Top Browser & Mobile Game Suggestions

Gaming has become one of the most popular sectors in entertainment over the last few years. Worldwide, more and more casual fans of gaming are starting to pay more attention to the industry. Many are even turning into spectators of eSports, similar to traditional sports fans who follow various teams and leagues.

There’s been an overwhelming emphasis on console and PC games, which are the focus of the majority of global eSports leagues. However, that doesn’t mean that browser and mobile games aren’t just as varied. In fact, mobile gaming has seen a meteoric rise in the last few years alongside eSports. This is thanks to advances in mobile technology and the availability of 5G networks.

If you’re a casual game who wants to explore more of the world’s top browser and mobile titles, but you aren’t sure where to get started, check out our suggestions. We’ve listed out some of the most popular and playable games in a few major categories. All of the games listed below can be played on a mobile device; some can also be played via internet browser on any device.

High-RTP Slots: Gonzo’s Quest & Dead or Alive


Online slots are the world’s most popular casino game—and for good reason. Many people imagine clunky old ‘one-armed bandits’ when they imagine these games, which include a physical lever that sets the reel in motion. However, most titles are now fully digitized—and they’ve got followings on par with traditional video games thanks to high-quality visuals and audio.

Gonzo’s Quest follows the story of a Spanish explorer who finds himself in the new world. With a high RTP (return to player), it’s a great option for newcomers who want to sample a visually dynamic game. Dead or Alive is a cowboy western that features incredible audio and visual elements. Fans also seem to love the lone ranger-type theme.

Competitive eSports: Garena Free Fire & PUBG Mobile

Many gamers prefer to follow eSports leagues like the CSL and Championship. However, mobile gaming is becoming more of a focus in certain regions. Southeast Asia and the Pacific, for example, has gone all-in on mobile gaming, hosting major competitions for Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile players.

Both are battle royale games that feature slightly different themes as players attempt to out-survive their competitors. Garena Free Fire includes fantastical elements and heroes, many of which are based on real-life celebs. PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, sticks to a more traditional combat setup, as with CS: GO.

Match-Three Madness: Bejeweled

Some might be surprised to learn that match-three games have their own category within mobile gaming—and that this category is one of the most popular in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Players enjoy the casual action and low-stakes challenges of matching three symbols, while also enjoying the progress they make in the game as they unlock new themes and levels.

There are dozens of quality choices to shop through, but we’d suggest starting with Bejeweled. This is the ‘original’ match-three hit, which was actually developed and released in Russia as Shariki. Though its design is minimal, it includes all the features that make the game enjoyable. Plus, the distinction between shapes and colors makes it a bit more pleasing to the eye.

Simulations that Hit the Mark: Stardew Valley & The Sims Mobile


Simulations are one of the most diverse categories in gaming. Though some clump sports games under simulations, let’s focus on two non-sporty titles. The first is Stardew Valley, a farming simulator. While it might sound a bit boring, the game actually allows players such a high degree of personalization that it’s like a perpetual choose-your-own-adventure title. Plus, it allows multiple players to work together on projects.

The Sims Mobile is a more traditional take on simulations, harkening back to The Sims craze of the early 2000s. After years of development, the franchise has done a wonderful job of exporting the PC title onto mobile platforms. It’s a great place to start with sim games, especially if you’re a social creature.

Puzzles Galore: Gris & The Room

Match-three games are often clumped under the category of puzzles. However, they’re a distinct genre that doesn’t reflect the diversity and range of other puzzle games. First, there are visually stunning projects like Gris. There are also hardboiled challenges like The Room.

Gris takes players into an animated and watercolor world, which is visually distinct and memorable. As they navigate this magical world and solve puzzles as Gris, players are able to fully immerse themselves in a brand new world. In The Room, by contrast, takes players to a remote island where they’ll need to navigate highly complex challenges to evade a character known as ‘The Craftsman’.

Visual Novels and the World of Otome: Tears of Themis


One of the most unique genres in mobile gaming is visual novels. Visual novels allow players to step into the interactive experience of a live story. In Japan, this genre is sometimes referred to as ‘otome’ when romantic themes are strong. Because these are story-based games that place more emphasis on decision-making than accuracy or competing, they’re great for beginner gamers.

One of the top options on the market is Tears of Themis. Players enter the story as a lawyer at the Themis Legal Office. As they play, they must confront a mystery and solve a criminal case—while also navigating an office full of eligible bachelors who are also on the case. If you enjoy romantic subplots, here’s a great option to start your gaming journey.

Card Games for All Interests: Legends of Runterra & Marvel Snap

Though it might surprise newcomers, card games are an incredibly popular category of mobile games. PC hits like Hearthstone and Gwent have helped pave the way for mobile standouts like Legends of Runeterra and Marvel Snap. Even if you don’t have any experience with card games, both titles make it easy to start out.

The latter combines the popular heroes and characters of the Marvel universe with a unique card game format. As players face off, they only have six turns to claim the virtual board—and they must use each card’s ability to their full advantage. In Legends of Runeterra, players must instead slowly build their digital card collection. From there, they’ll face off in a world that touches on hits like League of Legends.