5 Ideas to Experience Wonderful Dates With VIP Escorts

It’s not a secret that every man, from time to time, wishes he was somewhere else, with someone else, enjoying a perfect date. Married or not, single or in a relationship, sometimes the need to freshen things up is completely natural. We all have that idea of a perfect woman, we never had a chance to meet, or even if we did, she was way out of our league.

At times it is just the loneliness that needs to be cured. Whether it is because of our frequent work traveling, or simply because we feel that way even though surrounded by a bunch of people. Whatever the reason, in times of internet, everything is available, including finding a perfect VIP company to share a hot date with.

Services providing the perfect company are available wherever you are, and make it super easy to find a perfect date. So, if going to an exclusivist club when you’re on a business trip is a great method to spend your time, why not make it even better.

If you had the company of a beautiful, elegant, and smart woman, your time would be even more fun and fulfilling. Emerans Agency can help you to find the perfect companion that will fit your preferences, and you will be able to spend your valuable free time with them.

Many think that escort services have to include something stereotypical, like dinner at the expensive restaurant, and hotel sex afterward. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some ideas of how to experience a wonderful date with a VIP escort.

1. A VIP cooking class


Cooking classes can be very interesting and so together, and even more when you’re about to share them with a supermodel-like woman. You will learn something together and create an interesting, shared memory, you can keep for those times you feel lonely again.

Besides, there will be no tension about what you are going to say, you will relax quickly, and you can always use a good, old trick, remove the sauce from her lips or say how she got dirty on her face and gently remove it. Who knows what can happen next.

2. A cultural event

If you’re in a town where there’s an interesting exhibition you’d like to see, but have no one to share it with. Feel free to use the internet and see what kind of VIP girl you can find, to go on a date with. It can also be an interesting show at the museum, maybe some book promotion, anything you’d like to do, but would like to make more interesting by sharing it with someone else.

Dates like these may sound corny, but may also encourage various stories between the two of you that will surely take things to another level. Great idea, mostly because you will have a topic to talk about, someone beautiful to show up with others may envy, and a guaranteed night to remember afterward.

3. A private boat ride


Be it in a city like Paris, or on an island, here’s a perfect idea to go sightseeing, with a sexy-looking woman by your side. A perfect date, promising a night to remember. Book a boat trip, invite a VIP escort, and you’re guaranteed to have the experience to remember. Organize a dinner, watch the city light lights while dining, and have some private time below the deck later.

4. A bike ride

Just like walking, going on a bike ride with a VIP escort is a really great way to spend some time when you’re not feeling like being alone. Maybe she doesn’t feel confident in her cycling skills, so you may offer to help her, and she will feel safe and protected because of that, which will make her feel incredibly close to you, and she will probably give you a nice private message afterward…

5. Go to an evening of light music


Clubs sometimes may not be the place you want to go to because you will not hear each other talk, alcohol will probably distract you and in the end,  you will not even remember your hot-looking VIP date anymore.

If you already want to talk, feel like you’re on a date with someone you want to build a relationship with finding a place where live music is, but which has low lights, quiet music, so much so that it encourages some nice feelings in you. You will have a perfect evening to remember, perfect memories, and certainly a very nice start to an evening that promises something more, later in the night.

All these suggestions may sound like something you are used to be doing with your significant other. But escort dates do not have to be eccentric and all about sex. Sometimes, you just need to feel important with having a VIP by your side.

Here are some interesting facts about escort services you probably weren’t aware of…

Ever since prostitution was legalized in some countries, women have become more frequent users of such services. For example, in Australia, according to a survey conducted a couple of years ago, they make up 6% of the clientele of escort services, an ever-increasing number.

Statistics from an escort agency from Melbourne, on the other hand, showed that 10% of users are in their twenties, while about 41% of them are in their thirties, of which 56% are without a partner or divorced, and 18% are married.

What most people have in common is that they have high incomes, which is what the high price of sexual services tells us, regardless of whether they use them through exclusive agencies or special websites.

Women in the West today have more freedom, money, and power than ever before, but their decision to use escort services goes beyond just economic independence and became a sign of a new era of female sexuality, in which women can be just as confident as men. So, if you thought escort services are a man thing… Think again.