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7 Common E-Commerce Packaging Mistakes You Need To Avoid

As online businesses are booming significantly, you must ensure that you do not fall short of your competitor. Hence it is of the utmost importance to pay attention to the tiniest of details including your product packaging. If your product reaches your customer half damaged, they will leave a very negative review of your business that will greatly harm your reputation.

Packaging is one of the most vital aspects of eCommerce businesses and the right packaging can say a lot about a company. For your customer to be wholly satisfied, you must ensure that the packaging your company provides is adequate to amply protect your product.

However, even eCommerce giants sometimes make mistakes that should be generally avoided if you want 100% customer satisfaction. This post lists all those common mistakes that you must keep in mind if you want to focus on keeping your customer happy.

1. Avoiding sub-par packaging materials


This is one of the most common mistakes that eCommerce businesses commit. Most businesses try to cut down on their costs by investing in low-quality materials for their packaging. However, they fail to understand that this has a very detrimental effect on their businesses.

Low-quality materials disintegrate under stress and manhandling, something which is a part of the courier industry. Hence, as a business, you must invest in good-quality cardboard boxes. There is a misconception that all cardboard boxes are the same, but this is not the case. Different cardboards are made with different quality woods and a superior shipping box will be able to withstand greater amounts of stress.

2. Providing the right amount of packaging

As an eCommerce business, you must understand the art of packaging. The packaging you provide must not be too little or too much, you must find the perfect balance. For example, if you are sending glass containers to your customer, wrapping the products with too much bubble wrap and filling the box with a lot of packing materials will result in your glass products breaking from the inside.

However, on the other hand, if you wrap it with too little packaging, your products will also break. Hence finding the right balance is the most crucial aspect when it comes to packing. You must remember to keep a little space that will act as a breather for your products when they are stuffed inside your packaging.

3. Choosing the Right Sized Box


Your shipping box should be of the optimum size. Your professionalism depends on the way you present your products and selecting the right sized box is extremely crucial. If you are sending a tiny product in a huge box, there is a lot of unnecessary space inside that might result in your product moving around a lot and eventually breaking. A big box for a small product also means excess packaging material and this is neither environment nor pocket friendly. Hence, if you are an eCommerce business, you must have various-sized shipping boxes made for your different products.

4. Maintaining the Functionality of your Packaging

Although aesthetic packaging has been the center of everyone’s attention these days, it is not all. Your packaging must do what it is there to do in the first place- protect. Your packaging can be as aesthetic as you want it, but nothing will matter if the products inside are all damaged. Hence, first, ensure that the packaging material is durable and can sustain great amounts of pressure.

Once you have ensured this, focus on the aesthetic aspect of your packaging. If you want, you can include handwritten thank you notes which you personalize according to your customer’s name. If you are selling books, it is a great idea to include bookmarks and handwritten notes because book lovers generally appreciate the gesture.

5. Avoiding packaging that is too difficult to open


Unboxing should be a therapeutic process. Understand that after waiting for several days for the product to arrive, your customer does not want to spend a lot of time wrestling with the box just to open it. A hard-to-open packaging is annoying, and the customer will not appreciate your thoughtful gesture of securing the package with too much tape.

The secret, again, is to find the right balance between securing your package too much and too little. Additionally, if your packaging is too difficult to open, your customer might end up unintentionally damaging their purchases by applying too much force to open it.

6. Branding your Packaging

A company should not lose any chance to brand its products. Your packaging must have adequate amounts of branding to spread awareness about your brand. Your customer should immediately know by looking at the branding on your packaging that they have received your products. Branding is one of the most important aspects of packaging and this is why eCommerce giants cover their packaging with their company brand.

However, if you are a small brand, you must remember that customers love personalization. Including a thank you card, a few stickers, a pack of potpourri, are all great methods to increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, getting cardboard boxes printed with your brand logo is also a great idea.

6. Your Packaging Must Be Equipped for Returning


You must remember to provide sturdy bags or shipping boxes keeping in mind that the items might not be approved by your customers, and hence returned. These should be sturdy enough to handle the return journey.

Your packaging bags must have an extra flap to secure the [roduct inside when the customer is returning your product. This way, you can ensure that they have a seamless experience with your brand and will be loyal to you in the future as well.

Bottom Line

Making minor changes to the way you conduct your business can bring a lot of success to your brand. Hence partnering with a great packaging company is of the utmost importance. Tapes, shipping packaging, and bubble wrap from provide superior results and they ensure that your products will reach your customers scratch-free.