8 Rarest and Most Expensive Awp Skins in CS:Go in 2024


CS:GO AWP is one of the most powerful and expensive weapons in the game. One shot is enough to kill your enemy. The skins of this high in demand weapon are also very costly.

Some of the AWP skins are incredible because they can help you in unlocking the crates or buy different items from the community market. If you are also in the hunt of some rare and costly AWP skins, then you have landed on the right platform.

The price of a skin in CS:GO is based on various factors including the case from where it comes, is it achievable easily in the game or not, unique stickers, unique patterns, etc.

In this article, we have shared some of the rarest and most expensive AWP skins that you can aim to achieve in CS:GO. Let us go through the list the given below:

1. Lore AWP:


One of the most outstanding realized weapons is the Dragon Lore AWP and it has the most costly skin available even after the years of its launch. While numerous other costly skins are bright, this one is moderately calm, with a shimmery sheen over a red winged serpent with dark accents on the rifle.

The blend adds a fascinating feel to Dragon Lore that sticks out, however doesn’t look as toy-like as different firearms. Be that as it may, as far as value, its new version will cost you around ten thousand dollars.

Despite the fact that it is highly expensive, it still manages to sell out rapidly. If you also want to buy such awesome skins, then consider checking out CSGOSKINS.GG.

2. Gungnir AWP:


The Gungnir is one of the new expansions to the game which immediately rose to the top as one of the greatest level skins in the CS:GO game. If you have $16,000 to spend, you can proceed to get yourself a FN Gungnir.

Fortunately it is one more “Brilliance Skin”, you can catch this up for $5025 for the BS rendition. However, assuming you’re as of now suspecting on that level, you should get the MW variant for $1000 more.

3. Medusa:


Medusa is one of the most famous and costly AWP skins accessible in CS:GO. It was first added to the game in 2015 in the Gods and Monsters assortment. The load of this rifle covering includes a dynamic, adapted representation of the Greek fanciful being, Medusa, who transforms any individual who checks out at her into stone.

The representation of Medusa is exceptionally dramatized and fascinating to check out. Sadly, you can see her face when you investigate your rifle. Yet, even with that downside, this is as yet one of the coolest covering designs for your weapon in the game.

4. The Prince AWP:


The Prince is an overall quite beautiful AWP skin. Whenever you take a gander at the body of the rifle in the game, you can see the blossom designs painted in red. The center of this weapon peruses “Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista Meus” and there is a prevailing black color on the barrel.

This covering has one of the most intricate designs in CS:GO with specifications along with its scope written on the barrel’s tip.

AWP weapons show improvement over a portion of different skins on this rundown. While a Factory New model approaches four thousand dollars and a Battle-Scarred form will cost you around two thousand dollars.

5. Silk Tiger:


This AWP skin named Silk Tiger was added to CS:GO in the past year with Operation Broken Fang. You can access this skin from drops only. It is exceptionally rare in this way and its FN form is priced around $513.

Silk Tiger most certainly begins to scratch up at FT and we would suggest the MW. But due to the immense cost difference between MW and FT, we will propose scouring the market for a low-float FT for simply more than $269.

6. Oni Taiji:


The Oni Taiji is another notable AWP skin. “Oni Taiji” signifies “evil spirit eradication” in Japanese language. This weapon includes a graphical portrayal of a man confronting his evil spirits in a customary Japanese delineation style.

The barrel and extent of the weapon highlight a purple and gold shading palette that compliments the yellows, reds, and purple shading plan on the stock. This weapon covering is one of the coolest in the whole CS:GO game.

A new version of the Oni Taiji skin is priced around $300 on the low end. So albeit this skin isn’t quite as costly as the Prince or Dragon Lore, it will in any case cost you a chunk of change to possess.

7. AWP Graphite:


One of the interesting skins in the game, AWP Graphite is truly for the exemplary adoring group. Coming from The Bravo Collection, Graphite has a dark mosaic-like surface in the general body of the AWP.

The surface focuses when in touch with light. A basic yet successful design which doesn’t get exhausted with time. The new version of this AWP skin is priced around $166 and you can purchase the Minimal Wear form for $158. It is smarter to purchase the new version as it costs only a little more.

8. AWP Wildfire:


The AWP Wildfire is an extravagant looking skin that originates from The CS20 Collection. It has a Chinese Dragon made of fire running from the tail to the centerpiece of the AWP.

The fire yellow tone alongside smooth paint finish on the remainder of this weapon looks astonishing. This skin will cost you around $75 if there is Minimal Wear and $115 if you want the new version of it from the factory.

To Sum Up

Almost every player of the CS:GO game adores the AWP weapon as it is extremely powerful. They also have a craze for collecting different AWP skins to make their rifle look more interesting and attractive. In the above rundown, we have shared some rare and expensive AWP skins that every CS:GO player can aim to achieve.