Top 8 Best RPG Games Power Systems

What makes RPG games special are the power systems they are going with. How you become stronger and the way you defeat enemies is really something special, and it defies the core essence of the game.

Some games have special skill upgrades, some just use the in-game currency for upgrades. Some use both, like World of Warcraft, visit website if you are in need of some WoW gold. But nevertheless, some specialty, grinding, and skill upgrades have defined some excellent RPG power systems that hold their place in lots of players’ hearts. That is why here we will take a look at the best RPG power systems in video games out there!

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


If you are a fan of having total control of your character and play style, Witcher 3’s power system will grant you that. The battle system and game progression have tons of content and information you have to learn and take care of. But what defines the power system are the abilities and mutagens you will upgrade with ability points that are obtained throughout gameplay. They are categorized into sets of 3: Alchemy, Combat, and Signs. Abilities also have one tiny category — General Abilities.

Mutagens also have the main set of categorizations of 3. If you equip 3 mutagens of the same categorization into 1 set, you will be granted a bonus.

With a total of 70 abilities to be unlocked in Witcher 3, your decision on how you unlock them will ultimately define your play style and how you will be defeating the enemies!

7. Path of Exile


Path of Exile’s power system isn’t easy to comprehend at first sight. But with progression, it starts to become more fun to learn and master! There are a total of 7 base classes, in which you can choose the Ascendancy to complete it. Each ascendancy has its own special skill trees that you can unlock and improve on. Ultimately, you have to be logical from the get go on choosing the right base class and ascendancy, because it will define what armor, weapons, and items you will be looting for and your play style.

Although the classes are what fit the power system of Path of Exile, you have to master the usage of the class you will choose because each one of them represents different gameplay mechanics!

6. Tyranny


Gamers who want ultimate control of gameplay are baffled by Tyranny’s power system. The usual power and skills system will give you control of combat. But Tyranny one-upped that and added politics and charisma to play a role in the game. Although charisma has been seen in other games, in Tyranny it plays a huge role in how you flesh out the world, which quests you will unlock, the relations between nations, and so on.

With a total of 6 talent trees for your character, your choices and decision on upgrades will be the decision if you progress through the game with brute force, magical support, or get by with charisma.

5. Magicka 1 & 2


Magicka 1 & 2 have one of the best wizard power systems out there. Though Magicka 1 is excellent, we will focus more on Magicka 2 which improved the skills on the back of its predecessor. Much like Genshin Impact, the spells in Magicka 2 are based on elements. There are a total of 7 elements from which you can combine 5 in your spell bar. What’s interesting is that you have to be very careful on your spell choosing because some elements cancel each other out, such as Ice+Fire.

The focus put on spells is what makes this power system exceptional, which makes every player feel truly like a wizard!

4. Undertale


Although Undertale is your general turn-based RPG game, the game’s power system has shocked everyone. Next up are some minor spoilers, so be aware! The game has your general attack and defense items, but depending on which route you will select the power system differentiates. Per se, if you pick the Genocide route and kill everyone and everything, your focus will be put both on attack and defense. But if you decide on the Pacifist route, you don’t really have to care about attacks, since your only mission is to survive and defend.

The power system combined with the magnificent battle system creates a perfect combination. The items do help you out, but the power system ultimately excels on your morale, decisions, and combat skills.

3. Outward


Outward has one of those power systems that you’ll enjoy a bit too much. The power system doesn’t focus on really hard decisions for classes and upgrades like most other RPG games. Do you want to focus on close-range combat and have some magic spells equipped for ranged combat? That’s achievable in Outward’s power system standard, which is based on 8 main classes each representing different skills.

The power system puts focus on the weapons too. Each weapon specializes in different classes, so combined with the skills and classes, Outward has a really comprehensive and unique power system!

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Skyrim’s power system is nothing but excellent. The previous installments set the walking ground in which Skyrim followed, improved, and excelled. The skills tree is what made the power system so unique and special. Your decisions on upgrades are what defined your play style and general role in the game. Do you want to be a crooked thief and join the Thieves Guild? Focus your upgrades on the Sneak, Lock picking, and Pickpocket skills. Do you want to be an honorary warrior? Focus your upgrades on Heavy Armor and weapon skills.

Skyrim’s power system is based on skills, but the weapons, armor, combat style, and much more have a bigger play in defining it. Giving the player the ultimate decision of adventuring is what Skyrim’s power system is all about!

1. World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft set the definition of what a general power system should look like since 2004. The power system is based on classes and skill trees upgrades, but they are just too perfect, giving the freedom of choice to either adventure solo or be a team player and help out others. With 14 races and 12 unique classes, you can be absolutely sure you’ll have a bang with WoW’s power system.

A Healer, Druid, Warrior, and much more, all have special skill trees, weapons, and unique play styles, which define what WoW is all about.

Although at times grinding for weapons and riches takes a bit of the fun out of the power system, WoW definitely crushed it when they defined the power system and how one player can have full and total control of their adventures.