What is a Ghost Production? – 2024 Guide

We are going to interview founder and holder of a Ghost Production Service. I am Ghost Producer– Anatolii Vered.

Anatolii, tell us in short, what does “Ghost Production” mean?


Basically, Ghost Production is a combination of services that allows you to buy or sell exclusive tracks. When getting a track, the buyer becomes the full owner of it. And the seller (who is also the producer) receives a one-time payout (money) for this track and gets all rights for the song.

Who can use Ghost Production?

– Djs, artists, producers can be involved into using this resource.

How is Ghost Production beneficial for DJs and artists?


– For DJs and artists, usefulness is in buying tracks. They become full-fledged owners of the track. Therefore, they can promote them under their wished name or nickname. So, they push their careers. After all, the tracks bring understanding of headway and, of course, new fans.
Moreover, they have extra time to think about their own careers.

They gain some time to recover and rest between concerts and meetings in their schedules and don’t worry about making new songs or looking for a muse. They have more time for family and for themselves. Because making tracks is a huge time-consuming process.

Some DJs and artists have no abilities to make music, but they have charisma and sparkle in public. Ghost Production fulfill these gaps in frames of music making. An artist gets fame and recognition, and Gost Producers get pleasure payment for satisfactory work.

Are the deals anonymous?

– Yes, the transaction is 100% anonymous. Our client gets risk-free transaction, and it is correctly executed. We are not mentioned anywhere. All profit and fame belong only to the artist (DJ). When buying or ordering a track, he receives a contract for it, which confirms, that he is the full owner of this song.

Does the buyer receive all the income from the track?


– Yes, you are right. We charge a one-time commission on the sale and then we will not take any future production credits or royalties. This means that all income after the purchase of the track will be yours.

Is the track sold only once?

– Yes. Once a track is sold, it will not be available for streaming or purchase.
Is the track removed from the website and other social networks after purchase?
– Yes. After the deal, the track is marked as “SOLD” by our service. And other users can’t listen to it anymore or buy it again. Users also can find published previews of our tracks on Instagram. When the track is sold, it is invalid in Instagram.

What programs are most often used when making tracks?

– Most of the time we use Fl studio and Ableton to make tracks. Also, some producers make music in Cubase and Logic.
Each track page indicates in which project the track was made. You can see it in the picture:
If no DAW is listed on the track page, it means that the track is being sold without a project.
What can you say about the client receiving files? How does this happen?
– The client gets the track and all the Stem Files after the payment. Then he gets the opportunity to download the track and all the attached files in the most comfortable way for him. For this, additional links are used. The client receives his track immediately after completing the financial transaction.

What files does the client receive? Track only?

– he gets three versions of the track: Full version, Radio Version and Instrumental version without vocal:
– it also gets an unmastered full version in Wav format.
– midi tracks
– text files where it is mentioned where the vocals were taken for this track
– Stems Files
– the contract itself, of course. This is a confirmation that you are the sole owner of the track.

What is mentioned under the STEM Files?


– STEM files are individual audio tracks of multitrack in wav format. For example: Kick, Clap, Melody, Chord, Bass, Fxs, Synth, Pads, Snare, etc.
Stem files are used to edit a track. They are often used for collaboration with other producers and artists, or for re-mixing and mastering.
Stems Files can be used to create remixes. In fact, Stems Files and Midi are remix packs.
Can the client buy a project of a track?
– Yes, of course. Projects can be offered for an additional $ 50 fee. If nothing is specified in the DAW item. This means that the track will be sold without project registration.

How can I buy a track?

– It is just a simple procedure. In a few clicks, the track you like is in the basket and you choose a payment method most suitable for you: credit card or PayPal.

How to buy a track with a project?

– You must select “Buy project” when placing an order. In case of any questions that arise, the site administrators will always be in full readiness to help you with the choice.
Here’s an example:

What can I do with the track after purchasing it?

– The song can be sung and published on any record label wished. It can be sold on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and more.
The song can be published on any social network such as Instagram. Facebook. YouTube, Twitter, etc. The track can be played on any event.
In general, all the rights for the song are our clients’ wish.

Can a customer return a song after purchasing it?


– No. The route is not part of the return.

What is the exclusivity of your tracks?

99% of our vocal tracks use vocals taken or purchased from vocal sample libraries. They are all Royalty Free. They can be used anywhere. You may decide to release tracks with such vocals on record labels.

Can the song be changed after payment and ending the deal?


By making a purchase, the customer agrees to buy the track what it is at the moment. The customer can find and listen the full version of the track of the highest quality at a speed of 320 kbps strict on the website. This is enough to make a decision.

How to contact you?

– Our website “I am Ghost Producer” is up-to-dated. By clicking on it, you can find all our contacts, detailed information and answers for all the questions.

Where are you located?

We are from Ukraine. All the actions are hold online. Our producers are from Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Bulgaria. We are from Latin American countries: Brazil, Argentina, and so on.

Thanks, Anatolii for all the answers and you can visit their site at