Billie Eilish Speaks Out Against Body-shaming Live at Miami

Billie Eilish Speaks Speaks Out Against Body-shaming Live at Miami

Billie Eilish, the 18-year-old Grammy winner, has been emphasizing body-liberty for a long time. Her fight body-shaming, regardless of any gender, touched a new level when she revealed her body during an interlude at the American Airlines Arena, Miami. The beautifully shot footage showed Eilish in a black coat, but surprisingly she starts taking her clothes off and stops at her bra.

This stunt drove the crowd crazy while amidst cheers she started her monologue by saying “You have opinions/about my opinions/about my music/about my clothes/about my body…”.

Expressing her utter disgust, she continues “who decides what that makes me?/what that means?/is my value-based only on your perception?/or is your opinion of me, not my responsibility?” Read: Full Speed (Twitter)

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