4 Best Cubes for Speedcubing in 2024

If you enjoy solving Rubik’s cubes, you know how important it is to have a good quality one so you can do what you do best without any obstructions. Since speedcubing is a competitive sport, you can’t afford to lose because of a faulty cube or just a low-quality one. That is why you will have to do your own research and always look for a good one.

In addition, these cubes are great gifts for kids as they are not expensive. Not only that, but you will make the kid happy, and you will stimulate their brain to develop faster in solving this type of complex puzzle.

Besides the training for puzzle solving, this can bring up the competitiveness in your kid. Other than only naming a few of the options that we think are the best choice this year, we will also talk about what you should keep an eye on before buying the cube.

1. QiYi Warrior S


This cube has wonderful colors that anyone can really find beautiful at a really affordable price. This cube is best if you are a beginner or you are just starting to learn. With a brilliant movement mechanism and a great finish on the materials, you can’t really go wrong with it.

2. GAN 11 M Pro


This is one of the best cubes that you can find having everything you look for in it. This cube is more on the pricier side, as it is around 10 times more than the previous one. Everything comes with a price so you will not be disappointed in this one.

3. YJ Yu Long V2 M


This is maybe the best cube on this list, and you can find this one on every review or list on the internet. That is not without a purpose. Having everything you need to be combined in one cube is one of the best ones you can find. The colors are so versatile that you can choose either a painted one or paint one yourself.

4. MF Jiao Shi RS3M

The MF Jiao Shi is yet another great option with great performance coming at an affordable price. You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to cheap but good quality products like these. This cube can be a good gift as well. Since it is not expensive, it will be enough for every kid or a person that is just starting out.

Things To Look Out For

Before going out shopping for the cube that will be perfect for you, you might want to keep some things in mind when looking at your options. Basically, all of the good options have similar characteristics that imply that they are a good option. However, every person has different preferences that can be satisfied with a different product than the others.



This is the key characteristic of every cube, as it says a lot about the quality of the product. If the segments move smoothly and softly without any restrictions, that should be a good choice. The movements generally are split into two groups, faster-moving cubes, which take no effort, and they can be moved really easily and really fast.

This option is great for competing because you will not lose time in the turning process. However, if they are cheaply made, you will not have control over them and that is a thing that you should avoid. The other group or choice is the cubes which movement is soft and more controllable, you might have a better feeling using them.

However, they do not move so fast as the others so, in a competition, you will need to choose your cube wisely not to come up with bad results because of the item. If you’re looking for high-quality cubes for speedcubing, then check out this website.

Lagging Problems

If you have ever tried to solve a cheap cube, you have surely noticed how the movements can become hard or even stuck sometimes. This happens because the cube is not well adjusted, or the mechanism is so cheap that it can’t hold the segments in place when rotating them, especially if the corners are not aligned properly. You can’t allow things like these to happen to you while trying to set your best time. When choosing your new cube, make sure that it moves softly but fast.

Turning the Segments


When you move the segments from opposite sides, for example, if you move the horizontal sections and the vertical there should not be a problem since these are magnetic cubes. Even if the corners are not aligned, the movement should go flawlessly saving you time when solving the puzzle. This is really a thing only good quality cubes offer, and you should be aware of it. If you try the product and you can’t move the sections, stay away from it and look for a better one.


When you look for a speedcubing cube, you should always make sure that it is durable enough to serve you for more years. Longevity is a key factor for quality cubes because they are made to last a long time. This gives you more time to solve them. Also, if you plan on giving this as a gift to a kid, you should keep in mind that it will fall very often. So you might want something sturdy so it can survive those falls. Also, if you get a low-quality cube, it can rotate the squares around itself. This will prevent you from solving the puzzle.

Colorway Options


The colors themselves are not important for anything other than making the cube more attractive for the eye of the user. There are cubes with simple colors, and there are some with more of a pastel look. The variety is present and you can choose whatever you want. The only thing that you should look for is the color should be directly painted to the squares because that improves the longevity and has a better feel in your hands.

Otherwise, if you get a cube that has colors applied to the squares like stickers, they can fall off easily with some use so you will be left with a cube with an unknown color so you will not be able to find a solution for the puzzle.


Finding the perfect cube for your speedcubing ambitions is not an easy thing, but it is also not really hard. With many different options available, you can find every preference that you have and be able to enjoy solving them more. In the items listed in our article, you can find every good thing that we mentioned, so you can try them out and see for yourself. Other than these items, there are others that we didn’t get to mention that are good as well so the choice is yours.