The Best Way How to Design a Custom Dress Shirt

Long work days, business meetings, and fancy gatherings are common occurrences for most of Deoveritas customers, necessitating a consistent wardrobe for such events. From tailored suits to dress shirts to shoes, every gentleman needs a wide collection of high-quality clothes to ensure durability and comfort.

However, even the most well-dressed man may underestimate the significance of a nice dress shirt. Most people are unaware of the tremendous difference a tailored dress shirt can make in their appearance. While the suit may appear to be the main attraction, the dress shirt underneath has the potential to be the ultimate standout piece. While trends shift from season to season, the dress shirt is the ideal method to convey the style. In this article, learn the best way to design a custom dress shirt.

Advantages Of Custom Dress Shirt


Getting the desired style while saving time by not having to browse from store to store is the most important reason to buy a bespoke dress shirt. While the quality that can resist time and use is an apparent perk of a custom-made shirt, the deciding factor is still the possibility to pick materials, designs, and the optimum fit by hand.

Fabric and Color

Choosing the fabric is the first step in creating a custom dress shirt. The material can be selected by a variety of things, including the intended use or thickness. The most popular options are 100% cotton, performance stretch, and linen.

The real fun comes once the kind of fabric is determined. Choosing textiles by hand ensures that a customer has complete control over the colors, weaves, and patterns from the start. It is possible to stick with tried-and-true neutrals or experiment with brighter colors by incorporating them into classic patterns, like checks or stripes.

Moving to weaves, some of the most popular options for a custom dress shirt are Oxford, Herringbone, and Knit (Polo).

In any case, when using custom dress shirt builder, it is possible to apply filters to select desired color, thickness, weave, pattern, and material. In that way, the customer is always able to properly match new dress shirts to suits and ties he already has in his closet.

Custom Details


The nicest part about having a bespoke dress shirt is the possibility to choose every aspect of it. For some men, the details are everything, especially when purchasing a tailored dress shirt.

1. Collars

The form and style of the collar are a good place to start. Collars are divided into two types: point collars and spread collars. A point collar, which is significantly more frequent, has points that face straight downward, whereas the ends of a spread collar point down and to the sides.

It’s useful to realize that each collar style flatters a different facial shape. The collar’s significance in framing a face cannot be overstated. Certain collars complement specific facial features and neck lengths. For example, a pointed collar may make a round face appear less round, but it is important to pick a collar length that visibly distributes the neck or collar ratio.

2. Cuffs

The shirt cuffs are one of those minor touches that can make a fitted shirt more or less appropriate for a look or an occasion. First, the customer must determine the length of the sleeves. The second factor to consider is the cuff closure: barrel cuffs with buttons or cufflinks? The choice is determined by the situation and, obviously, by the customer’s style.

A formal collar necessitates a formal cuff, a ceremonial collar necessitates a double cuff for cufflinks, and a casual collar (such as the button-down) necessitates a straight cuff with a button.

3. Buttons


Let’s proceed with the buttons. Buttons come in a variety of materials, from plastic to even more unusual materials such as Charcoal of Pearl. It is also possible to mix and match the color of buttons on a dress shirt, such as white, black, blue, pink, etc.

4. Pockets

Pockets can also play a big role in a custom dress shirt. If a customer likes to keep pens, glasses, or other accessories in his pocket, they may be invaluable. In addition, it is possible to add contrasting stitching around the pocket that may help the shirt stand out.

In the Deoveritas custom shirt builder, it is also possible to personalize other aspects of the dress shirt, such as:

  • Placket,
  • Interlining,
  • Monogramming,
  • Back pleats,
  • Bottom cut,
  • Collar stays,
  • Thread.

5. The Fit

Custom dress shirts provide a customer with complete control over the fit of his shirt. To take exact measurements, Deoveritas uses advanced technology which is called Qsizing. It requires nothing and is ideal for those that are short on time. The sizing process consists of 10 questions and preferences:

  • height,
  • weight,
  • age,
  • collar size,
  • sleeve,
  • waist,
  • jacket size,
  • fit style,
  • shoulders,
  • tuck.

Other measurement methods include standard sizing, measuring a shirt, and measuring the body.

The biggest risk when ordering a custom dress shirt online is the fit. However, there’s no risk when ordering from Deoveritas since the fit guarantee covers any faults. If the ordered dress shirt won’t fit, Deoveritas will alter or remake it.

Getting Started with a Custom Dress Shirt

Who doesn’t like fitting into something and feeling as though it was designed just for them?

By having a dress shirt custom produced, a customer ensures complete control over the quality, fit, and style. Plus, knowing that a dress shirt is as outstanding as it has to be, no matter the scenario, is one less thing to worry about throughout a busy day.

When a customer is ready to invest in a custom dress shirt, Deoveritas is here to help! This is the smartest and most practical way to begin “dress to impress.”