4 Struggles Commonly Faced By College Students & How To Deal With Them

The days spent in college are the most beautiful days a young person can experience. These are days that are filled with many friendships with other students, days when events happen that will be remembered and told for a long time in life, moments spent in lectures, student visits, and many other things. It is simply a period of life that each of us will go through and live. It is a period that is wonderful in terms of socialization, meeting new people, but also in terms of building your readiness for the future profession.

Although all this is interesting there is one part that is not very interesting, and that is learning. Let us know that all young people want to have fun and be free, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the learning that is important to build a future professional in a certain field in which you will work in the future. Although it is difficult, you have to get used to it. College is not the same anymore. When we say that it is not the same, we mean the changes in listening to the lectures, the way of taking the exam, and the way of completing the student assignments that follow in the whole process.

The educational process has changed radically, and the reason for that is the global pandemic. as we needed to distance ourselves from our friends, not to go out so much from our homes, to pay attention to whether we are protected and how we are protected, the students needed to stay in their homes and complete their responsibilities from the comfort of home. With the advent of the coronavirus, all colleges and universities around the world have embarked on a new task, which was to find an appropriate solution for how to follow the instruction, how to conduct the exams and how to complete the tasks and essays that will be given by the professors for each student and they were very quick.

A way was found to function in a record time, thus giving the green light for the educational process to continue smoothly without any problems. With that, the lectures started through the platforms of Zoom, Google, and Microsoft, which are intended for remote work, and in this case, they are a perfect substitute for distance learning and for fulfilling the obligations that students have towards universities and colleges.

Otherwise, the word obligation is the most hated word among students. Wondering why this is so? This is because the word means many things. These include a range of activities that these young people found interesting to do while doing so freely attending universities and colleges, but are now considerably strenuous because they are forced to spend all day in front of a laptop, all day to dedicate it to those activities and thus have no room for anything else.

Simply put, they face difficulties, ie fights that they have to go through heroically. Often for those fights, they do not know how to help each other, but we are here to help them with suggestions for those fights. We find out what struggles the students are facing and what the solutions are for that in the continuation of this article.

1. Following the lectures and spending the whole day in front of the computer for this purpose


When the term student is mentioned, it is associated with freedom, young people who are always smiling, polite and who are ready to upgrade and become top professionals in the field that which they chose for themselves. But the reality is different, especially in this time of the global pandemic. They are now at home, locked up all day, spending most of the day in their room or their favorite part of the house, and listening to lectures that are important for them to understand the subject matter they are learning.

For them, it is primarily an obligation, but of a boring nature, given that during the day they need to spend 6 to a maximum of 12 hours in front of the computer listening to the sessions that the professors schedule through one of the platforms. It is not easy to spend so much time in one place and always be focused and remember everything that will be told by the professor.

That is why they have a certain level of aversion that they do not know how to deal with. They want to sometimes not attend lectures, but only if it is allowed by the professor or the character of the subject if he allows it. They need a solution that will try to make the education process at least a little easier. What is the solution? Let’s see!

What is the solution for the long sesions?


Young people who attend classes are looking for a solution to this difficulty they face in their daily lives. We have a few suggestions that we are sure will help them at least a little. The first thing we propose is to suggest to the college that the lecture schedule be revised so that it is evenly distributed throughout the day.

It can also be suggested that they be shorter. The next solution is to have someone replace you at the lectures. We do not mean to replace you, but to find a replacement who will take notes or complete the homework given by the professor, and a great solution for that comes from TopAssignmentExperts who have prepared a whole concept for this problem. You can also find out about the jokers that you can use, ie find out how many lectures you do not have to attend without affecting the success of the faculty. Super solutions, right? Consider and implement some of them to make your already difficult everyday life at least a little easier.

2. Problem with managing study activities and managing all responsibilities related to the subjects the students are taking


During the 24 hours each person needs to have a minimum of 8 hours of rest. There are 16 hours left that need to be allocated with quality so that the day is productive and there is enough time for everything. There is enough time for everyone during the day, except for young people attending college.

This is especially true in a pandemic when they spend most of their time in front of computers and books learning and trying to complete all the activities that are planned for the day. The fact is that the organization of time is difficult for them. During one day they need to follow the sessions scheduled by the professors who are on the schedule each day at a different time during the working days.

