Where to Go in Auckland? 5 Sights to Hit Your Eyes

As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland offers many unique experiences for travellers. Firstly, it’s home to the world’s largest Polynesian population. Secondly, it’s located on an active basaltic volcanic field. And thirdly, there’s where to go and what to see, especially if you hire a car.

So, pick up a car hire Auckland Airport from sites like and turn your trip into an incredible adventure. The city’s many attractions will keep you busy. To get started, visit the City Aquarium, the Voyager Museum, and drive along the majestic Auckland Harbor Bridge. And if you get bored, head out to explore the incredible surroundings of Auckland as your hire car makes it easy.

If you like this plan and have always dreamed of such a trip, don’t waste time. Buy a ticket to Auckland and hire a car at the local airport. In the meantime, we will tell you where to go and what to see to make the most of your road journey!

Mount Eden


Mount Eden covers an extensive area in central Auckland. Today, it’s the highest volcano in the city, although it erupted about 28 thousand years ago. The first thing that attracts travelers to Mount Eden is the beautiful panoramic views from its top. It’s hard to even imagine the best observation deck in the city.

Eden slopes have been used by local people since ancient times. Once upon a time, orchards grew here, but in the 19th century, this site began to be built up. This is how the area became full of luxury villas. Over time, some of them were turned into museums, while others remained residential buildings.

Now, this quarter is considered to be a haven for creative personalities. In addition to luxurious mansions, the slopes of a long-extinct volcano hide a prison and one of the largest and most modern sports stadiums in the country.

So, the climb to Eden won’t be boring – you can see a lot of interesting things along the way. However, getting to the top is not so easy, because you have to climb the 196-meters-high ascent on foot. Fortunately, visiting Mount Eden is completely free at any time of the day and night.

Milford Sound


People often refer to Milford Sound as the eighth wonder of the world. Indeed, this place, created by nature for thousands of years, simply can’t fail to impress even seasoned travellers. Among the rugged rocky shores and impenetrable forests, you will see crystal-clear water, which is the world-famous 12-miles-long fjord.

It was formed about 20 thousand years ago. People also settled here long before Europeans discovered New Zealand. True, this place was called not Milford Sound but Piopiotahi. In the language of the local Maori tribes, this means “lonely piopio”.

The last word is not very clear for novice travellers, while New Zealanders know that this is one of the long-extinct blackbird species. You can get to Milford Sound from Auckland either by hire car or steamer departing from the city’s central pier. In the second case, the round trip will cost you about £40.

Hobbiton Movie Set


Hobbiton village is one of the most famous landmarks in New Zealand. This is where the Lord of the Rings movie was filmed. Director Peter Jackson took a long time to choose a suitable filming location until finally, he turned his attention to the farm owned by the Alexander family.

The owners liked the idea and agreed to remodel their property into a fabulous village. Soldiers of the New Zealand Army were involved in the construction. As a result, 40 unusual houses appeared in the place of pastures. The shooting took place, but the village remained and then turned into a tourist site, which became a real pilgrimage for Tolkien’s fans.

Unfortunately, you can only look at the houses from the outside – no one is allowed inside. However, you may easily go to the famous Green Dragon Cafe for a glass of beer. Up to 300 people explore Hobbiton every day. Please note that visiting Hobbiton is available exclusively with a guide – as part of an organized group or by purchasing a private tour.

Auckland Botanical Garden


Many people call the Auckland Botanical Garden a flower garden. Indeed, no other garden in the world can compare with it in the number and diversity of these plants. A riot of colors, unique shades, and refined elegance created by nature delight visitors. However, this is not all that deserves attention.

80% of more than 2,500 thousand plant species growing on the territory of the Botanical Garden are island endemics. There are so many of them because New Zealand has been isolated from the rest of the world for a long time.

The richness of exotic fruits, edible herbs, and even flowers is striking as well. In the on-site Miko Cafe, you can even taste the dishes prepared from them. You can get to the Botanical Garden by bus departing from the Britomart Transport Centre, but a hire car will also be a great alternative. The garden is free and operates from 8:00 till 20:00.

SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium


Kelly Tarlton is a New Zealand scuba diver who came up with an ingenious idea to create a real underwater world on land. Soon it was implemented, so the first transparent tunnel appeared. The idea very quickly became popular all over the world.

The Auckland Aquarium is not too big, but it attracts thousands of visitors day by day. Its main feature is an optical illusion. The system of tunnels is designed in such a way that fish and other underwater inhabitants passing by seem to be much larger than they are.

In addition, here you will see a unique hut inhabited by beautiful arctic penguins. The ticket costs around $30, but you can often enjoy discounts. The aquarium is open from 9:30 till 17:00, seven days a week.