DTS ‘Dynamite’ Paid Homage to Michael Jackson

DTS 'Dynamite' Paid Homage to Michael Jackson
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The South Korean Boyband BTS is known for its distinct pathbreaking styles. Ever since their formation in 2013, the group of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jingkook has shaken the world with their music and style. 

Their new music video “Dynamite” is of the same sort. The first song of BTS to be entirely written in English consists of many symbolic tributes to Michael Jackson. The world just celebrated the 62nd birthday of the King of Pop, this music video added some extra flavor to that celebration.

MJ’s multiple dance moves can be seen in the video performed by individual BTS members. And quite unsurprisingly both BTS Army and MJ Fam have showered their love on it. Within only two weeks the video has gained 292 million views on YouTube.

Taj Jackson, MJ’s nephew applauded the effort of BTS and praised them openly on Twitter. The current generation MJ family member tweeted “Totally loving the song and music video for #DynamiteMV. @BTS_twt did an amazing job!!! I’m hooked. MJFam- please watch and share the video. The guys do MJ proud with plenty of his dance moves.”

MJ fans also reacted to the video and gave responses like. “OMG, I have chills. I never ever expected this.

 #Dynamite #MJFam,” said a fan and Taj concurred the opinion. It seems like Taj himself is a fan of the BTS as he twitted around previously “Thank you @BTS_twt And thank you BTS fans for your continued support over the years,” he continued, “I have a couple of friends who got to know the BTS guys, and I have heard nothing but incredible things about them, their hard work ethic and being so nice. I wish them all the success in the world. They deserve it.”

Within 24 hours of its release, “Dynamite” hit 101.1 million likes on YouTube, which is so far the highest number in any video. Also, the song acquired the number 1 place in the Billboard Hot 100 chart and according to Billboard, “[BTS] becomes the first all-South Korean group ever to top the chart.”

They also touched Bruno Mars’ record of 10th most total time atop the Artist 100. The uplifting energy of the song is a gift for the BTS fans as Jimin told the press “Everyone in the world is going through tough times, ‘Dynamite’ is a song that can lift anyone’s spirits. ‘Dynamite’ is a song that can lift anyone’s spirits.”

Source  – Republic World, Billboard