What Is the Healthiest Way to Remove Hair Permanently – 2024 Guide

We all have hair on our bodies, and that is natural. However, some people have more hair growth due to their hormonal changes. People who do not prefer body hair try to get rid of them by using different ways, of which some are permanent, and some only last for a week or month. If you are looking for the healthiest ways to remove your hair permanently, you have arrived at the right platform. Let us have a look at these methods below: 

1. Electrolysis: 


It is a procedure in which shortwave radio frequencies are applied to the hair follicles using needles. After destroying the hair follicles, the technician removes the hair with the help of tweezers. This procedure can be performed to get rid of hair on any part of your body. The best part of electrolysis is that it works well on any hair type, even the ones with light color.

Depending upon the growth of your hair, you might require a couple of sessions of electrolysis to achieve the best results. The number of sessions that a person requires also depends upon the individual’s sensitivity, area of the body, and the amount of hair. Once all the sessions are complete, you won’t have to book an appointment again with your technician.

Whenever you opt for any method of hair removal, it is essential to know about its side effects. Every procedure has its pros and cons. Therefore, constantly evaluate this before choosing the suitable method for you. In the case of electrolysis, an individual might experience redness, itchiness, and stinging at the part of the body on which electrolysis is done. In some rare cases, it may also cause infection.


Pros of performing electrolysis

  • Electrolysis is expensive, but it is worth your money because you get your desired results. Once the entire procedure and all the sessions are complete, you can sit back and relax because your hair won’t start popping out again.
  • Whenever you use other methods, such as razors, waxing, etc., to get rid of unwanted hair, you tend to experience ingrown hair. You can get rid of this condition if you opt for this permanent treatment.
  • Do you know that electrolysis is a treatment approved by the FDA? In fact, you may be surprised to know that it is the only procedure approved by the FDA for removing hair permanently. It is performed by professionals very precisely, and they make sure to remove each hair with the tweezer properly after destroying the follicles.
  • Laser hair removal relies upon the pigmentation of your hair to work properly, but this is not the case with electrolysis. It can be performed on every individual regardless of skin texture, hair color, or skin color.

Cons of performing electrolysis

  • The main drawback of this procedure is that it is very time-consuming. It is because the technician has to pull each hair with a tweezer. The time taken again will depend upon the area of your body and the density of your hair. For instance, one upper lip session would take about half an hour.
  • In some rare cases, if the electrolysis is not performed accurately, it can cause hyperpigmentation, which is not something anyone desires. Such damage is dependent upon how your skin reacts to the treatment. We suggest you always use sunscreen to avoid this situation.
  • Every individual has a different sensitivity and tolerance level. People who have sensitive skin might not feel comfortable with the treatment. Electrolysis can cause redness and itchiness in people who have sensitive skin types.

2. Laser hair removal:

Another option that we have on this list is laser hair removal. Just like the electrolysis process, it operates by destroying the hair follicles. However, high-heat lasers are used to perform the treatment in this case. You can get a laser done on any part of your body but make sure to avoid the regions around your eyes as it can cause damage to your eyes.

It requires multiple sessions, just like electrolysis. According to a study, an individual may expect a 10-25 percent reduction after the first laser session. However, it works best on people who have dark hair.

Laser treatment has become very popular these days, and many companies have started inventing laser tools that people in their homes can conveniently use. Visit here if you are interested in buying such devices for yours.


Pros of laser treatment:

  • Unlike electrolysis, laser treatment is not very time-consuming. It can treat relatively larger areas only within a matter of seconds. Most minor areas like the upper lip need only a few seconds, whereas the more significant body parts such as arms and legs need an hour.
  • Many people complain that their hair is not gone permanently after one laser session. However, they need to understand that it takes more than one session to show the best results. So, you should complete all your sessions to get the desired results.

Cons of laser treatment:

  • Laser treatment works best on people that have dark-colored hair, and it does not work effectively on people with light-colored hair. It is because it works on the concept of the contrast between the hair color and skin tone. The laser can only pick the target area if there is a good contrast.
  • A couple of skin issues that a person may face while getting a laser treatment include redness, burns, discoloration, and blisters. If the procedure is not performed accurately, there is a risk that the hair may grow back.

To Sum Up

Nowadays, numerous hair removal methods are available in the market, but not every one of them provides you with permanent results. The most effective methods that can help you get rid of hair permanently are laser hair removal and electrolysis. Study these methods above and pick the one that is suitable for you.