Top 5 Factors That Can Affect Your Clicking Speed

Your clicking speed refers to the number of clicks you can make in a second. The higher your number of clicks, the faster you can react. A lot of people are oblivious to the fact that they are factors that can affect their clicking speed. If you are one of them, no need to worry as this article highlights the top factors that affect your clicking speed.


1. The Technique Being Used

You may think that all ways for clicking are the same, but there are different techniques. Some common techniques are the claw grip and the butterfly method. Although they can all make your clicking faster, they vary in terms of muscle movement. The technique that you use for clicking can greatly affect your clicking speed. You should use a clicking technique that suits you, as you will feel more free using it.

2. What Tool Is Being Used?

Even though the technique being used affects the clicking speed, the tool used is also a major factor. Two major tools are being used in clicking, these are the mouse and the laptop mouse pad. Many people use which tool they feel more comfortable with, leading them to type faster. Generally, most people prefer to use the mouse for clicking as it gives them a stable grip. You should take a clicking test with both tools, to know which suits you. You can improve your clicking speed with this website.


3. What Type Of Mouse Is Being Used?

If you choose to use a mouse for clicking, the type of mouse also affects the clicking speed. The gaming mouse is faster than all other standard mice, as it is made for speed. Different companies manufacture mice in different ways, so one type of mouse may suit you better than others. Many people, especially gamers, prefer using the wireless mouse as it gives them room to maneuver. This makes it easier to click faster using a wireless mouse than others.

4. Sensitivity Of The Mouse

The sensitivity of your mouse is a major factor in your clicking speed. If the sensitivity of your mouse is high, it will be easier to click using it. This can be calibrated in the settings of a computer. But if the sensitivity of the mouse gets too high, you will click without meaning to.


5. Changing Mouses

If you are used to clicking with a specific mouse and you change it, your clicking speed will be reduced. Changing your mouse to a faster and more modern one will greatly affect your clicking speed. This is because you are used to the old mouse and it will take a long time before you can adapt to the new mouse.

Why Mouse Click Speed Is Important When Playing Video Games

It is not strange to hear that the development of technology change every aspect of our lives including the way we are spending our free time. In fact, the digital world is providing us with so many different entertaining opportunities that we can enjoy and take advantage of. This especially counts when we are talking about playing games. Even though games were linked to young people for a very long period, we are now seeing that people of all ages are enjoying the online gaming world, even the oldest ones.

Since we all want to improve our gaming skills and become even better players in the game that we enjoy, it is beneficial to improve our clicking techniques. In the games we are often competing against other people and trying to beat them, therefore it is necessary to take advantage of the equipment we are using to the fullest. In case you are the type of person that likes the competition and wants to be the best in the game, we have something important to tell you.

The mouse clicking speed is one of the most crucial factors that is going to influence the outcome of your game. However, many people are not even aware of this, and because of that, we decided to list and highlight some of the most important reasons why mouse clicking speed is crucial for playing games. We are completely sure that you are going to change the approach and your gaming performance after reading the article.


Your Reflexes are Going to Be Quicker

One of the biggest benefits of faster mouse click speed refers to the fact that you can improve your reflexes. This is very important for all game players. Therefore, next time you seat to play a game, remove yourself from any type of distraction and focus on your mouse. For instance, you can put on headphones. In that way, you will be able to see how much the focus on mouse clicking can improve your chances against the opponents. Keep in mind that your competitors will use the same tactic and be highly concentrated on mouse clicking speed. You need to practice a lot to achieve a level where your gaming performance is better than theirs.

You will Be Able to Solve Unsolvable Problems

Basically, if you have fast clicking skills, you will improve your gaming performance in the games where multiplayer is involved, especially in shooting games. What can you do if your enemies are all around you and you are not able to perform the same mouse clicking speed as they can? The biggest mistake that you can do is to give up. Instead, you need to put a huge effort, despite the concentration, and try over and over again to defeat your opponents with fast clicking. In that way, you get to the point to think faster and solve even unsolvable problems that are occurring in your way.


You are Going to Improve Your Gaming Technique

Sooner or later, you are truly going to improve your gaming technique by working on your mouse clicking speed. More precisely, you will learn as time pass what are the opportunities that you can take advantage of and express slow or faster mouse clicking. Sometimes it is not everything in going around and fastly clicking the mouse, this is not going to bring you the desired outcome every time. The key is developing your own gaming technique.


Being able to click fast is a great asset in our world today. Whether you are a gamer or just an average computer user, it will help you in your activities. Sure you can improve your clicking speed by practicing, but there are other factors that affect your speed. This article exposes some of the factors that most people ignore. You may use this information to increase your clicking speed. Finally, take advantage of the space bar counter from to calculate your click speed. The space bar counter is the new and easier way to calculate your click speed.