Care to Extend the Life of our Shoes

Tricks to Extend the Life of Shoes in the Closet

The durability of men’s shoes, as well as women’s shoes, depends not only on the use but on other factors that are decisive when it comes to taking care of their composition. Shoes themselves run the risk of deteriorating faster due to friction with a surface as rigid and uneven as the ground. Heat, liquids, debris, friction, all are external elements that make their life limited.

You can see there are lots of shoe markets and online web stores offering their best life extend shoe quality. Actually, a local shoe will never extend it life in use. Always choose the best quality branded shoes just like to wear if you want great results for a long time in their use.

To take care of shoes, or any other shoe the first thing that must be taken into account is the use that they are given. Taking care of a pair of label shoes that are used sporadically is not the same as trying to take care of sports shoes that have greater wear. The materials that make up the shoe are also decisive when it comes to wanting to condition them. Some materials can tolerate water or cleaning chemicals better.

Take care of shoes from personal hygiene

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There is a false belief that shoes support everything and that it is not necessary to pay more attention to them, but the truth is that like any garment, they need to have the basic treatment and hygiene conditions. Even if a shoe looks good on the outside, the use of deodorants and any other element that make them fit will be factors that help make it last longer.

When a shoe does not have the basic hygiene standards, the first thing is that it will be a contaminating agent for the feet, putting this area at risk and exposing it to fungi, bad odors and later, damage to the shoe as such, as the humidity begins to deteriorate the composition of the shoes from the inside until they can finally give way. That is why to extend the life of a shoe, the first thing that must be applied are the rules of personal hygiene.

Do your shoes smell bad? We give you some tricks to solve it.

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Being constantly in contact with our body, mainly with our sweat, the shoes end up smelling bad, either due to poor hygiene or because of the smell of each person. One of the other reasons why a shoe can smell bad with the continuous contact of sweat is the synthetic materials or leathers treated with chemicals with which it can be made. These leathers and materials retain sweat and the odor is very difficult to remove. In fact, it not only happens with shoes but also with caps, scarves or hats. And we all know that it is very embarrassing to take your shoes off in front of friends and family and for your shoes to smell like cheese. But don’t worry, you won’t have to throw away these shoes, we have the solution!

Here are some tips:

Sodium bicarbonate

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Sodium bicarbonate is known to have an odor and moisture-absorbing properties, and is that it facilitates the elimination of fungi and bacteria. Yes, it is a magic powder! Add a tablespoon of baking soda inside the shoe and on the insole (remove it previously). And you let it do its job all night, you are going to freak out with the power of this magic powder.

Tea tree essential oil

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The famous tea tree oil, I think we have all used it at some time in our lives as a remedy for different problems (for me it is essential to eliminate lice and for acne). And it is that tea tree oil has antibacterial and disinfection properties. Bacteria are what cause the smell in our shoes, therefore, if we eliminate them, goodbye smell! In this case, we can use this remedy in two different ways, dropping a few drops of oil into the shoe, or wiping the insoles with the oil.


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A citrus fruit such as lemon has been used all its life for cleaning the home. For our shoes we are going to use the lemon peel or its juice. Lemon juice neutralizes odors, so it will neutralize the cheesy smell of our shoes. To do this, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice inside the shoe and let it dry. You will have to repeat this process as many times as necessary, until the bad smell disappears. If you don’t have lemon, any other citrus peel like mandarin or orange can also work.

Apple vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid, a substance capable of regulating pH and fighting bacteria and fungi responsible for odor. We would have to apply apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and put it inside the shoe, and let the vinegar act for at least 12 hours. It will help to make life longer of shoe.


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We have always used lavender for scent, but it also takes it away! Take some branches of lavender, put them inside your shoe and leave them outside the house overnight so that the bacteria are eliminated. The smell will disappear and your shoes will also smell wonderful of lavender. To improve this remedy, you can also add some branches of sage along with lavender.


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Take advantage of the tea bags after making your morning tea and put them inside the shoe when they are dry. Above all make sure they are not damp! Store your shoes with the bags, and they will absorb excess moisture and bad smell.
Moreover, we give you some tricks.

Don’t wear closed shoes all day or every day. Change your shoes when you get home and let your feet and shoes breathe. Keeping your shoes clean is as simple as brushing them every day. You can use a damp cloth with a little laundry detergent inside. If, in addition to all this, you have bought quality shoes, made of genuine leather and not made of synthetic materials or chemically treated, that will be a plus for you.

Here are some tips for cleaning and extending the life of your shoes. The more tips we follow, the better results we will have.