Crypto gambling? What is it?

The goal of crypto gambling is to provide a frictionless way of gaming for gambling enthusiasts. Using FIAT for gambling will bring a lot of pain points and a slower experience. Longer transaction times, higher transaction fees, and bank confiscation of assets may make depositing money in online casinos itself a form of gambling. Gambling with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin of other popular crypto currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin can create a faster way to deposit and withdraw money.

Not only has cryptocurrency changed the way online casinos operate, but the mutually beneficial relationship has strengthened people’s perception that cryptocurrencies are legitimate forms of value. All digital currencies are part of a blockchain. Blockchain seems very complicated, and it certainly can be, but its core concept is really very simple. Blockchain is a kind of database. In order to be able to understand the blockchain, it is actually helpful to first understand the database. A database is a collection of information stored electronically on a computer system. Information or data in a database is usually structured in a table format to make it easier to search and filter specific information. 

Which are the best crypto games?


At you can find all the information you need about crypto gambling, such as reviews, how to play games, which bonuses are offered by the reviewed casinos, gambling news and so much more! Players can find various gambling games. The most popular encrypted gambling website offers all traditional games as well as a variety of unique games. Since the operating costs of cryptocurrency-based casinos are low, which is a benefit of not having to deal with bank transfer fees, there are usually users sharing the community prize pool to incentivise them to continue playing the game. The most popular games crypto gamblers seem to be very fond of are slots, and classic table games like roulette, baccarat and blackjack. 

Let’s talk a little bit about blackjack.  Blackjack can be a simple online gambling game-after all, you only need to be able to add to 21. However, if you want to make the house advantage to your advantage, the game has many other features. Adopt these gambling tips and follow these best blackjack tips to improve your strategy so that when you do it your way, you don’t miss the opportunity to squeeze some extra money out of the casino. As you already know the casinos are not built by losing money, so stay calm, act smart and know when to stop. These are the three best blackjack techniques:

  1. Mastering the basic strategy: If you wish to make a couple of bucks at the table and arrange on taking part in at some tight stakes, mastering basic strategy may be a MUST. There are a lot of books and websites dedicated to the topic, therefore you can check them out and master the skills needed to play every hand that’s dealt versus the dealer’s up card. Got 2 9s? You’ll wish to separate those versus a two, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9. Stand on a 7, 10 or 1. Following good basic strategy can reduce the casino’s edge to 0.5%, which is the best bet in the casino. 
  2. Doubling down: It allows players to double their bet and receive one card. It is usually smarter to double a soft 17 (which is a 6 and an ace) against the dealers 6,5 or 4. Doubling the bet might not seem such a big deal, but in the long run it does. 
  3. Splitting aces: This is the best blackjack tip. When you do split aces, you will ante up another wager for another hand, and will receive a card for the first one, thus providing you with two options; to hit or stand. The same thing applies to the second one. 

Never gamble more than you can afford. Before even beginning playing the game, set aside a gambling amount, and always stick to it. 

Why is crypto gambling so popular?


Many people have taken Bitcoin and Ethereum’s 10–15-minute transaction time for granted. Not long ago, it usually took 4-7 working days to complete the wire transfer. The best case is to wait a few days for the funds to pass, but in many cases, banks will freeze assets and allow tax authorities to intervene to obtain significant value. Using crypto as a decentralised financial means for gambling purposes usually means that you can bet your own value, odds and withdraw your income in an hour or less. 

Cryptocurrency is anonymous and users can choose to completely anonymise their identities, deposits, withdrawals, wins, losses and bets. Traditional casinos, whether online or in other ways, have a very strict legal framework around the monitoring of all the above behaviours. If you are satisfied that the behaviour is anonymous, the next question may be “How fair is gambling?” When you roll a dice, raise your bet, take another card or spin a slot machine, make sure you have a certain amount of math chance to win. In traditional casinos, it is well known that “houses” always have a little advantage, so the host can profit from it.

The exact profit or algorithm of this profit is top secret and has never been disclosed. Legitimate encrypted gambling sites provide algorithmic insights that users can review, and in some cases can also be verified on a public blockchain.

Final thoughts

Since cryptocurrency market rates are determined by supply and demand, the rate at which a cryptocurrency can be traded for another currency can vary, especially because several cryptocurrencies are designed to be scarce.

Overall, gambling at an online casino with digital currencies make sense; it would be exciting and profitable. However, extreme caution should be exercised when selecting a gambling site, as well as a thorough examination of the terms and conditions. 

Online casinos and cryptocurrencies are two technical innovations that have been waiting for each other to collide, and now they have. Apart from a few drawbacks, crypto casinos and gaming platforms offer a plethora of advantages. Players would benefit from a cleaner gambling environment, improved incentives and deals, quicker transactions and instant deposits.

You can enjoy any of the crypto advantages. If you stick to it, you’ll be able to find betting sites that meet all of your needs as a gambler. Simply choose a website that interests you the most and get started.