3 Ways Your Mouse Quality Can Affect Your CPS – 2024 Guide

Becoming a professional gamer is a dream come true for a lot of teenagers from all over the world. For quite some time it as though mainly boys are interested in it. When you take a look at the demographics of players who appear in the tournaments, you will see that the percentage of females is getting higher every year. In the future, we can expect that this percentage will reach half of all the participants.

As is the case with any career, committing a lot of your time is a crucial factor that will help you reach your goals. We can see are many prejudices about this type of career. People often think that professional gamers only have fun and that they don’t need to work hard to reach obtain all the skills needed for this profession. Reaching these can be quite hard sometimes, and it requires a lot of time.

It makes sense to presume that a lot of people don’t have an accurate idea about what is the amount of money this professional can provide you with. Since esports have become so popular in the last couple of years, we can see that prize money in a lot of tournaments has skyrocketed. One of the key factors is that you need high-quality gear to reach proper levels of skills.

Your mouse is an irreplaceable device for a vast majority of games, especially those that are popular within the concept of esports. Therefore, learning how to use it as efficiently as you can is a must. If you want to measure how fast you can click in only one second, you can read more here. Now, we would like to talk about the ways the quality of your mouse can harm your CPS.

1. The Lack of Buttons

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One of the most important factors that every gamer should consider is the number of buttons on the mouse. As you probably know, the first devices that appeared the first time were only two, right and left. Therefore, reaching a significant level of CPS with these older models is practically impossible. You can try as much as you want, but it is simply impossible to reach these heights. Many people think that this is not something that depends on their gear, and believes that they are simply not good enough.

To achieve the best possible results, you will need to have a device developed solely for gaming purposes. As you can see, these have much more buttons that can help you do that. Of course, not all modern devices can do it in this capacity. Therefore, you would need to research before you are ready to make the right decision. Sure, you should be prepared to invest quite a lot of money.

Certainly, you will need to invest quite a lot of time before being able to narrow down your choices to the most effective ones. So, you should start now. According to some statistics, we can see that the number of clicks that can be achieved with the older models is around six or eight. If you have come across the information that professional gamers make ten decisions in one second, then you will know that this is simply not enough.

2. The Acceleration

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As you probably know, we are not talking only about clicking in one place. For you to be as effective as you can be, you will need to have increased acceleration. Sadly, this is an aspect that a lot of the devices out there cannot provide you with. It doesn’t matter how new they are. To reach this level, you will need to obtain a mouse specially designed for gamers to use. Sure, you will see that this is not as easy as many people believe it is.

Also, we would like to say that one of the biggest mistakes is that people think that they can enhance this by going to the control panel, and make the cursor much faster. While this can increase the effectiveness to some degree, it cannot make a crucial difference. In case you are interested only in being fast enough to click in the only spot, you will not need to consider this factor. However, we don’t believe that this will be the case for a vast majority of people.

3. Not Implementing Clicking Systems

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If you want to increase CPS, then you surely know that there are a couple of techniques you can use to make this happen. Sadly, you cannot achieve this level without a specially designed device. Many models are simply surplus to requirements, it doesn’t matter if they are old or new. They are simply not designed to perform these tasks most efficiently. For those who don’t know, there are three main techniques.

The first and most common is jitter clicking. We are talking about a challenging way to achieve a high number of clicks per second, but an effective one. It doesn’t only require you to click fast, you will also need to find the perfect position for your hand to execute it properly. The next one we would like to focus on is called drag clicking. It is widely perceived as one of the most effective ones because it can increase the dick speed to up to a hundred CPS from the average 25. The third one is called butterfly clicking. We are talking about somewhat slower than the previous ones, but useful in some cases.

To Conclude

If you are a gamer then you surely know the importance of having a high number of clicks per second. Therefore, you will need to make the most out of these. Here, you can take a look at some negative effects your mouse can have on your goal. So, you will need to think about investing in the proper gear that can help you with this task. You should take all of these into consideration before you can achieve some significant results. We are sure you will find these both useful and interesting.