Bets on Music Awards – Features

It is difficult to count all musical genres, and each of them has a group of fans. It’s no surprise that for years, television entertainment has been breaking popularity records, with would-be vocalists or famous singers struggling to win a certain title. Song and music competitions gather crowds of music lovers in front of TVs, and the organizers also want to take advantage of this interest.

Bookmakers are constantly expanding the list of bets on music awards, due to which not only fans of football, basketball, hockey and other sports can earn on their knowledge, but also people who follow the MTV Music Award, Eurovision, Grammy, etc. . To start betting on such events, all you need to do is download the bookmaker’s app, fund your account, open a line and make your prediction.

Why is betting on music awards gaining popularity?


It is very important for bookmakers to expand the reach of the audience. Especially now, amid growing interest in sports betting. Of course, betting on music awards is a form of entertainment, but if you are well versed in this, you can get a good additional income.

The growing interest in betting leads to the fact that sections with the “Entertainment” category are increasingly appearing in the line of bookmakers. For the most part, this is an offer for music lovers who can bet on the winners of music awards or various talent shows.

In the line of major bookmakers there is absolutely no shortage in terms of bets related to musical events, and most importantly, when major awards are held, for example, Eurovision, then on the eve of the event, interest increases significantly.

Bets on music awards – what can I bet on?


In fact, the line of bookies is different depending on which music award we are talking about. For example, if you are interested in Grammy, then in this case you can make a prediction for one of the following events:

  • Record of the year.
  • Song of the year.
  • Best New Artist.
  • Best Solo Pop Performance.
  • The best pop duo or group.
  • Best Music Video.

Note that Beyoncé (9), Kendrick Lamar (8), Adele (7) and Brandi Carlyle (7) have the most nominations.
If we talk about Eurovision, then here the format is somewhat different, since there is only one nomination, and singers from different countries are fighting for one single award. In addition to the traditional Eurovision winner betting, you can also bet on the range of places in which the performer from a particular country will be.

This can be a bet that a particular singer or singer will take place from 1 to 3, or from 1 to 5, and so on. Naturally, the wider the range of prizes, the lower the coefficient will be. However, quotes from bookmakers often accurately reflect the chances of success, so the chances of winning for players who bet on music awards are always quite high.

In the case of Eurovision, selection concerts are held where you can get acquainted with each performer or group and assess the chances of success. Music experts and fans keep a close eye on all attempts, as well as assessing which country has the best chance of winning the entire Eurovision Song Contest or any other music competition, so armed with information from the network and your own knowledge, you can significantly improve the accuracy of your predictions.

Eurovision 2024 betting – countries’ chances of winning


As of February 2024, the leader in bookmakers’ forecasts is Ukraine, which has a fairly large lead over the closest pursuers.

Chances of countries to win Eurovision 2024:

  • Ukraine 22%.
  • Italy 8%.
  • Sweden 8%.
  • UK 7%.
  • Spain 4%.
  • Norway 4%.
  • Greece 4%.
  • France 4%.

As you can see, despite the fact that the competition will be held in May, bookmakers are already actively assessing the chances of participants to win and offer their customers to make a long-term bet.

By the way, it is more profitable to place long-term bets on such events, since the closer to the start of the competition, the better the bookmakers will recognize the applicants and will be able to adjust the odds as accurately as possible. Now, when only 8 countries have identified their representatives, and only four of them already know 100% with which song they will participate in the competition, the situation is ambiguous and the coefficients are very high.

For example, despite the fact that Ukraine is seemingly a clear favorite for the music award, the coefficient for its victory is as much as 4.50. The coefficient for the victory of Sweden is 6.50, Italy – 9.00, Finland – 10.00. As you can see, even in the case of the main favorites of Eurovision 2024, the odds for winning are high enough to be able to increase the bet amount by 4 or more times.

How to bet on music awards to increase your chances of winning?


Based on the type of bonus, each player has his own strategy. In the case of Eurovision, as we have already noted, in order to increase the chances of winning, you can accordingly increase the range of selected places that this or that performer will take.

It is quite difficult to guess one possible place in a certain country for 100%, but if you are sure that a particular performer will take a high place according to the voting results, then you can bet that he will get into the TOP-3 or TOP-5 of the best.

Also note that you can bet on which of the two countries will be higher in the table after the vote. Perhaps it will be even more profitable than classic bets, where the bookmaker offers to choose one performer.

On specialized music forums, such bets and miscalculations of bookmakers are often actively discussed, when the same odds are offered for two performers from different countries, but one of them is a big favorite. After a while, the bookmakers may adjust the odds, so you need to act quickly enough to get the maximum profit.

If you plan to bet long before the start of the music awards, then in this case you can use a strategy with the choice of several winners. Above, we considered the odds for the winner in Eurovision 2024, where the odds for the victory of the main favorites of the contest are from 4.50 (Ukraine – 4.50, Sweden – 6.50, Italy – 9.00, Finland – 10.00). Thus, placing 4 bets on 4 main favorites of the music award for 1000 dollars, provided that one of them wins, you can get a win.

The biggest win will be if Finland wins. In this case, with $1,000, it will be possible to win $10,000, which is equivalent to a 2.5 times increase in the invested money. Of course, you do not have to bet on the four main favorites, this situation is considered solely as an example, but the very essence of the system is simple and is quite working.