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Dress to Impress When You Visit a Casino

Although the world is a far less formal place than it ever used to be, there are still certain dress codes that apply. For example, anyone wanting to take tea in London’s iconic Ritz Hotel will find themselves being shown the door if they’re not wearing a jacket and tie.

Similarly, many nightclubs, and not even very exclusive ones, have a strict no jeans or sneakers rule that is strictly enforced.

Not knowing the rules isn’t just inconvenient, it can be very embarrassing too. After all, it’s never going to be a great first impression to make on a first date if you’re refused entry into somewhere because of how you’re dressed.

While it’s tempting to think that you wouldn’t want to go somewhere that won’t accept you for the way you dress, it’s usually better to meet them half way.

After all, they do have their reasons for imposing these rules. And it’s also to make their own customers feel at home and not stand out from the crowd.

Traditionally, casinos have always been the sorts of places where certain standards of dress are required. But, if you think that this means tuxedos for the men and elegant ball gowns for the ladies, we’ve a pleasant surprise for you.

That’s because the rules have been significantly relaxed since the old days. In fact, they’re probably not even rules these days, more like guidance.

The casinos where you’ll find no dress code at all


One of the reasons why traditional “bricks and mortar” casinos have become more relaxed has probably been to do with the competition that they face from their online equivalents.

For more than a couple of decades, these have been drawing in more and more players attracted by the fact that they can play at their convenience. There’s also no dress code at all as no-one will know whether players are in sweat pants and a T shirt or a three-piece suit as they play.

Typical of the sites is 888poker which has many hundreds of thousands of players who enjoy the convenience of online play with zero formality.

If, however, you want to visit an actual casino here are some tips that could help to point you in the right direction style-wise.

For Him


The first piece of advice is always going to be that you need to do some research into the dress code of the casino that you’ll be visiting. You’ll almost always find this somewhere on their website. If you can’t, just give them a call and find out.

This will give you a base-level guide to what is and isn’t acceptable. Then it’s time to start selecting items from your wardrobe to suit.

Think about what time of day you’ll be visiting. If it’s a daytime session then you can afford to be a bit more casual, say with a tailored jacket and a pair of smart trousers – not chinos or jeans though.

Night-time visits might call for a more formal suit, ideally from a designer name like Hugo Boss or, if you want to experience the best in classic British tailoring, Paul Smith. Remember, wearing a well-cut suit won’t just look good, it can also give you that inner confidence to help you feel like a winner.

Pair the suit with a good quality shirt from a maker like CharlesTyrwhitt and a subtly matching tie and you’ll be more than ready for the tables.

Then there’s the question of accessories to go with the ensemble. Cufflinks always add a touch of class compared with cuff buttons and wearing a quality timepiece can complete the picture. The latter is especially useful as, famously, most casinos don’t have any clocks in them. So you’re going to need a watch to help you to keep close track of the time.

For Her


As with many areas of fashion, women dressing for the casino are presented with many more choices than men. But, rather than regarding this as an annoyance, it’s far better to regard a visit as a chance to glam up for the night, or day, and enjoy some time in what will be fairly luxurious surroundings.

Again, it’s going to be a question of what time of day you’re visiting the casino. suggests if it’s during the day than a good comparison to make is with dressing for a daytime wedding. You want to look great, but not over-dressed. So a trouser or a skirt suit would be ideal. The only difference is that hats are not generally part of casino attire.

If its an evening visit you really can’t go wrong with a cocktail dress or even the classic LBD paired with black tights. If it’s a truly upmarket casino, however, then maybe got for a more glamorous evening dress in silk or satin and accessorize with jewellery to match.

Think diamonds and pearls because, if there’s ever a time for maximum bling, this could be it.

Footwear is another important consideration. You’re probably going to want to wear heels, but make sure that they’re one of your more comfortable pairs. That’s because a visit to the casino almost invariably involves moving from table to table and spending considerable time on your feet.

A final tip is to think about where you might be going onto after the casino. Pick an outfit that will work in both places and that’ll be perfect.

A word about poker tournaments


There is one slight anomaly in dress codes for the casino and that’s if you’re heading for a poker tournament. The style is very much to dress down for these. Musicraiser suggests wearing specific type of hoodies. Jeans and probably also a pair of shades to avoid giving too much away to your opponents about how good your hand is.

Even if there is a more formal dress code in the rest of the casino, they’re likely to waive it for a tournament.

So there you have them. Some sure-fire ideas for how to look the part in a casino. Now it’s just a question of playing like a winner too.