7 Ways You Can Earn Bitcoins Without Mining Or Investing

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics among investors and entrepreneurs. From the year 2013, cryptocurrency increased in value and is still progressing except for the past few days. Besides, it is all part of the business. Furthermore, the growth in digital currency has caused the general public to take more interest in it.

Therefore, almost every other person is well-aware of the word “Bitcoin or BTC”. But little do they know about making investments and getting into the blockchain. Furthermore, most of the people are not aware of earning bitcoins through mining. tells you more about earning bitcoins but without making any investments. Furthermore, you won’t have to do mining either. Visit their website and learn how to do it or read this article to get familiar with Blockchain and BTC.

So if you do not want to use your money, here are the different ways to earn bitcoins.

Mining without investment

1. Using BTC as payment


If you are a business owner and you are willing to use BTC as your source of payment, you can earn the digital currency. Thus, you won’t have to buy digital currency. But instead of that, you will only have to use it as payment. In most of the European countries and also in America, a lot of companies have started doing business with cryptocurrencies. These companies pay their workers with cryptocurrency instead of real-world money. Thus, they can get it exchanged in real money or use it as it is.

2. Doing certain jobs

There are certain websites that make you work for them and in return, they pay you through BTC. The jobs are usually based upon checking ads on the platform and spend some time on the site. Furthermore, it is as simple as doing some freelancing jobs. The only difference is that instead of getting real-world money, you will get digital currency.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, companies pay with cryptocurrency. So if you are working in any such company, you have an amazing opportunity to earn bitcoins. No need to say no to them, make the best use of this amazing opportunity.

3. Taking interest payments


You are completely eligible to take interest on your payments (that you lend to someone). But to do so, you should own the digital currency in your wallet. This is similar to that of giving a loan to someone. Thus, you will lend them your BTC and they will pay you back with interest. Furthermore, this is just free-money, if you can take it back.

4. Doing freelancing

Freelancing is an international job. You have to work for people who might pay you back with some digital currency. Furthermore, there are certain companies that pay their workers through BTC or some other cryptocurrencies. So whether you are an artist or a writer you can do your job to get into the blockchain.

If you have a private deal with a company or an individual and he wants to pay you back with BTC, you can accept it. You have to ensure that BTC is legal in your region because not all countries have legalized cryptocurrency.

5. Doing BTC business


One of the best ways to earn and invest more bitcoins is through doing the bitcoin business. To do so, you have to find a trusted and reliable CFD provider and create your account. Afterward, you have to deposit some amount in the account and start trading. Besides this, there are also certain applications that are responsible for carrying out automatic bitcoin trading. Therefore, if you are not confident about doing trading, you can use these automated applications. In addition to this, you can also improve the quality of your business.

6. Getting gift campaign awards

Usually, start-ups offer bitcoins as gift awards for the people who are willing to do something for them in return. For example, if you are an influential person and you support and endorse that start-up, they will pay you back. This pay-back will be in the form of some digital currency. Thus, you can write about them on your social media platforms, share their links or run a signature campaign.

All of these things will improve their business. Furthermore, you won’t have to be an influential person to do so, you can simply convince your friends. Thus, you will act microscopically and earn the BTC as your gift award. Therefore, if someone is willing to pay you back through BTC, never ignore their offer. This might be a good opportunity for you.

7. Betting and doing gambling


With the closing of land-based casinos and betting clubs, esports betting platforms and online casino sites showed amazing business. Therefore, now it is quite easy to find a verified and trusted gambling platform. The interesting factor is that most of these gambling and betting sites deal with cryptocurrencies. Thus, you will win your reward in the form of bitcoins. Although they give you the option to decide your payout but what’s better than getting BTC?

If you are already into gambling, you will now have an amazing opportunity to earn more through BTC. The value of the digital currency has been observed to show amazing upward progress. Therefore, you won’t have to worry more about gaining profit through it. Furthermore, this might prove to be more profitable than gambling.

To conclude

The only bottom line in this aspect is the legalization of gambling. In most countries, gambling is illegal. Therefore, you might not be able to do so. Contrary to this, if you have the legal way to bet and gamble, you can do so. Furthermore, digital currency itself is not legal in certain countries around the globe. So if you are interested in getting into the blockchain, you have to do some research work. Moreover, you need to learn about the legal implications of your country and also ensure safety protocols.