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The Best Music Slots – 2024 Guide

Video games and music have gone hand in hand for ages. Casual games are not an exception. Game music composers have given us quite a few immortal tunes already – think the Super Mario theme or the music from Tetris. Now, in turn, a brand new breed of musical games was born: music slot machines you can play at Slot machines are perhaps the most versatile casual game.

They can take on pretty much every theme. Music is not an exception. In the last few years, slot machine developers have partnered up with various musicians to create games based on their work. The resulting slots are perhaps the most entertaining and captivating casual games you can stumble upon at an online casino. And these might be the best you can try today.

Deadmau5 (Microgaming)

Deadmau5 (born Joel Thomas Zimmerman) is a well-known name among the fans of progressive house music. To date, he has released eight studio albums and participated in major music festivals all over the globe. And this year, his music made it into online casinos thanks to the slot machine bearing his name, released by Microgaming.

The Deadmau5 slot machine is beautifully built but doesn’t stand out of the crowd – at least when it comes to its mechanic and format. When it comes to its score, in turn, things change: it has the unmistakable marks of a game built with the fans of Deadmau5 in mind.

Together, its soundtrack and visuals make you feel like being at a festival, when in fact you’re playing with one of the best of the music slots available today. When it comes to music slots, the focus seems to be on classic rock – you’ll see below. Games inspired by EDM and Trance music appear rather rarely – this makes the Deadmau5 slot a great addition to the world of online slot machines.

The Phantom of the Opera by Microgaming

For those who can’t get enough of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s immortal tunes, here is a game to try: The Phantom of the Opera slot machine by British developer Microgaming. Inspired by the movie version of the musical released in 2004, the game features the likeness and voices of its protagonists.

The game is a pretty standard 243-ways-to-win slot machine but it’s filled with bonuses and side games that will make even the least romantic gamers’ hearts throb. But these bonuses and side games also come with musical outtakes from the movie, and this offers the game its unique and unmistakable atmosphere. Overall, while it’s not necessarily the best musical slot out there (the focus shifts from the music to the theatrics and the bonuses), it’s an admirably simple and athospheric game that’s pleasant to play and win.

NetEnt Rocks series music slots

Swedish game developer NetEnt was not the first to turn to classic rock for inspiration of its slot machines. But it was the first to receive multiple awards and the recognition of fans for its music slots. Given the bands that inspired the games, their success was guaranteed from the start.
There are currently four titles in the NetEnt Rocks series, inspired by rock legends like Guns N’ Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, and Jimi Hendrix.

The games are designed to be a perfect match for the music that inspired them. The first among them – and perhaps the most enjoyable – is Guns N’ Roses. The game is built a lot like a scene at one of the band’s legendary concerts back in the day, with members of the bands showing up on the game’s reels.

As you might expect, legendary guitarist Slash has his own feature called “Solo Multiplier” that applies a random multiplier of up to 10x the win to the current spin. By the way, you can try to find that game on The game features songs from the Guns N’ Roses album, including titles like Paradise City, Welcome To The Jungle, and November Rain.

Rock music slots by Play’n GO

Finally, here is one game developer that focuses more on classic rock than any other: Play’n GO. It has quite a few music slots in its offer, most of them rock-related: Annihilator, Twisted Sister, Saxon, Testament, Helloween, and Hammerfall. All of these games share one important trait: their soundtrack is compiled from the best works of the bands that served as an inspiration for them.

The Swedish developer apparently has a taste for the big bands of the golden age of rock. Annihilator has been around for almost three decades, paving the way for thrash metal around the world. The slot machine contains several tracks from the album “Set The World on Fire” and features guitarist and Annihilator founding member Jeff Waters.

The other bands Play’n GO pays a tribute to using its slot machines are also well-known for the lovers of classic rock: Twisted Sister, Helloween, and British heavy metal pioneers Saxon. The games themselves are built to the highest standards, and the music… well, they’re called “classic” bands for a reason, right?

DJ Wïld by ELK Studios

But enough of the rock music for a while. Let’s return to the other insanely popular music genre that has been dominating the top lists all over the world: electronic dance music (EDM). And with it, to one of the most elaborate and atmospheric, yet one of the simplest musical slot machines ever built: DJ Wïld by ELK Studios.

The game looks little different than any other slot machine – except, of course, for its bright neon colour scheme, reminiscent of the music festivals of the mid-2010s (the game was released in 2015). But its soundtrack makes all the difference: the game was scored by one of the top Stockholm Djs – its music is not just a murmur in the background but an integral part of the game, growing in intensity every single time when things heat up on the reels.

The game’s soundtrack has, in the meantime, been released as a single – DJ Wild – Fantasize – on Spotify and Apple Music.