From Eurovision to TikTok: How Israeli Pop Music Is Adapting to the Digital Age

A growing number of young Israeli songs are adapting from Eurovision to TikTok because of the expansive borders of social media. Now you must be wondering what Eurovision is. The Eurovision Contest is prominent in the entertainment industry as it is the longest-running annual international televised music competition. Additionally, it ranks among the world’s longest-running television programs.

The Eurovision Singing Contest season has begun, and Israel has chosen Noa Kirel, a 21-year-old, to participate on the country’s behalf. She will sing “Unicorn” at the event in Liverpool in 2024. Following its initial entry in 1973, Israel had participated in the Eurovision Song Competition forty-four times as of the 2024 competition.

Since then, the country has won the Eurovision Song Contest an incredible four times, owing to its distinct songs like Bar Greenzaid Mi amor. Israel was permitted to participate because its broadcaster was already a member of the EBU.

Current Relationship between TikTok and Eurovision

Authorities are still debating whether to raise a ban on TikTok, so love was not exactly shining in the public hearing. However, TikTok has received some good news: for the second consecutive year, it has been selected as the formal entertainment companion for Eurovision 2024.

It promises content ranging from “specially built live streams and exclusive appearances in the app to custom playlists and behind-the-scenes videos.” These live broadcasts will include the semi-finals occurring on May 9 and 11 and the grand final happening on May 13.

The content will also cover the people visiting the city for the event. TikTok hopes to outdo its 5.8 million viewer audience from last year’s Eurovision song contest live streams.

How the Digital Era Has Modified the Creation of Music

The music business is growing more than ever thanks to modern technology and the Internet’s pervasive use in most parts of the world. Over the past ten years, audio and video content of all kinds have experienced a period of transformation and renewal.

Young and skilled people worldwide now have access to a new market thanks to social networking sites such as Instagram and YouTube. Anyone can spread their talent and abilities to the world, gain notoriety, and succeed. Many ordinary people can thank prevalent social media for their success and status with a bit of dedication and effort and a dash of creative expression.

What’s more? It has helped artists to maintain music piracy and establish significant connections or links with their audiences, modern musical instruments are like a cherry on the top of the cake.

Electronic Music in Israel


Israel’s electronic music has undergone dramatic ups and downs over the past years. Israeli pop music now includes a lot of electronic instruments. Many Israelis continue to misunderstand it, though. Everyone in Israel should be able to appreciate electronic music, but many people are still determining what it actually involves. Numerous attempts to categorize it as an art form have been made due to its rising popularity, yet it has only recently emerged.

When it comes to the Israeli electronic music scene, techno is the newest buzzword. Techno music comes in a wide variety of styles, but they all make use of instruments like synthesizers, drums, and samplers.

Israel’s nightlife includes a significant amount of techno, which is also a very well-liked genre of music nationwide. In Israel, house music is frequently played at gatherings, marriage celebrations, and clubs. But occasionally, it’s confused with techno.

David Rodan and the Electric Pickups are recent techno composers that have become well-known. Quick beats, distorted vocals, powerful drums, and loud screams are the hallmarks of this techno style, which is considered to be a rising trend.

Once upon a time, people laughed at house music. Because of how well-liked it is in Israel now, its popularity has increased. Every weekend, a high proportion of DJs and clubs started playing it.

Given that electro is frequently quick, some people think of it as a subset of techno. Heavy vocals and beats are other components of the genre. As a singer, you must be familiar with the music of the audience you’re performing for if you’re going to play ant techno. You must consider the local culture of the audience before you choose what to play.

Dance and Pop Music

Since 1980, there have been hundreds of Israeli communities singing in every contemporary style. Rami Fortis, an internationally renowned singer, Ofra Haza, Berry Sakharof, and many more prominent performers have participated.

Singers who incorporate rock and pop concepts into the folk songs of the Land of Israel frequently experience enormous success and are regarded as the top acts in modern Israeli music. These include famous singers like Aviv Gefen, Evyatar Banai, and Shiri Maimon, among many others.

The majority of these musicians also enjoy incorporating dance-oriented electronic elements, so you can hear pop icons like Kylie Minogue and Madonna in Israeli songs.

Rock and Pop Music

Israeli mainstream music has been strongly impacted by popular songs from the UK as well as the US since the early 1960s. Notable Israeli rock bands from the 1970s include Kaveret and Tammuz. The original and distinctive Israeli modern music is created by fusing Western rock and pop songs with the authentic style of Israeli folk songs and Oriental Jewish songs, primarily Yemenite, Andalusian-Moroccan, and Greek music.

Leading Israeli musicians include bands and singers like Dana International and David D’Or; the list is never-ending. There were numerous events in 2013 where the veteran Israeli singers and emerging talent worked together. Corinne Elal, Chava Alberstein, Allon Olearchik, Arik Einstein, and others all collaborated with younger singers. The most recent winner of the Eurovision singing contest, Netta Barzilai, demonstrated her varied approach to lyricism and singing.


Everyone, from people to brands to companies, feels at home on TikTok, which offers a lively environment that promotes diversity and celebrates trends. TikTok has evolved into a culture unto itself, elevating boundaries as a hub of original and varied content.