Features and Benefits of Stainless Steel Tables

A high-quality and functional stainless steel table is an integral part of any professional kitchen. This piece of kitchen furniture does the biggest amount of work: cooks put hot dishes on it, cut fish and animal carcasses and also use it as an additional surface for storing various utensils. Steel is known to be the best material for such purposes.

A stainless steel prep table is absolutely stable on any floor covering, and also completely safe, even when loaded with additional equipment — heavy meat grinders, vegetable cutters, deep fryers, etc.

Of course, in such a responsible matter as choosing a cutting table, the main assessment criterion should become not cost, but reliability and durability, which can only be guaranteed by a reputable manufacturer with an impeccable reputation.

Features Of Stainless Steel Table

Here are some of the most important characteristics of stainless steel tables to be aware of:

Stainless Steel Is Actually Stainless


One of the least reactive metals typically utilized in furniture applications is stainless steel. It doesn’t corrode and only reacts with a few household chemicals. This property reduces the risk of a blemish when washing stainless steel furniture (though it is always safest to test any cleaning agent being used for the first time on a spot not normally visible).

Spills and other stains are also easier to clean with nonreactive stainless steel since they merely rest on the surface of the table rather than actively bonding with it. Click here for more information about stainless steel tables.

Cost Efficiency

Consider this: If you use a table that is constructed of high-quality materials and is built to last, you may expect to save a significant amount of money in the long run.

If you aren’t attentive, maintenance and repairs can add up quickly. As it stands, you should use tables that are built to last. Things will be more possible for you if your tables are nicer.

A Perfect Fit For Any Room


Stainless steel’s silver gray tint blends in well with most other colors, making it an extremely flexible furniture material. A contemporary style stainless steel table would blend in perfectly in a high-end sitting area with delicate decor.

A more tough steel table, on the other hand, might look great in a hunting cabin with lots of leather and dark wood. The color of stainless steel has the advantage of being neutral without merging into the background. As a result, stainless steel is an excellent accent to capture attention without detracting from the rest of the room.

Easy Maintenance

One of the best aspects of stainless steel outdoor furniture is how easy it is to maintain. Dust and filth can be readily removed by wiping them down with a moist rag. Add a drop or two of dish detergent to the water and spray along the frame of your table for a few minutes to remove grime buildup.

Apply a light coat of liquid auto wax to the finish after rinsing to protect it. If a piece of powder-coated stainless steel table chips, apply a touch-up product to prevent it from being exposed to the elements. Keep in mind that the powder coating finish prevents rust.

Advantages of stainless steel work tables


Stainless steel commercial products offer excellent quality and steel tables are not an exception. They have a lot of significant advantages over wooden ones, the main of which are the following:

  • resistance to regular exposure to moisture, high temperatures and active chemicals;
  • instant disinfection, which is beneficial when working with food;
  • easy to care;
  • the ability to withstand heavy weight;
  • neat appearance;
  • stability on any kind of flooring.

Hence, stainless steel work tables are the best choice for restaurant and medical spheres.
Varieties of commercial work tables

Depending on the purpose, stainless steel tables are divided into several types:

Garbage collection table. It is equipped with a special hole for the installation of a waste container, which significantly saves space in a professional kitchen. Standard table. It is a smooth tabletop on four legs, which are interconnected by special frames.

The back of it is equipped with a small side to protect the walls from the ingress of liquid. Such a table is used both for basic work and for cutting products. For additional convenience of the chef, it can be equipped with a cabinet for kitchen utensils or drawers. Another variant may be work tables with undershelf.

Boning table. Designed for installation in cutting shops. On three sides it is equipped with special sides that prevent blood from spreading and meat scraps falling from the table. Flour shop table, which is equipped with a wooden table top made of type-setting beech.

How to choose a stainless steel table?


When choosing a stainless steel prep table, give preference to those models, the tabletops of which are made of high-quality stainless steel. This will help to avoid unpleasant consequences during operation, such as metal oxidation, corrosion, etc. Polished tables are also not the best solution for a professional kitchen. They quickly lose their appearance, which cannot be said about matte.

For streaming production of the same dishes, tables with a collapsible design can be an excellent option. Since they can be supplemented with a special shelf designed to store the necessary raw materials. In addition to the listed facts, a stainless steel table does not absorb odors at all, so even daily contact with pungently smelling foods or food waste will not have any consequences after an elementary wet cleaning.

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Stainless steel table improves your standard of life as well as the beauty of your home and anywhere you want to keep it. Stainless steel makers have been inventive in alloying this material to make it more useful in a range of other applications.

The furniture industry is one of these applications. Stainless steel’s numerous appealing features can also make it an attractive addition to your household furniture tools. Hopefully, the information in this guide has shown you some of the advantages and features of adopting stainless steel tables in your life.