How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Today, video gaming is not only a popular form of entertainment but also a good way to earn money. If you want to become an esports player, you should read this article, in which we will tell you how you can make money on video games: test, develop, play and write about them.

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How do you make money playing games?


There are things that allow you to sell virtual items for real money. The creators of other projects reward players for advertising or helping with development. However, most of the games are for entertainment, not for making money.

A multi-million community has formed around video games, which is ready to watch game walkthroughs, read articles and reviews, cheer for eSports teams, buy virtual items and order character upgrades in an online game. You can also make money on all this.


Video games are one of the main hobbies of the new generation. Two and a half billion people play it, tens of millions work in this field. The video game industry is at the forefront of technological progress. Developers have big salaries, while esports players have crowds of fans and huge fees. True, the competition is also huge.

Disadvantages and risks

The main disadvantage of games is not the healthiest lifestyle. Everyone who is somehow connected with games sits a lot and moves little. Often there are problems with vision and carpal tunnel syndrome – when the hand lies on the mouse for so long that the vessels and nerves are pinched inside.

If you decide to make money on games yourself, for example, stream walkthroughs of games or blog about them, then you risk losing time and money. You will have to invest a lot in high-quality equipment and the promotion of a personal brand. Of course, you may be lucky and the audience will quickly notice you. But more often than not, newbies work in their own name for free for years.

Where to begin

Making money from video games is just like any other job. Many, including myself, make a big mistake: they think that if you like to play, then you will like to work in this area.

Cybersportsmen receive thousands of dollars not just for playing for fun: before the competition, they are waiting for grueling workouts with a tough schedule. Even your favorite computer game can get boring if you play it every day for 12 hours.

Video game developers often need a deep knowledge of algebra, geometry and physics. Streamers and bloggers will need perfect knowledge of English, screenwriting, editing and camera work skills.

Ways to make money in games


Game stream

A streamer is a host of live broadcasts on the Internet. Streamers go live through special services – large and small.

The main platforms now are Twitch and YouTube, but there are many other, less popular ones, such as Mixer, and GoodGame. Regular streamers are not paid a salary – their income is made up of donations from viewers and advertising contracts. With the coolest and most popular streamers, they enter into multimillion-dollar contracts for exclusive broadcasts, but there are only a few of them.

Streams are a popular format among viewers. During the first quarter of 2024, viewers watched 2.4 billion hours of broadcasts on two large streaming platforms – Twitch and YouTube Gaming. But, despite this, few streamers make a living on others alone. Most often it is a hobby or part-time job.

It is important to offer the audience something new, rather than chasing popular broadcasts. Ideas of the level “now I will just start playing Dota-2 and I will definitely succeed” do not work because no one needs the 500th channel about Dota.


Instead of streaming, you can record videos and upload them to YouTube. For example, make compilations of funny moments from games. If the videos gain a total of 4,000 hours of viewing, and the channel – has 1,000 subscribers, YouTube will open an affiliate program.

Before the video, ads will be shown, for which the owner of the channel will receive a part of the profit. In addition to YouTube, companies can order advertising: viewers trust advertising more if their favorite blogger talks about the product and not some actor.


Blog reviews

You can record your opinion about the game on camera, write articles or do podcasts and gather like-minded people. The secret to success is to quickly beat the game you are reviewing and release it before the competition. The money will be brought by subscribers and advertising. If the review gains popularity, the developers will start contacting you with a request to talk about their game for money.

Game journalist

Another career option is to become a games journalist. This is a person who is well-versed in video games and knows how to talk about them in an interesting way – in writing or orally. To keep the attention of the audience, you need high expertise.

There is a demand for gamers who know how to dig and systematize information, to issue high-quality analytics. Readers appreciate articles with analysis of game plots, selections of the best by genre, and analysis of political and acute social topics in the context of the game.

To become a gaming journalist, you need to start writing articles yourself. Some gaming sites, such as DTF or Kanobu, allow users to post their content. If the articles are of high quality and collect positive comments, the editors will pay attention to the author and offer cooperation.

Mentoring, driving. If you are good at a certain game, you can give lessons to less successful players. The scheme is comparable to tutoring: students pay a mentor to learn how to play better and learn the tricks of the game and loopholes that will help them win.

It’s better not to offer such services on gaming forums: usually, developers get banned for this. It’s better to go to fan sites.