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10 Ninja Techniques To Double Your Productivity Without Hard Work

We’ve grown up listening to this phrase – ‘Work smart, not hard. This makes sense in all life activities, be it minor or major.

Life is different and tough for everyone. For students, it is important to focus on studies for a bright career & life. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are consistently looking for ways to enhance productivity.

Military people are dedicated to staying alert and active 24*7 for protecting the nation. Also, artists need inspiration & and are searching for an innovative technique to optimize cognitive performance. These are to be mentioned as a few.

Above all, our goal is to be progressive & inclined towards growth, no matter what. Meanwhile, let’s face the fact that we’re surrounded by distractions everywhere. So, being productive seems challenging because it is difficult to meet goals even if it seems simplified. We all need the key to work smart so that we can make the most out of 24 hours every day. Don’t you agree?

Surprisingly, many people are now relying on limitless pills like Modalert for limitless living. We’ll discuss this later in this read.

In this blog, we’ll see how to maximize productivity & be your most efficient version.

1. Set Priorities


Prioritizing is a must in everything and anything that you do. Put the important tasks at the top and keep the low-priority ones at the bottom. This will help you accomplish the priority ones first without diverting focus.

2. Ask yourself – ‘Is it worth investing time?’

Time is money, they say. So, learn to recognize if a task is worth investing time in. If it isn’t going to give you desired outcomes then what is the point in investing time. Just skip it. You’ll be able to do important tasks speedily once you ace this classification.

3. Apply Pareto’s Principle


Pareto’s principle states that 20% of the work that you do will be accountable for 80% of the results. You can implement this concept in any area of life & it will work. Start with the top 20% of your tasks and make sure you don’t attempt the rest of the tasks unless these tasks are accomplished.

4. Try your Hands-on Smart Drugs

Believe it or not, smart drugs help you extract the best cognitive performance. It enhances your decision-making skills & empowers you with an extra-focused mindset. For instance, each Modvigil tablet allows you to optimize brain performance for up to 15 hours. How impressive!

Before you start using one, make sure you have a prescription beforehand. Also, these drugs are not for regular or long-term use. So, use them cautiously.

5. Know what NOT to do


We’ve only known ‘to-do lists. Let’s talk about the ‘not-to-do list’ here. This is a list in which you state the things you’re not supposed to do while getting things done. These are the activities that eat your time unnecessarily. In a nutshell, you’ll save a lot of time by not doing things that take your focus off productivity.

Well, this list varies according to your routine & what keeps you busy. For instance, you may add these tasks to your not-to-do list:

  • Chit-chatting with colleagues
  • Not getting enough sleep by watching movies late at night
  • Waking up late
  • Using social media excessively
  • Entering into unproductive arguments
  • Attempting work with the wrong attitude
  • Investing energy in unnecessary stuff

You can make this list on your smartphone or PC.

6. Learn to resist the desire for distractions

It’s quite tricky to keep your distractions at bay. Your urge to finish the tasks without losing focus can only be accomplished if you resist your distractions. Don’t let your productivity levels degrade by external forces.

Make sure that toxic forces don’t strike in. Distractions can be in any form like laziness, self-doubt, procrastination, perfectionism, and so on. You can make a huge difference by not getting distracted.

On the whole, don’t even think that something like distraction exists. You have a task on hand & you’ll do it with the highest proficiency. That’s it.

7. Get a good night’s sleep


This may seem awkward that a good night’s sleep is listed as a productivity technique, but it is!

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is essential for an adult for optimum cognitive performance. Besides this, you must stick to a sleep regime i.e. go to bed & wake up at the same time daily. This routine should not change even over the weekends.

As you practice a healthy sleep routine, you’ll be able to give peak performances in every aspect of your life.

Do you know? Nootropics like Waklert are preferred by people to stay fully awake during the day & get a good night’s sleep. Though it isn’t an alternative to sleep or a sleeping pill, it aids a perfect daytime routine without disturbing your sleep.

8. Productivity is based on common sense

The secret ingredient to being extremely productive is to be open to weird stuff. In short, you can only be productive if you’re adaptable to uncertainties. We often see productivity hacks & doubt if they work. Go ahead & pick one. It may seem too technical but you can give them a try and have your opinion. After all, common sense is not common.

9. Build healthy habits


Sustainable habits can be built with consistency. It’s a good habit to keep building new habits after succeeding over previous ones. As stated by Wendy Wood in his book Good Habits, Bad Habits, 43% of the time we act out of a habit without conscious thought.

In other words, we can say that we are a product of the thoughts & habits we keep.

10. Strive for improvements, not perfection

It’s alright if your progress is slow but consistent. You may not believe but even 1% daily progress brings you closer to your goals. Sometimes, it is important to focus on progress over perfection as it is also beneficial for your mental health.

Practice keeping a 1-Percent Journal where you can track down progress. You may call it a shutdown journal where you record your progress at the end of each day. There will be days when the improvement will be nil. That’s fine. Visit at: