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The Importance of Background Music in Online Slots

When you think about online gambling, many things come to mind: poker, roulette, baccarat, sports betting, and slot machines. These embodiments of the brick-and-mortar slot machines have evolved at a breakneck speed over the last decade. Previously, a casino would change their machines over a couple of years; now, new online machines are released almost daily.

It is hard to say when background music became widely used; however, it is presumed to be around the 1960s mark. By the 1980s, soundtracks had become commonly used in mainline casinos. It is, therefore, natural for these soundtracks to have made it online with their virtual counterparts.

With the rise of the internet, incorporating interesting soundtracks into online slots has become a much easier task than adding them to their land-based cousins.

Most notably, the graphics that are being used in slots have come a long way. Going from simple representations of machines, modern-day have now become a work of art. Just as important as the graphics are the mechanics doing the work behind the scenes.

Almost monthly, there are new games that offer the player something new, something that other slot machines have not done. However, turn the music and sounds off, and suddenly these two new innovations seem hollow.

The music in a machine does so much more than you realize at first. Take Microgaming’s 9 Pots of Gold as an example of this. You can find more if you just click on AmazonSlots. Although this slot has fantastic graphics, a huge jackpot prize, free spins, and everything that makes this such a popular game. However, remove the foot-stomping Irish soundtrack, and suddenly it becomes rather empty. Let us have a look at why this is so important.

Music Makes You Confident


Many players enjoy because they are a source of entertainment. They can relax you. However, there are some tense times when you play online slots. The music helps you to overcome these tense moments, inspiring confidence in much the same way as is used in movies.

Upbeat music makes you feel hopeful while inspiring you forward, getting you through those trying times. Maybe you need another scatter symbol, or you are close to hitting the jackpot. Depending on the slot, there are numerous ways that music can be used to help you push through with confidence, such as increasing the tempo of the music.

Certain music will trigger when the player lands a win. These musical cues provide you with a sense of winning, helping you push onwards in search of that big Jackpot at the end of the Rainbow. Once again, take 9 Pots of Gold. The music is fast and driving, and you can almost feel the Irish luck being carried by the soundtrack, which is why it is so popular with many players.

Music Sets the Scene


You are greeted by stunning visuals when you play an online machine. Most of the time, the slot comes with a story attached or a theme that the developer wishes to convey to their players.

Play Halloween-themed, and it would feel rather odd with some cheerful sea shanty or space opera-themed music. This aids the visuals in carrying you along in the story, giving you a visual sense of what is happening.

Music significantly impacts how we perceive something visually, allowing us to be immersed in whatever is before us. Music has the power to relax us and provide confidence, suspense or even fear and is paramount in setting the scene within any slot machine.

Music Influences Which Slots Players Choose

Not everyone likes the same machines or music. Some players like it to be kept simple, with tried and tested gameplay and a familiar and comforting soundtrack. You would expect every new slot released to have the best possible music or sounds.

However, that is not always the case. Many slots feature soundtracks from previous iterations of the game, providing players with a sense of continuation from the original, even though the slot is fundamentally a different game.

Players are more likely to choose a machine which features background music that they enjoy, even if the slot lacks slightly in the gameplay or visual departments.

Relieves Boredom


The tempo influences whether you perceive yourself to be having a good time. Many slot machines can become a little repetitive to players as they do not have much to do other than press the spin button.

Put in boring, repetitive music, and the player will likely leave the game sooner rather than later. However, some slots only play the music while the reels spin, giving you something to look forward to as you try to spin to match the theme.

Tailormade Music

Gone are the days of slot developers just slapping any old random soundtrack to a slot game. Many slots now have soundtracks made just for the title by accomplished musicians. Other slots take soundtracks from movies or bands that they are associated with. Many companies now specialize in just creating music for machines, understanding the needs of the player as well as the developer.



It is apparent that machines need a soundtrack just as much as stunning visuals or great gameplay. The game would fall short of entertaining players without all three aspects. Music creates a level of immersion that few other mediums can, evoking a sense of emotion that can spur a player on, develop a sense of suspense or help them relax.

Music distracts from the sometimes-repetitive slot gameplay, providing entertainment or distraction that keeps players engaged.

This is such a powerful tool that some governments have considered altering how this is used in some online slot machines as players can lose all sense of time. Whatever your take is on background music in slot machines, one thing is sure, without it, most slot machines would not be half as much fun as they are now.