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How To Choose Bean Bags For The Family?

Bean bags are fun for the family, especially for kids. It’s a great breather for the body to relax since they’ve probably been stiff sitting down on their computer chair for their online classes or work from home setup.

Little children have high energies, it’s not surprising that they’re typically playful. And with this, incidents occur often. But if you’d like to avoid any severe injury in the future, there are several stores like the Soothing Company that offer bean bags in different shapes, sizes, and styles to fit your needs.

Why are bean bags popular?

A bean bag is made from a sealed bag containing dried beans, PVC pellets, and expanded polypropylene or polystyrene.

They are an excellent alternative to traditional furniture and are less expensive. Additionally, they are also flexible because of their shape, like a disc, making it a piece of cake to lean up on the wall.

Benefits of bean bags

1. It helps with your posture


Posture could affect your health as proper posture promotes an improved blood flow, supports your ligaments, muscles, and tendons, and keep your veins and vessels healthy.

A bean bag could help make this possible for your situation as its delicate property helps them reach every inch of your body. So, it’s an ideal choice for people concerned with the pressure in the buttocks, lower spine, hips, and sciatic nerve.

This product is also suitable for women who are nursing babies or currently pregnant to support their spines and prevent their muscles from cramping due to the additional weight they’re carrying.

2. Joint and muscle pain is reduced

Bean bags, as we’ve stated, are great supports. Doctors even recommend this item for patients suffering from intense or frequent joint or muscle pain since it gives optimal support from head to toe. It also soothes the aches if a person just went through an injury or recent surgery. Take a break from executive chairs, especially if you’re already developing wrist strains, stiff necks, and lower back pains.

3. Great for work from home setting


Things could be busy in the workplace, especially during a pandemic, so it can’t be helped that stress is affecting your mood and posture. Luckily, a quality bean bag would help prevent the unwanted pain brought by your neck and shoulder tensions. In a relaxed situation, you’ll be able to perform in your best condition.

Letting your legs rest from sitting down in office chairs is needed. A great way to do that is transferring to bean bags so you can stretch out your body. It’s much more efficient since you are still productive while reducing stiffness to your joints and muscles.

4. Invites socialization

Bean bags create a cozy and chill ambiance to any space. The thought of being comfortable and happily chatting with family members and visitors makes room for people to socialize. The pandemic has made us keep the “social distancing,” but with a great social environment, it will elevate the mood instead of making it gloomy.

5. Calming for autistic children


Autistic children are prone to being sensitive to the tiniest things, so you should give them the best comfort possible. The bean bag adds a layer of security and soothes your little one’s body because of its capability to lend even pressure.

So even if they sit or lie down in any position, you’re assured that they are still comfortable while playing or doing activities. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about them falling on the floor since bean bags are already laid out on the ground.

Which of the styles fits your needs?

Bean bags are produced in various styles and sizes, which could be both confusing and stressful. But this could be avoided as long as you know the purpose of the bean bag you’d like to buy.

1. Game Bean Bag


Playing video games could be time-consuming, and as you spend a considerable amount of time in front of the screen, neck or shoulder tension would slowly build up.

A game bean bag usually has a narrow endpoint with a round and wide shape at the bottom. Its purpose is to minimize the pain and alleviate even the arms fatigue you experience from all-day gameplay.

Sometimes, you can even buy this item with an in-built speaker that can be sync to your computer.

If you play video games with the children in your household, you could avail the product in the extra-large size as it accommodates individuals who are less than 6 feet in height.

2. Square bean bags

You’ve heard of round bean bags, but did you know that square bean bags exist, too? Well, now, you do. And you’ll be delighted to know their presence if you’re a self-confessed avid reader or know someone like it in the family.

They mostly imitate a traditional sitting and could even come with an armrest for a more comfortable experience. It is preferred by adults who would like to support their arms and back while sitting.

In terms of size, you could choose to avail the large size if you’re someone who has a height between 130 to 140 inches.

4. Round bean bags


As their name suggests, this bean bag is round-shaped. And the most common product to be seen at the stores. 

It’s due to their comfortability that this item makes it easier for people to watch a movie or play their video games. It also has no defined shape, so you could expect that it will accommodate your figure. If you’re looking for an all-around, family-friendly bean bag that suits everyone, regardless of gender, this is your guy. 

It releases the stress on your body, hence, reducing the back pain you’re feeling. We recommend buying this product in cotton material to improve your comfort further.

5. Elongated large bean bags

If your family constantly has a bonding time, this item suits you best as they could accommodate a few people at once in just one sitting. They are lengthy and massive, so it could be a better alternative than sofa chairs which are usually hard enough to cause your body to ache. You can also lie in these kinds of bean bags.

There’s always a perfect bean bag for each family member, and if they’re the picky type, you can always bring them along or ask them what they prefer before you buy one.