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Best Nightlife Destinations in Sydney in 2024

Visiting Australia is always a good idea and the nightlife is sprawled in multiple cities across the country. The party starts in Sydney, then Melbourne, Brisbane, and hopefully ends back where it started at Bondi Beach.

Australia is filled with bars that are cheap for local drinks but expensive for international prices. Here are some tips that will help you get drunk for less money while having the time of your life!

So we wanted to list some of your favorite pubs and clubs in Sydney that you should visit. We also suggest visiting if you need some company that will show you around. Use this opportunity to really have fun and let’s start our list:

Emma Hamilton’s


This is one of the most popular pubs across Australia. This pub has some of the best drinks in the city with amazing bartenders that will make you feel like a king. One drink will be enough for you to try out their menu and trust us; it’s all good!

They have some great happy hour packages, but be careful with them as they can make you drunk in no time. This is a very popular pub and there’s usually a long queue outside the door, but don’t worry about that because everyone will find their best spot in no time.

Emma Hamilton’s was established in 1892 and it has been providing drinks from all across Australia for more than 100 years. It attracts people of different ages, so if you want to have a drink surrounded by oldies this is your place! However, we suggest going there on a weekday when you’ll have less crowd and better chances to chat up with locals!

Bibo Wine Bar


We know what you’re thinking: “Wow, another wine bar?!” But trust us when we say that Bibo is one of the best wine bars in Australia. If you love a good glass of red or white, you need to go here and see for yourself. This place attracts people of all ages, so if going out with your parents isn’t your choice then head to Bibo because they have great deals during happy hour!

If you’re a couple, we suggest sitting outside as they have an amazing view of the harbor bridge. The atmosphere is just amazing and it’s very quiet which makes it perfect for conversations! They only accept cash so make sure that you grab some before getting there or use an ATM inside!

Paradise Alley


We simply cannot leave this place out when making recommendations about nightlife in Sydney. Great drinks, delicious food, and nice staff will make your night perfect. This place has a great selection of wines and Aussie beers.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere here as they have big community tables that you can share with new people very easily! So if you’re planning to go out on a Friday or Saturday then we suggest you get there early (around 9:00 pm) because it gets crowded pretty fast.

However, this is not only a bar; Paradise Alley also serves amazing American food for those of us who love some meat! We had our dinner on the first floor while enjoying our wine on the second. They quickly brought up all the dishes we asked for and it looked so good that we had to take photos before digging in.

Our favorite dish from the menu was their Nachos. From what we can remember, they had beef, jalapeno peppers, and a cheese sauce that tasted delicious! There’s no way you won’t like this place because you get a nice dinner alongside drinks to make your Friday or Saturday night perfect!

Zeta Bar


This is another great bar in Sydney where you can drink while observing other people having fun around you. It might be a little far from the city center but it’s worth going there for an amazing night out. Zeta Bar has some of the cheapest drinks in both happy hour and non-happy hour times so if money isn’t an issue then go here ASAP!

You’ll have the chance to drink and dance alongside locals and foreigners alike, so don’t worry about that. There’s nothing more interesting than watching different cultures interacting with each other! However, we suggest you take a cab to get there as it will be hard to find parking around this area.

The Apo


This is our favorite bar in Sydney and for a good reason. It has the best drinks of all bars we’ve been to, great staff who really care about their customers, and an amazing atmosphere! While writing this article we actually got a message from one of our friends telling us how much fun she had here with her friends so you can feel safe knowing that it’s not just us who have enjoyed this place!

The Apo attracted people of all ages which showed us that this is a place for everyone! In case you didn’t know, The Apo is a Greek restaurant so not only can you have some drinks here but also try their amazing dishes! We recommend getting there early because the crowd gets bigger pretty fast.

They have very delicious appetizers and if we had to choose between them then our vote would go for the halloumi fries. Also, they serve cocktails in huge mugs which makes your night even more enjoyable!

These are our favorite places in Sydney that might help you pick a place to drink with your friends or family. This list only contains 5 bars out of the many available in Sydney so make sure to check them all when looking for a new spot!


That’s it! We wish you a lot of fun in Australia and make sure to visit other cities too! Sydney has amazing nightlife and you sure won’t be disappointed.