Then they must learn the lessons that were given to them by the teaching staff in all the subjects that they listened to during the day. They also have assignments to complete, project activities, and exercises for each subject. All this is necessary for them to place in the schedule and arrange it in one day. It goes a little harder because the day lasts 24 hours, and they would need at least another 5 hours and the day to last 30 hours because only then will they manage to get everything done.

What is the solution, how to do the best schedule for the day?


There are several solutions, and we are here to direct you to them to make your whole job easier. First, you can allocate some of the responsibilities for the weekend, especially in the morning when the brain is most awake and has the most concentration.

Then you can do your homework with deadlines and read the lessons in the subjects you listened to on Friday (for example). Then, if you have obligations that are on time, try to do them on time and put them as a priority above all else. What if you have something that is even more important than the tasks, and the tasks have a short deadline to be submitted?

In that case, you can ask for help from your friend or simply ask for help from someone who would do it for you, and you can easily do it through the TFTH service that offers express ambulance for every task you get from professors. Of course, this will make room for everything else that has a higher priority. You may like some of these solutions, so choose the one that works best for you.

3. Difficulties with understanding the materials and lack of motivation to learn


We are all familiar with the desire of young people to walk, go out at night, go to parties and do everything interesting to them at the moment. It is simply an obsession for them because they are in the best years when everything is in their hands. But to be able to do all that, it is first necessary to complete all the obligations imposed on them by the faculty and the educational process. What does that mean?

This means that they must read in time the materials given to them by the educational staff for the specific subject, to learn and to complete all the obligations imposed on them by the educational process. Nevertheless, they simply do not seem to have the desire to do so. They often know how to get off track and not complete the obligations on time but to finish them at the last minute when the deadline expires or if it is an exam question to learn the exam material a few days before the exam takes place.

But sometimes there is a real reason for all that. The most common reason is the lack of motivation to learn the material, and often the reason for this behavior may be the difficulty in understanding the material, ie the reason may be the large number of ambiguities that appear while reading the material. Solution? We have it!

What is the solution, how to find the real motivation to study?


There are many solutions, and these are the most effective ones that will help you get rid of this difficulty. First, you can find one of the many playlists with music to learn, or you can find one of the many compilations for motivation and easier learning that certainly help. Furthermore, for motivation to come easier and to understand what you are learning more easily it would be good to organize joint learning with your classmates which will help you to understand the material more easily.

You can also anticipate a reward that will motivate you and make it easier for you to learn. And to make things easier for you to understand, to get acquainted with the terms and their meaning more easily, we suggest you use Google Scholar or some other site that can help you with that.

4. Essays


The biggest enemies of students during the educational process – if there is one thing that scares students the most then it is the essays. They do not seem to have the inspiration to write an essay on a particular topic. They just see the topic, they know the theory, but they do not know what they could write about the specific title they get or the direction that is set as a task before them. Often they are discouraged from this type of request and do not know what to do.

They just feel helpless and think they can do nothing about it. But there is no need to panic. There is always a way to write a good reading that the professor will evaluate positively and give a positive comment on what is contained in it. Want to know how? We have a few suggestions for you!

What is the way that one young person needs to follow to do a great job at an essay?


There are three ways out of this situation that you can decide on. The first way out is to find inspiration from an essay that already exists. Open one of the many essays already written, read them and try to find something that will help you write the next one. The second way out of this situation is to send a request to write an essay to someone else.

All you need to do is visit one of the many online sites that offer such solutions as EduWorldUSA. Then you need to find a person who would like to write about you, give directions to the person and finally get a finished product that you will be very happy with. The third and final solution is to write a few essays that you will write based on the material and in the end, you will choose the one that will seem to you as the most impressive and well written.

Didn’t you know the biggest problems of every young man in college? Now you know them! And if you are one of them and you find yourself in one of the problems, we hope that these suggestions and solutions that we have prepared for you will help you get out of the situations that were hopeless for you. From now on, every struggle is transient, and the proof of that is these directions that we have given you. Enjoy your student days and be successful, because one day it will pay off!