Why Cryptocurrency Could Be a Smart Investment to Add to Your Portfolio


As the number of crypto investments is growing every day, many people are asking themselves is it worth “showing off” their success on this market, or just staying silent, for the sake of their own sanity. Cryptocurrencies are still a very risky asset, and not everyone trusts them enough, to take them in mind when reading someone’s portfolio. Crypto activities can be an interesting side investment, and you only need to estimate if it’s worth it.

When it comes to building up your portfolio, every activity is relevant and can help you stand out from the other pile of documents, and increase your chances to be seen.
If you think about investing in cryptocurrencies, you probably ask yourself if it’s a smart investment to consider and if it’s worth it.

For some people, it can be the worst thing someone can do, but all the investments have those risks included. The future is happening now, and it’s tied to the crypto market. You have a lot of reasons to embrace the chance and see if you are good enough, but, of course, there are reasons to avoid crypto money too. But, let’s see why it could be a nice experience to mention in your portfolio.

Diversity and popularity


It’s a type of investment, so it means it can diversify your biography. Even if you start with a small portion, you can always count yourself as an investor – because you are. And cryptocurrencies can change the whole world since they have a reputation for digital gold, especially Bitcoins. So, don’t you think that it’s worth having that experience in your portfolio? Can you imagine how relevant will it be in a few years, when you will have to provide proof for your previous work?

Your experience in crypto investments can give you an advantage over the other candidates and can make you a person of trust. The experience is always a valuable thing in your portfolio, so don’t be afraid to mention that, among the other types, you have some experience in crypto trades.
On the other hand, it can be a risky step to take, because of:

Volatility and increased risks of being involved in this world


Bitcoin and the other independent and decentralized cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, speculative, and risky. Some people don’t want things like that in their portfolio, and they are completely right, just like those who can’t wait to include it too. It’s good to know that no matter how popular are they, cryptocurrencies are still considered a high-risk investment.

Some people find that good for their CV, but others don’t. And it will be risky even if you somehow manage to use them just like the traditional money. You can visit to learn more about these aspects of investments and trading in general.

So, what to do?


You have a few options. You can be honest with all your activities and hope that the people around you won’t consider it a crime. But, knowing how the opinions are divided on this topic, you also can consider skipping it from your portfolio, just like it didn’t happen. Keep it for yourself, and just go on.

But, there are some ways to nicely cover it up, decorate it with buttercream, and put a cherry on top of it. Surely, there are some perks, but you need to estimate if you can afford to get that job, or you can live without it. Some people are ready to accept the concept of cryptocurrencies, and others aren’t, and that’s why we don’t have to be judgmental when it comes to that.

According to some experts, you need more than 5% of your whole portfolio dedicated to cryptocurrencies, so the experience can be considered relevant. Crypto activities come with a lot of risks and speculations, so as you can see, it mostly depends on you if you want to bold up that experience, or you will give it a silent treatment.

Are cryptos a smart investment for your portfolio?


As you can see from the previous parts of this text, it all depends on your wish to show that, or to keep it a secret. If you don’t go deeper into what cryptocurrencies are and how risky was your activity at the time you did it, it’s a great experience and example to show since there are plenty of things related to Bitcoins and other coins, that are relevant for the stocks or Forex trade.

A lot of things go in favor of cryptocurrencies, especially the Bitcoin rush and its ups and downs through time. Its price won’t settle, and that’s why even the investment experts aren’t sure what to do with it. Those who are ready to risk already have some in their crypto wallets. The situation on this market won’t ever be stable, because the exchanges and trading volumes are pretty big, and the price fluctuations can be really violent.

A few things we have to remember about squeezing up the cryptos in our portfolio. Once we have them, we need to be aware of their anonymity, secured transactions, fast payments, and owning money with decentralized nature. Yes, they are independent, since they aren’t tied to banks or fiat currencies, but that can be a huge weakness too. As we said, the market is volatile, and you can never be sure what’s next.

Anyway, you have to understand those who don’t consider them as an investment. They are used to buy goods, and that’s different from the general concept of investments. It will take some time until the world gets used to their existence, but you will be ready to show them how to do that. Until then, you can enjoy the benefits, together with the risks and excitement, by yourself.

We hope that this article helped you to at least get to know things better, and make a decision by yourself. Keep in mind that it’s never too late to try, and it’s always better to do that, instead of being sorry because you didn’t.