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5 Blockchain-Based NFT Games

The concept of cryptocurrency has become much more accessible to traders than it has ever been. There are numerous apps and websites where you can start partaking in this sort of trading, right? In case you require finding a place where it’s possible to trade easily, visit this website.

Recently, a new idea has surfaced from the concept of blockchain, non-fungible tokens. You can learn the ins and outs from NFT Lawyers and GammaLaw can be a great fit.  As is the case with cryptocurrencies, many have been skeptical about this concept as well. Still, the adaptation to the new technology has become much faster and simpler due to past experiences.

What many people don’t know is that NFTs got a completely new form, blockchain-based NFT games. These are also known as games that can help you to earn some money, besides just having fun. Today, we want to provide you with a list of these games you should check out.

1. Gods Unchained


The first game we want to talk about has been quite popular among people who are used to the genre known as card-trading. Remember Yu-Gi-Oh! anyone? The principle is completely the same. Players will trade cards with other players or win them after being successful in a certain match.

While it is possible to surprise the players who have a stronger deck, a significant chunk of the game depends on how strong your own is. So, you need to invest your best efforts into creating a strategy that will help you win in these and collect numerous cards out there, which will help you build a stronger deck.

The way to win a match is to cause your opponent’s health to drop to zero, by inflicting damage from the cards you have. The more you win, and the stronger your deck gets, you can face off against stronger opponents, which provides you with numerous benefits down the road. Check this one out if you are a fan of card-trading games.

2. Axie Infinity


Anyone who knows something about NFTs has heard about Axie Infinity. We are talking about the game that has shown it is possible to use blockchain to create video games, which wasn’t known before it. When it comes to the title itself, we are talking about a quite entertaining monster-breeding RPG.

We have seen something like this in the past, with all the titles in which you can nurture your pet and then sell it to the highest bidder. When this process is finished, then start it all over again. Even though it may sound repetitive, it is not the case. When you see all the features, you will understand why this is the case.

3. The Sandbox


The next title we want to talk about is the Sandbox. It is widely perceived as one of the most popular titles of this concept. The most interesting thing regarding this one is that it cannot be referred to as a game. Instead, it is more like a creator platform. Therefore, it offers numerous possibilities for players.

Why is that important? Well, you can bring your ideas to fruition and later sell them for money. We can draw an analogy between the Sandbox and some titles that have an editor as a part of them. It means that you have all the freedom to create the levels you want and play them with your friends.

So, this is something that enhances your creativity to the highest possible levels. Plus, you have a chance to earn some digital currencies after you sell them. We believe that the Sandbox can offer you a win-win situation, you can both have some fun and earn at the same time. Try it out when you have a chance.

4. Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians, or BOG, is probably a title that has the most beautiful graphics out of all of them. The reason is quite simple, it is created in the Unreal Engine. We are talking about a multiplayer PvP title. Those who are familiar with the video game industry, know about this genre’s popularity.

We are talking about a video game that has been designed solely for PC for now. However, we can see some voices who say that it will be developed for numerous other platforms like Android and iOS. In this one, players will compete with other players out there, and increase their levels by winning these matches.

According to some reports on this industry, this is the most prevalent title out there. Not only that, it will become even more popular, and generate even more revenue in the years to come. Today, NFT titles make up less than ten percent of the complete industry. Their numbers will skyrocket before we know it.

5. Sorare – Fantasy Football


Last but not least, we would like to talk about Sorare – Fantasy Football. It is similar to some trading-card titles out there, but with a twist of real football stars. Players will collect the cards of the footballers out there. When you take a look at the list of clubs, you will be surprised with more than 200 of them finding their place in the title.

All the cards within this title are grouped in four different categories. We are talking about common ones, rare, super-rare, and unique. In the beginning, you will get a deck of cards, which can be traded with others. You can also get some rewards based on the performance of the real-life performance of players.

From the cards in your deck, it is possible to make the team for the week. Five of them will be members of the team, and one of them will be a captain. The captain’s points are doubled at the end of the week. When some of them gather enough points, it is possible to sell them for digital currencies.

The Bottom Line

Even though this is a somewhat new idea, it has managed to introduce itself properly to the public. Games based on this technology have just been a cherry on the top. Here, you can see some of the best titles out there. We’re sure you will find them interesting.