Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: How College Students Can Cope with It

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a Disease


Let’s pay special attention to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In this case, we are not talking about symptoms, but about a separate disease that is characterized by constant lethargy and fatigue. A person is subjected to dullness all the time, even the most seemingly trifling loads deal a serious blow to his or her well-being.

Such people manage to engage in work activities for just a couple of hours a day, and now we are not talking about any intricate projects, active training, and so on. They have trouble with everything, from going to the store to simple conversations on distracting topics. They constantly want to sleep, rest, to recover somehow.

Such a manifestation of constant (chronic) fatigue and weakness has a reason. As a rule, it is all kinds of viral infections, such as the Epstein-Barr virus or problems with the immune system. So far, scientists have been actively studying these problems.

Women over 40, who live in a state of constant stress, are the most susceptible to these manifestations. Students also cope with this problem. Especially those who want to do everything in a perfect way, Don’t hesitate to use EssayAssistant sometimes and get yourself more free time.

The main symptom of CFS is unbearable fatigue, which lasts at least 6 months, and is useless to relieve with rest. Post-stress weakness persists in the body for up to 24 hours. Hand in hand with CFS are symptoms such as sleep disorders, muscle pain, frequent colds, inflammation of the lymph nodes, and cognitive disorders.

In such people, not only does life become more difficult, its quality comes to naught! They are unable to lead a life that is typical of all people: they have no energy for hobbies or self-development, and even going to work becomes a drag. Sometimes such people become asocial because they do not have the strength to maintain contact with other people.

From time to time the person may feel some relief, a sense of false well-being. But, no matter how much he would like to believe that CFS is gone by itself, it is often the only special treatment that can help him cope with the illness of constant fatigue. It is possible that after remission, the problems will come back with greater force.

Effective Ways to Combat Constant Fatigue

Timely and Adequate Rest


Find the opportunity to fully relax a couple of times a year, at least for 2 weeks. Make it a habit to find time for yourself on weekdays, and on weekends go out to your family or spend time with friends.

Physical Activity

Movement is life! Add to your life moderate physical activity, which will significantly strengthen your body, lift your spirits, help prevent chronic fatigue, get rid of a constant feeling of lethargy and fatigue. It could be anything: fitness, swimming, jogging, yoga, cycling, dancing, or even the most simple exercises in the morning!

Sleep Normalization


Increased nervous tension seriously affects the quality of our sleep. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, but don’t oversleep either. If you are accustomed to setting aside time for a daytime nap, then monitor its duration so as not to disrupt the process of going to bed in the evening.



What should you do if you’re tired all the time? Go to a masseur! Not only will the massage relieve the nervous system, but it will also significantly speed up the blood circulation, which will saturate the organs with oxygen and speed up the metabolic processes. Add aromatherapy with essential oils to the massage procedure, if you have no allergic reactions.



Keep a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from food. Your food should be rich in vitamins, micro, and macronutrients. All this will have a fruitful effect on the work of your nervous system, will energize, increase the body immunity to the negative influences of the environment.

Medicinal Treatment


Chronic somatic diseases can have a significant impact on overall fatigue. Anemia, depression, endocrine disorders most often have this effect on a person’s condition. It is impossible to cope with these illnesses alone, and treatment with drugs prescribed by a qualified specialist is indispensable.

Supplementing the Diet with B Vitamins


It is magnesium that is the primary salvation from chronic fatigue syndrome. Magnesium remedies are increasingly finding their use in the treatment and prevention of various diseases characterized by malfunction of the nervous system.

Severe fatigue – a sure sign of vitamin B deficiency. In addition, these vitamins are essential for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, they contribute to better absorption of magnesium, greatly increasing its effect.

Magnesium complex is the primary salvation from chronic fatigue syndrome. Magnesium remedies, in the form of a magnesium complex, are increasingly finding their use in the treatment and prevention of various diseases characterized by malfunction of the nervous system.
Severe fatigue – a sure sign of vitamin B deficiency. In addition, these vitamins are essential for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, they contribute to better absorption of magnesium, greatly increasing its effect.


Source: istockphoto.

Often the accumulated psychological problems are one of the reasons that provoke the exacerbation of chronic fatigue and aggravate it. This is why medication therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome can be supplemented by work with a psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy techniques can help to gain control over your emotions, better understand and realize your present state.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude: if you began to notice a constant lethargy, fatigue, which can not cope with proper rest and sleep, do not delay in solving the problem. It is necessary to seek qualified help from a specialist. The problem may be more global than you see.

Tips for Lifestyle Changes


For people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, it is important to understand that the first thing to do is to change the habitual lifestyle that led to the emergence of these negative manifestations. Doctors and psychologists advise paying attention to the following aspects of life:

  • Sleep. The human body needs proper rest (at least 8 hours). If there is an opportunity to sleep during the day, you should not deny yourself this.
  • Physical activity. As is known, a sedentary lifestyle is a cause of various diseases. Engage in at least some activity regularly. This can be a daily walk, dancing, simple exercise, swimming. Do only what brings you positive emotions.
  • Nutrition. A balanced diet, healthy foods, and no overeating are the key to health.
  • Contrast Showers. Try to start daily in the morning with this procedure, and you can prevent many diseases.
  • Do only what makes you feel good. Try to learn to say “no” and you will see that enjoying life is not so difficult.
  • Learn to relax. If you work a lot, remember what you care about in life, think about yourself and your family and pay attention to this.

For a person with constant fatigue syndrome is important to analyze your behavior and change it, be sure to get rid of bad habits. Compliance with these rules can also be considered the prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome.