9 Unique and Mysterious Stories That Took Place at Casinos

The world of gambling is fascinating, so much so that many cult films take place in casinos, such as “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Casino Royale”, “Las Vegas” by Terry Gilliam, or of course the excellent “Casino” by Martin Scorsese. But this fascination is well founded, since casinos do offer us incredible stories. Back on 9 incredible anecdotes that forged the myth of casinos!

1. Russian player bet his wife on poker


In 2007, Russian Andrei Korpov lost his car, his gold watch and excellent bottles of vodka consecutively during a devilish poker game in Moscow. Refusing to admit defeat, he therefore offered the last thing he had on hand to his opponent Sergey Brodov: Tatiana, his wife!

The latter played the game and honored her husband’s debt, in her own way … as she explains: “I know it might sound humiliating, but from the moment my ex-husband did this, I realized I had to leave him. Sergey is a very nice man, and the truth is that I am very happy with him, although he “won” me at poker.”

2. He literally blows up the bank!

In 1980 in Nevada, a player who had lost a large sum in a casino decided to place a bomb to recover his winnings or even a little more. The FBI attempted to intervene and defuse the 450 kg of dynamite. Results? The latter exploded and the casino was destroyed, fortunately without death or injury! This is the kind of risk you won’t take by turning to free online casino games.

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3. Number 7 is rolled 6 times in a row


The number 7 is generally associated with luck, so it is played more regularly than others in games of chance such as roulette. It was on July 14, 2000 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas that this incredible anecdote happened. Roulette # 211 would have gone 7 six times in a row that day, which is statistically about one in three billion odds. The story would have been even better if it had been released a seventh time!

4. “The suitcase man” or the man with the briefcase


In 1980, William Lee Bergstrom walked through the doors of the Binion’s Horseshoe in Las Vegas with two suitcases: one empty, the other containing $ 770,000. He puts his full suitcase on the “Don’t Pass” box of a craps table and doubles the bet. Enough to fill his second suitcase and earn the nickname “Suitcase man”.

5. A man bet his own casino!

Major Riddle was the wealthy co-owner of the legendary Dunes Casino in Las Vegas. He was also an avid poker player but known to be very bad, so he was nicknamed “big fish”. One evening, he put his title to the Dunes during a game of poker at Casino Sahara. Lucky, the businessman wins and walks out of the facility virtually unscathed. A brief respite, as Major Riddle can’t help but repeat the same scenario to the Aladdin with less success!

6. A bunch of gifted college students cheat at blackjack


Do you know the movie “Las Vegas 21”? It is based on a true story. That of a bunch of gifted students from a major American university, MIT, who managed to run several casinos in the 1990s. These little geniuses had developed a very complex technique for counting cards in Blackjack. After five years, and after hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings, the team finally got pinched. If in the film, the end is extremely tormented, in reality, they would have only been banned from the casino while keeping their nest egg.

7. $127 million player


Harry Watanabe started the Oriental Trading Company gift shop in 1932 and grew it to become one of the market’s largest before passing the presidency to his son Terry Watanabe. Terry later sold all of his shares in the chain shop to a private equity group in 2000. Terry gained a fortune from this transaction, which eventually converted his gambling and drinking issues into massive money losses at several Harraz casinos.

Watanabe went on a trip to Las Vegas in 2007 but never returned. He relished the benefits of being a great player as the casinos sucked his money away for a whole year. This wager cost him almost $200 million.

8. The grandmother who threw the dice 154 times in a row


If 154 dice are rolled, what are the odds of never receiving a seven? The number is roughly one in 1.56 billion, but on May 23, Patricia Demauro, a New Jersey grandmother, did precisely that at the Borgata Hotel Casino and the Atlantic City Spa. Demauros’ lucky streak lasted four hours and 18 minutes, shattering world records for the longest dice and most successful throws until he reached seven.

Although Demauro refuses to disclose how much money she earned, betting analysts believe her gains would have exceeded $100,000 if she had wagered properly, and that she might have made millions if she had wagered well. In Atlantic City for the rest of the weekend, Demauro re-entered the same craps table two nights later as a spectator. They were too high. It had been a while since I’d played.

9. A man who put everything he had on a single spin of roulette … and he won!


At the Plaza Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas in 2004, professional gamer Ashley Revell sold everything he owned, including his clothing, and risked $ 135,300 on a roulette wheel.
In this case, Revelle’s stake was doubled to $ 270,600 when the ball landed on 7 Reds.

However, he instead gave the dealer a gratuity of $600, shouted “Thank you!” and departed the casino. Revell utilized the money to create his own online poker firm, Poker UTD. He has been playing online poker since 2004. TV producer Simon Cowell says Revelle was also the inspiration for “Red or Black? Is it red or black?