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Bring Fun to Your Home in 2024

We live in an age of modern technology where children from an early age already know and are able to operate smartphones, computers, TVs, tablets, and various other devices. As parents, it is our duty to prolong this period of early use and to protect them from harmful content at least until a certain age when we think they would be ready for it.

Not only do these devices offer content that is not allowed at such an early age, but the same TVs, computers, and phones are too harmful to our children’s eyesight. We should not allow excessive use and staring at the screens, to damage their eyesight and start using glasses at an early age.

So we have to find ways nowadays, in 2024, in the age of modern technology, to somehow take them away from the constant staring at monitors and give them entertainment that is designed for their age.

Today we decided to come to your help and give you some tips on how to bring the fun home and have a good time with your loved ones. So stay with us until the very end to find out how to do it, and in the meantime, you can click here and get an idea plus.

Read them stories


Go to the nearest bookstore, or you can do it online. Get some new children’s books with stories. You can choose your favorite tales when you were a child, for example, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Cinderella, the stories of the three pigs, and so on.

To be able to distract them from the radiating screens, you need to learn how to direct them and their attention to something better, something that will be interesting to them and will intrigue them.

Children from an early age love to listen to bedtime stories, so why not make this wonderful activity a habit in your free time during the day you spend with them. By reading stories to them, you help them increase their vocabulary.

Be prepared for questions, they are curious little creatures who want to know everything, and you will be here to give them the right answer.

Draw together


Instead of letting them scroll through the tablet all day, use the time to have fun at home together. One of those ways is to enjoy their favorite activity together and that is drawing and coloring. Order the necessary painting material online, crayons, drawing canvases, and everything else you think you miss at home.

Now there are coloring books for adults in which you can relax with your loved ones. Take out the necessary material on the table and enjoy this activity that manages to awaken the creative side of every child.

Drawing together, the little ones will start telling you their stories about how their day at kindergarten went and what happened there. Eventually, you will be able to frame your works and hang them in a convenient place in the home.

Teach them a board game that you can both enjoy


Depending on the age of the child, there are countless board games you can teach them to play. Some of them are Ludo, chess, monopoly, uno, scrabble, and so on. Children have a good memory and easily absorb information, so they will easily understand the rules of the game in a few steps.

Board games have a huge power to positively affect their growth and development. From this activity, you can make a sweet tradition, and spend the Sundays with them playing these games all day.

This tradition will continue when they grow up and become adults. You will teach them how to spend more free time with family and loved ones, and they will learn to appreciate every moment they spend with you.

Building a fortress


One of our favorite activities when we were kids, of course, was building a fortress out of blankets and pillows. This can be too messy because we managed to make a mess in the living room or in our room.

But all that chaos was worth it because we had the fun of our lives. So grab as many pillows and blankets as possible and start building your fortress with your son or daughter.

Once you build it, you can start a role-playing game, whether the house you build will be a shop or a place where they will be the knight who has to save the princess and you will be the dragon. Let them come up with a scenario for the game, and you just have to have a good time with them.

Do karaoke


This is one of their favorites. Turn on the speakers and play their favorite children’s songs. You can enjoy the music together for a few hours, singing and dancing to their hits. This activity is great on days when you are indoors and the weather outside is dark and rainy.

You will reschedule the walk for that day for a better time when it will be warm and sunny. And spend this day in the warm rooms in your home with your loved ones. Dancing is like being physically active with your child, so it is good for the body and for maintaining a healthy body. Rock the speakers, and have a good time singing and dancing to the music.

These are just a few of the things you can do together to enjoy, laugh, and have fun together. There are hundreds of other activities you can do together, such as putting together a jigsaw puzzle, playing pantomime, playing Lego bricks, and many other creative games for children from an early age.

These things that you will participate in together, will help you a lot in creating the character of your child and will take him away from the technology with which we are surrounded on a daily basis.

Every parent tries to give his child what is best for him and to remove what can affect him badly. So why not start with this change today and prepare great entertainment in the home.