How Often Should You Detox and Cleanse Your Body

Full body detox and cleansing can be quite beneficial to your health. However, once you start researching it, you’ll find there’s a lot of contradictory information going around. Some say doing it too frequently can be harmful, while the others keep telling you you’re not doing it often enough. So, how to find the right balance?

In this article, we’ll discuss this topic in detail, so keep on reading to find out more!

It depends on your lifestyle


While anyone can benefit from a body cleanse from time to time, not everyone needs a detox! Your body already has its natural ways to detox. Your liver and your kidneys are working relentlessly to keep your body free of toxins. While a cleansing diet can help your internal organs work more efficiently, as long as you live a healthy lifestyle, you don’t actually need to detox. However, it’s important to note that cleansing your body when you’re perfectly healthy already won’t do you any harm.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling with constant skin breakouts, random headaches, or excess weight, you might want to increase the frequency of your body-cleansing routines. Body cleansing can help you get your lifestyle back on track. Once you start feeling the benefits, you’ll never want to go back!

Talk to your nutritionist

The reason why people hold such strong opinions when it comes to body cleansing is probably that they’re not doing it the right way. Just because a certain detoxing diet or a routine works for your favorite blogger, it doesn’t mean it will work the same for you. Instead of blindly following the advice people who have a completely different body type give you, you should rather seek advice from a trained professional. Your nutritionist will be able to tell you just how much detox you actually need.
Of course, that’s not the only benefit of talking to a nutritionist. They’ll help you find ways to improve your lifestyle! So, make sure you get a personalized cleansing plan instead of just copying what your friends are doing. In this way, you’ll ensure you’re getting the best out of your detoxing experience.

Body cleansing and medical conditions


If you’re suffering from diabetes or heart disease, highly restrictive detox diets may not be the best idea. Naturally, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of body cleansing. Talk to your doctor and ask them to give you some tips and recommendations.

Pick a detox diet that focuses on clean eating. These are not only safe for people suffering from high cholesterol and diabetes, but they can be quite beneficial too. Of course, as we mentioned before, if you suffer from any serious medical conditions, never make a drastic change to your lifestyle before consulting with your doctor.

Generally speaking, the more natural your approach to detoxing is, the healthier it will be. Instead of relying on cleansing drinks and supplements, you should opt for water and herbal teas, for example.

How much is too much?

Is going overboard with the cleansing possible? Well, yes, and no. Doing it too frequently won’t do you any harm (as long as you don’t suffer from a serious medical issue), but it could be a waste of time. As we already mentioned, your body already has its mechanism to combat those harmful toxins. Cleansing is only supposed to give your body some extra support, so you don’t have to do it every week.

Our suggestion is to experiment until you find what works for you. That may require some time and effort, but you’ll quickly see when it’s the right time to stop with your routine. Make sure you take note and listen to what your body’s telling you. You should feel more focused and energized after detox, so as soon as you notice it’s not the case anymore, you might be overdoing it.

Similarly, if you notice your pre-cleanse tiredness and headaches are back, it might be time to try detoxing again. Also, always do a full body detox after you’ve been exposed to harmful toxins such as cigarette smoke and alcohol.

Benefits of detox & cleansing


Benefits of having a good body cleansing routine are many:

  • It promotes weight loss
  • Keeps your internal organs healthy
  • Clears skin
  • Improves liver and kidney functions
  • Regulates high blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Keeps you energized and focused
  • Balancing of nutrients
  • You’ll stay hydrated and active

Of course, these are just a couple of advantages you’ll be able to enjoy when you start practicing regular detox. You can learn more here if you’re looking for details about the benefits of frequent body cleansing.

Find the right time to detox

Overall, there are times when detoxing would do you much more harm than good. For example, you shouldn’t do this after you’ve had surgery or during pregnancy. We suggest you detox a couple of times a year, and always do it when you’re in good health. Again, if you’re unsure how these diets would affect your health, make sure you talk to a doctor or a dietician beforehand.

Everyone’s different, so make sure you get yourself a personalized cleansing plan if you can. Your neighbor might feel great after doing a full body detox every single month, but that doesn’t mean you should too. If you notice you’re only feeling worse after trying it, it’s time to switch things up! Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from a trained professional, and stay motivated!

The bottom line

When it comes to getting rid of the toxins inside of your body, there’s no right and wrong to how often it should be done. Namely, it all depends on your specific needs and goals. Make sure to find what’s right for you, and never copy other’s people’s lifestyles and diets. While having a positive role-model is good, when it comes to your health, you should listen to your body first.
Overall, the best way to get the “right” amount of body detox is to make an appointment with a doctor or a nutritionist.