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Here Is How To Choose Your Ultimate Signature Scent

Everyone wants to smell good- it makes one confident and attractive. But the question is, do you know the right scent for you? We all agree that the fragrance industry is a big one, and there are so many beautiful scents to choose from.

It is not easy to narrow your choices from floral smells to fruity ones, aphrodisiac to natural perfumes. Here are some hints to pick your ultimate signature scent that will turn all heads.

Choose your category


First of all, consider choosing a category of scents that you like to make things easier. It is as simple as determining which type of scents appeal to you. The main scent categories include warm, woody, oriental, and fresh.

  • Warm scents are delicious and use more floral and juicy fruity fragrances. They range from delicate and light aromas to intense and complex.
  • Fresh scents are more of citrus and aquatic notes, primarily reminiscent of leafy and herbal fragrances for an uplifting feeling. They are vibrant, refreshing, zesty, and are sometimes known as aromatic scents.
  • Woody scents are wood-based smells like amber, cedarwood, vetiver, and sandalwood. These scents are great for wearing in the evening.
  • Oriental scents are sweet, warm, and a little spicy. They range from soft to floral and woody oriental, and they are noticeable by their interesting notes of vanilla, cinnamon, orange blossom, and orchid.

Decide what appeals to you, and you will find it easier choosing perfumes. You can opt for more than one category for different occasions.

Learn about the concentrations


People are different when it comes to the choice of scents. While some like the scent intense and noticeable, others prefer it to be very subtle. The concentration determines how long the scent lasts. Many people don’t know this, but there are different concentrations of perfumes. They include:

  • Eau de cologne- 2-4%. This concentration is found in the lightest perfumes and mostly body splashes to freshen up from time to time. It lasts 2-3hours.
  • Eau de toilet- 5-15%. These perfumes are characterized by a quick burst of a sweet smell before fading, making them great for first impressions. The scent lasts for around 4-7hours.
  • Eau de parfum- 10-20%. This one is the most intense perfume you will encounter, and it is a popular choice for many perfume brands and customers. The scent can last for eight or more hours.

Eau franche is the lightest with 1-2% of perfume oil, perfect for those allergic to heavy scents. It only lasts a couple of hours. You can familiarize yourself with each concentration if you are unsure how they hold up in reality. For instance, an Eau de parfum will last all day, suitable for long and wild days or nights.

Does it suit your skin type?


Another important consideration when shopping for perfume at is your skin type because it impacts the scent’s performance.

  • Oily skin works well with eau de parfum or eau de toilette. Most importantly, avoid intense and floral scents as they may cause your pores to produce more oil. Instead, opt for light citrus fragrances.
  • Dry skin requires fragrances with an intense concentration of oils. Avoid Eau de toilet and eau de cologne as they are lighter in scent if you have dry skin. Instead, opt for Eau de parfum to oil your skin and avoid alcohol-based ones as they can dehydrate your skin further.
  • You can wear any perfume with normal skin because you will likely not have any problem with different fragrances.

Give it a try

When it comes to identifying your signature scent, it is a matter of trying it yourself. But note that perfumes react differently on different bodies, and how a certain scent smells on someone else might not be the same way it comes out on you. If you encounter someone with a signature scent that you love, do not be afraid to ask the name.

Go out and buy a small bottle first to try out and see if you like it at the end of the day. Surprisingly, it might not smell the same, and you should not worry about that. Another fragrance may smell great on you and not someone else.

How long do you prefer the scent to last?


The scent’s duration depends on the concentration, but your skin type also comes into play. If you want the fragrance to last all day long, go for Eau de parfum; these are made with more oils hence a higher fragrance concentration.

Note that lighter scents dissipate quickly on dry skin while heavier ones last long on oily skin. You should also spray skillfully, especially if using Eau de parfum. You don’t want the scent to be overly strong that it suffocates others.

Check the bottle

We are always guilty of judging a book by its cover when it comes to perfume bottles. Since you want your signature scent to reflect your personality, the bottle is a better way to reflect that. Some perfume bottles are sleek and simple, while others are intricate and sophisticated. It also depends on your needs; if you are looking for something that you can carry on a trip, a small compact bottle is ideal.



So how do you know that perfume is good quality? The brand matters a lot, as well as the ingredients used. Look for fragrances made from natural ingredients and tested by a renowned fragrance organization. Research extensively into different brands and check reviews to avoid chemical-smelling perfumes.

Always start with a small bottle

If you identify a signature scent you love, start with a small bottle first. You never tell if you will grow tired of it within no time. Also, tiny perfume bottles provide the perfect way to build up the collection of fragrances you love.

The takeaway

When looking for your signature scent, know your skin type, decide the category of scents you love, find free samples for testing and start with a small bottle. Also, you can ask for opinions but be sure you love the fragrance on your skin.