In every other case, greyhound racing is much better for you.
It all depends on your preferences, and what do you want from the race.

One thing is for sure – you won’t get bored, no matter what you choose. Both choices are exciting, and no matter which one you take, you will surely have fun while watching it. If you win something, it’s an additional benefit from the race. Anyway, consider all the facts we mentioned so you can choose it smartly.