Bulgarian Online Entertainment Sites And Mobile Apps

With the COVID pandemic and being locked inside, there is not much to do but browse the internet and spend time on your phone. Thankfully the internet is still online and we have something to do.
Since the dawn of the internet, we all have had open access to the world of sites and apps that can both make your time fly and be useful in your daily routine.

Nowadays you can search up anything from recipes to fixing manuals to purely having fun online. You can browse online catalogues and do all your shopping via the PC and smartphone. Thanks to the internet and the availability that we have today, we can ease our lives more than our parents and grandparents could ever dream about.

Like we mentioned before, via apps or online stores you can do all of your shopping for a month, or even a year, from the comfort of your home or couch. All you need is a device you can do it from like a smartphone or a computer.

The article we have prepared for you today will list some of the best entertainment sites and mobile apps that are used the most in Bulgaria. What is important to know is that some of these apps and sites are region favourite while others, and you will notice them, are used around the globe. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the list.

Entertainment sites


Let’s start with these first, shall we? According to our research top, three sites people in Bulgaria use are, and These are the most popular sites the entire planet is using right now. There is no explanation needed for the Google sites and YouTube is a self-explanatory one. It has become the hub to search for whatever interests you, from streamers of any kind to DIY videos in the garden, home, cooking and so on.

Next in line are news and media sites custom to the region like,, which is a site for sports news in Bulgaria and around the world. is another news and media service that is highly visited but some sites do gambling and sports betting like and

This is no surprise because the more we are locked inside the more we browse for news around the globe looking for the piece that will make us happy with the news that the pandemic is over or at least nearly over. It seems that all of us will have to wait some more for that news since we have another wave upon us.

Next on the line are sites that offer e-commerce and shopping and those are and These sites are ranking high up when it comes to visitors because let’s face it since we cannot go and browse the shops in person we will go online and utilize our online shopping capabilities by having everything delivered to our doorstep in just a day or two.

When it comes to car sites like, it is in our nature to constantly browse and look for cars we, sometimes, can’t afford but hey, looking isn’t forbidden right?! Last but not least some sites are meant for adult entertainment and these have been spiking up in viewership ever since we went in the global lockdown.

To be perfectly honest, these were also visited off COVID but with the amount of time we spend indoors locked away, these types of sites have been thriving. Two of these are the most noticeable and they are the world-famous and xhamster. Both of these have been registering visits in billions and these are the numbers that every other site would die for, literally.

Mobile Apps


When it comes to apps we have a diverse picture in Bulgaria. Our research has shown that, due to the pandemic roaming around, a top app that is used is the COVID CHECK BG. It is not something that should be considered due to our situation and it is just one of the ways the world health organisation is trying to fight this.

Next in line are the apps that revolve around food and delivery and the app called Glovo is a big hit in Bulgaria. Since the pandemic, all food places and restaurants have turned to food delivery systems to your doors to stay in business. Regarding this, it is normal that these kinds of sites and mobile apps thrive during this period.

The third-place belongs to game apps. These have always been a popular pastime whether while on the job or while waiting for your bus, train or whatever. Since we are mostly locked inside when we finish browsing all other sites and apps we always turn around to the good old games on our smartphones. Racing and action games take the helm here and the most popular ones are Race Master 3D, Destiny Run and Hyper Drift.

Bulgarians surely love their cars and racing. Social media follows tightly and apps like Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook are right on the heels of game apps. Social media apps have become a huge part of our lives and for most people, there isn’t a thing daily that can happen and not end up on their social media accounts. For those that consider themselves influencers this is an imperative move daily, while other, regular users, pick and choose what they will post there.

Video streaming services like Twitch, Youtube, Eon TV and Netflix are there as well because after a long day at home/job there are little things you can do to unwind, alone or with your family. Those favourite movie nights have returned and the video streaming apps have spiked up in visits and viewerships. Again not a thing to baffle anyone because it was something to be expected. Like with others we have used these apps before for the same reasons but with the current situation we use them a lot more, and they all gained in subscriptions.

Lastly, we have apps that are somewhat forgotten or downgraded in the last year or two. Apps like Waze, Google Maps, Garmin or any other navigation app have taken a fall. Since we are not able to travel and drive around freely we don’t need these types of apps as much as we did before. Thanks to certain professions that include driving and delivery, these apps are still afloat and manage to enter this list, even if it is a narrow call.