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The 5 Best Music – Themed Slot Games

The brilliant world of playing slots is evolving at break-neck speed. These great internet games are now more popular than ever before.

It seems only yesterday that we were asking for change at the bar, then waiting a turn at a ‘fruit machine’ in the corner of a smoky bar. That old world of flashing lights with a few electronic beeps if you were lucky is now long gone though.

Today’s top slot action is happening online. That’s because the online gaming revolution has been such a soar-away success – and because it has allowed the development of all types and varieties of new games.

Online casino operators have been able to employ the best game designers and web builders to create the best-ever online slots, players can try these out at Virgin Games.

They’ve launched games featuring famous stars, exotic holiday destinations and popular TV shows. There are now games for every theme you can think of.

There are slots with video footage and amazing bonus features. And one of the top new features they’ve introduced is background slot music.

Music makes such a difference to the playing experience. That’s why more and more music lovers are getting into online slots.

And coming right along to catch that music wave is the latest booming bonanza of brilliance – the music-themed slot game.

This great idea combines the appeal of great background music with the love of a particular artist, genre or song.

Why not sing along with these great music-themed slots? We think these are the best around at the moment:

1. Jimi Hendrix


We love this slot tribute to one of the last century’s music Gods. Hendrix was the ultimate guitar hero and his story forms the backbone of this excellent online slot game.

Brace yourself to enter the Electric Ladyland of bright psychedelic colors, hippy styles and the full flower power vibe.

It’s a retro look but with bang-up-to-date tech and high-end graphics. That’s why it’s such a cool game.

Look out for the Purple Haze feature – where you can score a load more wilds. Or the Red Guitar Re-Spin which gives you loads of free goes.

Expect Crosstown Traffic and Little Wing to make an appearance in the game plan too. And all the while you can be grooving to the very best Hendrix riffs.

Peace and love man!

2. Karaoke Party


And here’s something completely different. Many of us pretend to hate karaoke… until we get in the mood and then we can’t get enough.

This hilarious game captures every bit of the crazy fun of karaoke in a glorious online slot party. Imagine a game where all the high-value symbols are different people singing at the top of their voices.

Some are good, some are bad. Some are solo, some sing along with their pals.

Players need to keep their focus though – this is a five-reel game with a RTP over 96%. This is a chance to make some good money – and you can easily walk away when you’re ahead.

Look out for nine selectable pay lines and every win offers the chance to click to try to double up. Some allow you to try to quadruple too.

Become a karaoke star too – you’ll be singing for joy if you manage to take advantage of the 15-free-spins feature.

3. Elvis Lives


It’s one for the money, two for the show, so let’s jump in yet another musical direction. Here’s the online slot tribute to the man they still call the King of Rock and Roll.

Whether you have loved Elvis all your life or are a recent convert thanks to the blockbuster Elvis movie, this is a hip-shaking, lip-curling bundle of fun to play.

There are five reels with 12 rows. That means an Elv-tastic 60 different ways to shake rattle and roll to a win.

Even if you’ve got a suspicious mind you will appreciate the special features, like four different bonus trigger symbols. And all the while you’ll be treated to Elvis singing you some of his greatest songs while you play.

4. Guns N’Roses

Welcome to the Jungle, slot fans… This is a chance to play your favorite game, soaking in the music and sights of one of the greatest rock bans of all time.

As soon as you press ‘play’ the riff from Sweet Child O’Mine will ring out and you’ll be transported into the cool world of Axl Rose and Slash. Game time with Guns N’Roses means sitting back and basking in the great rock songs of a few years ago.

Nostalgia and excitement, all at the same time. Look out for the band members among the symbols and listen out to be taken down to Paradise City or welcomed into that jungle…

The game itself is as much of a crowd-pleaser as the band are… with lots of great free spin features and bonuses. Best of all this is a game for winners – it offers high RTP of 96.98%.

5. Michael Jackson King of Pop


After spending time in the company of the King of Rock and Roll perhaps it’s time to honor the King of Pop. Here’s a chance to spend some quality game time with Michael Jackson.

It’s a great slot game – and you may even Beat It (Sorry!).

Enjoy an exciting range of features in this Thriller of a slot game. There are 25 pay lines, five reels and three rows.

And the jackpot symbol? It’s Michael himself of course.